6 Best Video Chat Apps Android & iOS in 2021by@professionalblogger

6 Best Video Chat Apps Android & iOS in 2021

by Dpka ManoharanAugust 26th, 2021
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Looking for the best video chat app?: Here are 6 that you can start with

The pandemic has led us to shift our complete selves to the online world. Whether it is accessing information online or making a purchase, the online world has become a vital part of our daily activities. In all this, even our communication has almost completely moved towards virtual communication. With the pandemic living with us for some time now, the internet has provided unique solutions such as video chat to engage with our loved ones. Even modern businesses of today use the concept of live video chat to drive their business on the right path.

However, the video chat app market is huge and there are multiple video calling solutions available today. Hence, to make the choice easier for you, we have conducted the research on your behalf and have listed the top 6 video chat tools you can get started with instantly.

Let’s get started.

Which Video Chat Apps Are Garnering Multiple Users' Attention In 2021?

The popular names that we’ve heard when it comes to using any online video chat service are Zoom, Skype, and more. However, currently, the market is filled with multiple video chat options that provide similar features to the competitors. Hence, to help you make the right decision, the next category will be your guide.

6 user-friendly video chat apps to use in 2021

1. Zoom Meetings

Live video call app

Platforms Supported

ios, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Free Participant Count

Time limit is initiated if there are 3+participants for basic, 100+ for Pro. 300+ for Business and 500+ for Enterprise.


A single sign up lets you get started instantly.

Zoom lets you control both your and your participants’ actions over call smoothly


The subscription and addons can be too overwhelming for its users

After Skype, if there has been another hyped-up video chat solution it is Zoom. Zoom has become the savior for easy video calls pre- and post-covid. With almost all businesses making use of this tool, the demand for Zoom is growing at a steady pace.

Zoom meetings are growing well in demand because it is simple and easy to get started. All you need to do is just sign in.

When you log in, you immediately see three options: host a meeting, schedule a meeting and join a meeting. In order to get started, just copy-paste the meeting link.

Zoom meetings are available for free and allow you to conduct video call sessions for up to 40 minutes per call. However, if you're someone who conducts long video sessions a day or would prefer the option to do so, a paid version of Zoom offers unlimited calling for 30 hours. The price starts from $149/year.

Trust radius Ratings: 8.7/10

Skype Video Chat App

skype live business video calls

Platforms Supported

ios, Android, Windows, Mac, Web, Xbox

Free Participant Count



Video quality is great during the calls.

Skype also works even if the internet connectivity is slow or poor


Background noises can be heard very clearly hence interrupting the call quality. At times, Skype can shut down without warning

Skype has always been ‘the name’ when users think about investing in a good video chat solution. Skype requires a single, free sign-up. With time, Skype too has revamped their features and continues to offer better video calling features to their users.

For instance, they have the lock in feature where they allow you to lock in any event temporarily to avoid any interruptions for unrelated users. Skype can also be accessed by your browser without the need for any installations.

G2 Ratings: 4.3/5

Google Duo Live Video Chat App

Duo live video chat app

Platforms Supported

ios, Android, Windows & Mac( via web)

Free Participant Count



Easy to install the application.

Personalized video calls as per user requirement


Not many users are aware of or use this application

Google Duo is another popular video chat solution that is garnering attention from users today. Google Duo is a simple application that allows you to change settings in order to make your video calls better.

For instance, in the call settings, you have the option to enable data saving mode so that your video quality adjusts based on the limited data used.

Google Play Ratings: 4.4/5

Discord Live Video Chat for website

Discord Live Video Calls

Platforms Supported

ios, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Free Participant Count



For users who prefer private conversations, Discord lets them create private channels. Easy to get started with this application


Android users face issues with this application. The apps UI isn’t meeting the set expectations

Discord video chat is another great communication solution. It offers free video calls as well as communications over text, audio, and more. It is referred to as a virtual place to hang out and engage with users anytime. You can create private channels and allow certain members of your team to conduct multiple actions with a single click.

From having screen-sharing sessions to creating multiple groups, Discord is soon growing popular for young minds.

Trust radius Ratings: 9.1/10

Facetime Video Chat App

Facetime video calls

Platforms Supported

ios, Mac

Free Participant Count



Simple to use application. Provides two types of options to connect with other users incase a user has forgotten the information such as phone numbers or Apple ID


Data usage is very high. The application is limited to Apple users only

Facetime is an Apple feature and it is available on any Apple device. To connect with another user via Facetime only a number or an Apple ID can be used. Facetime allows you to create favorites so that connecting with your users becomes one step easier.

Whether it is making video or audio calls, Facetime is an easy and user-friendly video chat application that is perfect to meet the current needs of today.

Laptop Mag Ratings: 4/5

WhatsApp Video Chat & Call App

Live Video Chat & Calls

Platforms Supported

iOS, Android

Free Participant Count



A Free application, no additional cost added. Easily switch WhatsApp use from smartphones to other devices via a simple QR code


Security issues have been discovered despite its end-to-end encryption feature. If your internet connection is poor, the video quality is poor.

WhatsApp is another free video calling tool that provides tons of interesting features. What started as a basic chatting platform has now become a complete solution to meet any video and audio calling needs.

With WhatsApp being free, the features it offers are great such as sending attachments while being on a live video call, reducing the size of video calls when doing something, sending 30 images to one person at a time, and more.

Capterra Ratings: 4.7/5

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Investing In An Online Video Chat Solution

Now that you have the complete list of the top video chat tools to get started with, let’s quickly summarize the top tips that can help you or anyone else looking to invest in another online video chat solution.

The first thing to decide before choosing any video calling app is to identify what purpose you have with it and what are your expectations from it. For instance, if you’re looking to video chat with multiple members then a video calling solution such as Zoom is the best fit.

The second thing is to ensure that the video calling app is easy to use. You don’t want to invest in a video chat that is extremely difficult for you, your loved ones or business partners to use. Hence ensure that you can get started with a video chat app immediately.

The third thing is to ensure that the video chat app provides better value for your money. For instance, with Zoom, despite it providing free video calls for 40 minutes, a paid version would offer unlimited calls for 30 hours which makes it a sensible offer to take up.

However, in case you wish to create your video app solution, there are multiple well-established video API experts available in the market that can help you create your video app anywhere and in a hassle-free manner.


Video calls are the new future of communication. While this type of communication was present for a long time, it came into the limelight because of the pandemic.

With the pandemic pushing its importance further, video chat is here to stay for long. Businesses now don’t have to worry anymore about fruitful engagements with their leads since video calls prove to be the perfect virtual engagement platform to use in 2021.

You now have the complete list of the top 6 video chat apps growing in demand. Pick the Best Live Video Call App for your business, getting in touch with your friends, family!