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What Business Live Videos are People Actually Watching?

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Live video is changing the way people watch video as a whole and can be used to build your business. Eight out of every 10 people would watch video that is live rather than read a blog post or social media post. This is an important opportunity to showcase your business in a neglected medium for which there is already an established audience. Creating live video for your business isn’t difficult, and chances are you already have everything you need to get started. Why aren’t you live streaming yet?
Going live can capture the attention of many people as only 20% of people read an article completely, most only read the quarter of an article, and 69% of users prefer video to text when learning about a brand. Live video can also be more effective at teaching potential customers in several different ways. Live streams have higher engagement as live streams draw 6 times the engagement of video on demand. 
To get started all you need is a social media business profile and a smartphone or tablet. The ‘Go Live’ function is already there for Facebook and all you have to do is press the button and start talking. You can do a behind the scenes look at your business, showcase a vendor partner, unbox a new item and ask the audience for feedback, and more. Just try something new and see how it goes.
By 2022, video will be expected to make up 82% of all traffic across the internet, so how do companies use live video? Companies use live video in a huge variety of ways. Companies make live Q and A sessions to engage with customers, host webinars to teach people something new, stream live events so no one has to miss out, crowdsourced information about new brands and products, and more. This gives your followers a peek inside the company and demonstrates your trustworthiness and company culture by showing you are a real, authentic group of people. Behind the scenes is one of the most popular types of live streams, as 87% of internet users want more behind the scenes content.
Find out more about how your business can use live video.


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