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6 Best Elementor Add-ons for 2022

The Elementor Addons Plugins make it easy to create a website or webpage. They also give your website a professional look that will be loved by everyone. Your website will attract more visitors, which means you can generate more leads and convert more customers. These plugins offer unique features that Elemntor's default widgets collection doesn't have. The Ultimate Addons to Elementor was created to be the best in all ways for this Elementor widget and addons plugin that makes you happy.
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Elementor Addons Plugins make it easy to create a website or webpage. They also give your website a professional look that will be loved by everyone. Visitors will be attracted to a website with a better design. Your website will attract more visitors, which means you can generate more leads and convert more customers.

Elementor's drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create jaw-dropping designs. Elementor has more than 80 design elements that can be used to fulfill your needs without the need for dozens of plugins. These elements provide a visual guide for building a website. Each element shows what it can do.

You can trust them if they are functional and you can create any kind of website. To generate more traffic, leads, and traffic, you can integrate it with third-party marketing tools.

You will often need additional elements or widgets to create stunning websites. These plugins offer unique features that Elemntor's default widget collection doesn't have.

6 Best Elementor Addons & Widgets Plugins (Paid & FREE)

Essential Add-ons to Elementor

Essential add-ons for Elementor have over 1,000,000 active installs. You can get it in both a premium and free version. You get 40+ widgets in the free version. The pro version will include 30+ additional elements.

Essential add-ons come with extensions such as a reading progress bar and page/post duplicater. The Pro version includes extensions such as tooltips and content protection.

The premium version also includes 100+ ready-made Bloks that you can import onto your pages to start customizing and get your desired website page immediately.

Key Features

  • Lightbox/Modal Popup
  • Data tables
  • Dynamic Filterable Gallery
  • Interactive Promo
  • Protected Content
  • Off-Canvas
  • Advanced Post & Gallery Widgets
  • Parallax Effect

Exclusive Add-ons

Exclusive add-ons allow you to build WordPress sites that offer maximum potential. This plugin allows you to access over 50+ templates, 800+ blocks, and more than a thousand elements. The bundle includes 108+ extensions and widgets.

Although the free version includes 39+ elements, you can upgrade to a premium edition to get access to the 69+ pro elements as well as premium support. This plugin is optimized to help you build websites that perform well.

The icon library is one of the unique features. The library contains 3000+ well-crafted, high-quality icons.

WooCommerce-ready addon, Exclusive Addons. You can create fully-functional e-commerce websites with their Woo Builder. It includes 15+ Woocommerce widgets that you can use for shop pages or single product pages.

A WebGL plugin, developed by the Exclusive Add-ons Team, allows you to add interactive 3D animations to a website.

It is a small Elementor add-on that allows you to create sophisticated websites using a variety of customizable options.

Key Features:

  • A well-optimized plugin
  • Widgets and Extensions in 108+
  • 50+ Templates and 800+ Blocks
  • Icon Library with over 3000 icons
  • Live Preview and Inline Editing
  • Friendly Support Available 24/7
  • Compact WooBuilder
  • WebGL Plugin

Happy Addons

Happy Add-ons For Elementor is an Elementor widget and add-ons plugin that makes you happy. It features stunning designs and deep customizations to improve your website's visual appearance. It comes with a variety of robust and slick widgets that are compatible with Elementor.

The free version includes 25+ widgets, while the premium version offers 20+ widgets. You can also see amazing demos of their widgets to learn more about their uses. It's well-known for its cards, gradient headings, info & icons boxes, reviews, and skill bars.

It offers two amazing features that will enrich the core of your Elementor. These are CSS Transform and Floating effects. Happy Addons' floating effect allows you to float any widget in Elementor, as well as rotate objects along their x, y, and z axes. With CSS Transform you can create amazing CSS effects such as scale, rotate, scale, and translate.

Key Features

  • Site Syncs
  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste
  • Copy Live Section
  • Widget Background Overlay
  • Icon for 500+ Lines

Ultimate Add-ons to Elementor

Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor was created to be the best in all ways. The makers of the Astra theme are responsible for these Elementor widgets and add-ons plugins. Ultimate Add-ons For Elementor is highly recommended and something you shouldn't miss. You will find 40+ widgets, each one unique and advanced.

This add-on is being used by a large number of people to create their websites' content and layouts. Elementor to me is Thor's Hammer, while Ultimate Add-ons to my website is Elementor.

You can make your website load faster with Modular Control. This plugin also includes WooCommerce and Post widgets.

These widgets allow you to showcase your products and content more effectively. To save time and build a website, you will receive 100+ pre-built templates. These templates can be used for personal, business, portfolio, shop, or charity.

Key Features

  • Gravity Form Designer
  • Modal Popup
  • Timeline
  • Background on Particles
  • Business r+Reviews
  • Infobox

Powerpack for Elementor

PowerPack for Elementor is another fantastic plugin for Elementor. You can shine your website like a professional with the help of more than 70+ amazing widgets. Powerpack is focused on providing great widgets that have better functionality than just adding more to its collection.

This plugin offers three sections: Form styler widgets and Creative widgets. Content widgets are also available.

Form styler widget allows you to design any form, such as Ninja Forms or Caldera Forms. Creative Widgets, on the other hand, offers you a Countdown Timer, table, and Promo Box. Content Widgets cover widgets like Tabs, Maps, menus, etc.

You can save time and make the website sections faster with more than 90 section templates. Their modern, clean-looking templates are well-known.

Cross-Domain Copy Paste is a new feature that allows you to copy content from one website to another. This will save you time and you don't have to recreate what you already have.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • Slider & Category Grid
  • Carousel for Team Members
  • Magazine Slider
  • Dual Pricing
  • Tabbed Gallery

Element Pack

Element pack includes a huge, sophisticated, and superfluid collection of widgets. They may be the best at having a large selection of widgets that can be used to build a website.

The Elementor plugin add-ons plugin includes 163+ widgets and 1700+ ready blocks. There are also 200+ header and footer options. Additionally, there are 120+ pre-made pages ready for you to use in your everyday web design. The pre-made templates look great and will match your niche perfectly. It works with almost all popular WordPress themes and modern displays.

Third-party plugins like WooCommerce, the Event Calendar, Gravity Forms, TablePress, and Gravity Forms are also supported. It supports RTL and is multilingual.

The plugin recently added two new widgets to its arsenal. They highlighted Fancy Icon and Notification Widget. With their new Notification widget, you can display your pop-up notifications at any location on your website. This will increase customer trust and help generate leads and conversions. Fancy Icon allows you to customize your social icons in any way that suits you best.

Key Features

  • Formidable Forms
  • Tag Cloud
  • Accordion
  • Dual Button
  • Compare Image

So these are the best Elementor add-ons for WordPress.

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