59 Best Video Games of All Time According to HackerNoon by@Limarc

59 Best Video Games of All Time According to HackerNoon

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Hacker Noon's VP of Growth by day, VR Gamer and Anime Binger by night talk about their Top 10 list of best video games of all time. They also give short descriptions of why each game made their list. Give us your 10 best games and 2-3 sentences of why they made your list. By the end of this slog we'll have a list of the best games in the world according to HackerNoon. Go easy on us when you let us know in Community.

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In this Slogging post, HackerNoon writers talk about their Top 10 list of best video games of all time, along with short descriptions of why each game made their list.

Agree or disagree with some of the games you see below? That's fine, but go easy on us when you let us know in Community.

Limarc AmbalinaMay 27, 2021, 2:44 PM

Give me your 10 best games of all times and 2-3 sentences of why they made your list. By the end of this slog we'll have a list of the best games of all time according to HackerNoon. GO!

Tomas SirioMay 27, 2021, 8:57 PM

1- Super Mario World: It surpasses mario 3 and it looks dope
2- Dungeon Keeper: Can't stress enough how great this dungeon manager is
3- Binding of Isaac: I have around 800 hours of this game on Steam, unbeatable Dungeon Crawler
4- The World Ends With you: Amazing RPG on the nintendo DS
5- Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Best Dragon Ball Fighter Ever
6- Super Smash Bross Ultimate: Smash is amazing, there's nothing else to say about it
7- Zelda A link to the past: I think it's the iteration I enjoyed the most
8- Stardew Valley: Great farm simulator
9- Shattered Pixel Dungeon: It's been on my phone for the last 7 years. I love to come back and play a new run every now and then
10- Chrono Trigger: One of the best RPG ever made

Nicolas NgMay 29, 2021, 4:29 AM

1-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim is as wide as an ocean and as deep as a puddle. Until you mod it and turn it into a bizarre combination of mechanics taken from all across gaming that’s simultaneously deeper than the Mariana trench while being more broken than Assassin’s Creed: Unity at launch. It’s really just a framework to create the game of your dreams and I love it.

2-Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
Well, the entire package, really. FFXIV’s phoenix-like history is only more impressive when put up against what it’s become now. Slowly easing into my class and understanding the game was an absolute joy. What makes it better is the dev team like no other. No game has ever been in better hands.

3-NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata is a strange game that does so much in a unique way that all comes together to deliver an emotionally heavy, thought provoking story in a way that only Yoko Taro’s games do. It’s elevated by Platinum Games’ signature, slick combat that makes every fight fun. The characters, surprises and the final ending stayed with me years after I finished the game.

4-Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Picking which Halo game to include would have been really hard to decide on if 343 didn’t package the five games that defined my childhood in one. I lived from school holiday to school holiday, the only times I got to use the Xbox and Halo was what I wanted to play most. Best of all, people who didn’t have the privilege of finishing the fight in 2007 can do it now.

5-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
I used to be content to concede that I was just bad at games until Sekiro showed me the glory of challenging previously impossible odds. Every fight was tense and left my heart pounding while every death was a challenge to get better. While it may be a bit of a controversial opinion, this has been my favourite FromSoftware title because of its focused gameplay and easier to follow story.

6-Mass Effect: 3
While the conclusion to Shephard’s adventure might be contentious, I was more than satisfied by all of the fanservice moments this game brought. While it may not have stuck the final landing, the things Shephard does leading the conclusion to their story is a work of art. Best of all is the genius Citadel DLC, one of the funniest and dumbest things I had ever played through.

7-Dragon Age: Inquisition
This game will always have a special place in my heart as the first game I played with a custom-built PC but, more importantly, it has some of the best characters Bioware made. Varric, Cassandra, Iron Bull, Sera and basically everyone in the cast are close to Garrus tier, perhaps even matching him in some respects. It’s world design is no joke either.

8-Titanfall 2
Respawn’s movement shooter is perhaps the game that tickles my ADHD-addled brain the best. Tight controls in the utter chaos of its signature Attrition mode dancing between Titans and duelling other pilots can’t be matched in other games. That’s to say nothing of the Campaign. Please, Respawn, I’m standing by for Titanfall 3.

9-Persona 5
I don’t play many JRPGs but this one was one that stuck with me. It has a well deserved reputation for a story and the combat was just barely manageable for someone who doesn’t play JRPGs. Strangely, this game got me to reevaluate how to spend my time with my friends through its social systems. It actually changed my lifestyle a little. How could I not have it on the list after that?

I didn’t know it was possible to have an abusive relationship with a game until I played this one. I still log in to binge eight years after I made my account. Digital Extremes have been able to improve this game consistently for years and it shows. It’s a fantastic game with some of the most enjoyable combat and somehow fairest grind I’ve played. It’s free, too.

JeffreyHarrisMay 30, 2021, 6:43 AM

In no particular order:

Mega Man X - I really like that they took the established Mega Man format and evolved it for the 16-bit era. The armor upgrades and the Hadoken secret are my favorite parts of the game. Kirby's Dream Land 3 - I was so happy to get a Kirby sequel on the SNES after playing the older games on Game Boy and NES. 16-bit graphics are like my favorite.

Super Mario World - Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are probably my favorites in the series. I love the overworld map and level select. But I like all the things Super Mario World brought to the table with the new powerups, Yoshi, and great boss fights.

Super Mario Bros. All-Stars - You get to play the original three Super Mario Bros. games remade with 16-bit graphics. It was fantastic.

Star Fox 64 - Star Fox 64 is my favorite game in the Star Fox franchise. I remember getting to the other unlockable boss fight and ending and being so jacked I made it happen. The dog fight combat was really great and smooth, but I loved that the Fox squad all had voices now. Just really felt like the perfect evolution of the original Star Fox.

Shadows of the Empire - I love Star Wars and this was the first game that I felt like really replicated the Star Wars experience in game. I was really into the Shadows of the Empire/EU at the time, and this was a great part of the experience.

Star Wars: Dark Forces 2 - Jedi Knight - This game was really an experience. A 3D Star Wars adventure game where you could actually become a Jedi Knight. You get a lightsaber and Force Powers, and the game makes you earn it. However, you also have figure out if you will walk down the dark side or light side path, all the way back in the 1990s.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - This is quite possibly my favorite game of all time. It sort of ticks all my boxes of what I look for in a game. I don't know a single dark fantasy game that's more immersive or better than this one where player choices actually matter.

Resident Evil 2 - I think the original RE games are all masterpieces, but I still think the original RE2 is my favorite. It was a new set of characters, but I really liked how the game puts you actually in Raccoon City at the heart of a zombie outbreak. Also, the game introduced the ZAP System; a revolutionary idea that the remake was not able to replicate.

Alien vs. Predator Capcom Arcade - I love good old arcade beat 'em ups. Alien vs. Predator is probably my favorite one. Great graphics, cool weapons and pick ups and you get to fight tons of aliens and can play as a Predator. And you can pick up each other's weapons.

Marvel Super Heroes Capcom Arcade - Of all the Capcom Marvel fighting games, this one is my favorite. Iron Man was my go-to character here, but what I liked about this game is that playing as all the characters was a lot of fun, even Shuma Gorath.

Jack BorehamMay 31, 2021, 8:49 PM

Ranked in no particular order.

1.God of War (ps4). My favourite first-party PlayStation exclusive and game on ps4. It looks great, has incredible gameplay mechanics and builds a fresh new world in an older series.

2. Sonic Heroes. One of my favourite games on the original Xbox. It has a killer soundtrack and a great variety of levels and challenges. As a kid, I sunk hundreds of hrs into this game, making me a Sonic fan.

3.Super Mario Galaxy. This game made me love the Mario franchise like never before. Its soundtrack is, in my view, one of the best pieces of video game music ever composed. It's a masterclass in level design and had endless replayability. The sheer breadth of levels makes this game one of the best 3d performing games of all time.

4. Pokemon Fire Red. I know this is a remake, but it was my first Pokemon game and my most memorable. It built on the original red and blue and is honestly an RPG masterclass. I remember that feeling when I found out who the champion was and exploring the seven islands. Due to nostalgia alone, this is one of my favourites.

5. Lego Star Wars The Video Game- I loved the first lego star wars game. I remember playing it with my sister and having so much fun. The Lego games are full of so much joy, and it started for me with this game.

6.KOTOR- Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic is one of the best sci-fi RPGs ever. Before Disney destroyed all extended universe canon, this game embodied pure star wars fandom and lore with excellent gameplay and an incredible story. It's everything star wars should be.

7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. A spin-off Pokemon game that not only has a great story but a level of emotion built in that I did my think was possible for a game of its ilk: brilliant fun and an absolute masterclass with 10/10 gameplay.

8. Pokemon Diamond. For purely nostalgic reasons, this game makes my top 10. One of my favourite Pokemon regions, filled with some of the best characters and Pocket Monsters to collect. It built mystery around the poke world and, as a kid, filled me with joy.

9. Simpsons Hit and Run. I'm guessing you've all played this, so you know how good this game is, but if you haven't, you have to play it. GTA style open world Simpsons game full of chaos and is incredibly hilarious. It's a standout game and is genius.

10.Toobin. This game was initially released in 1988 as an arcade game. It eventually got remastered on the first Xbox and was one of my favourite games. I used to play endless hrs of it with my family, competing with them to finish first. I love this game, and it's one of my favourites.

Jose HernandezJun 1, 2021, 4:54 AM

1. Paper Mario - One of my earliest video game memories is of Paper Mario. The story, characters, gameplay, and visuals are still ingrained in my head to this day and for good reason. The game did everything to perfection. 

2. The Outer Wilds- There’s two things I love: outer space and a good mystery. The Outer Wilds manages to have both in a fantastic game about exploring the solar system.

3. Batman Arkham Knight - This is the most well-rounded game in the Batman Arkham series. Some aspects of this game are done better by its predecessors, but Arkham Knight is consistently a good time.

4. The Outer Worlds - A game set in a future space colony, The Outer Worlds managed to hook me with its action RPG gameplay. I couldn’t put the game down because I was having too much fun.

5. Super Smash Bros 64 - Just like Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros was one of the first games I played. Having fun with my family as we played as our favorite Nintendo characters is still one of my favorite memories.

6. Injustice 2 - NetherRealm studios always knocks it out of the park with their story modes, but Injustice 2 went above and beyond. The introduction of customizable gear was also a big part in what kept me invested in the game for a long time.

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - The first time that I really sunk my teeth into an online multiplayer mode. Team deathmatch and zombies are the modes that I heavily invested my time in, and the game was the reason I became addicted to watching YouTube COD trolling videos.

8. Call of Duty: Black Ops - The story blew me away, and I still think it’s the best story COD has ever had. Zombies mode terrified me, but it was so fun going through the rounds with my siblings as we tried to survive.

9. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - A crazy, colorful, fighting game, this is a fun title for anyone to play, even if they’re not fans of fighting games in general. Featuring a roster of unique characters, beautiful stages, and an incredible soundtrack, this game did everything great.

10. Overwatch - When I played this game for the first time, I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. The characters and the gameplay immediately had me hooked, and I’ve been consistently playing it for 5 years.

Limarc AmbalinaJun 1, 2021, 5:54 AM

What interesting choices that highlight not only our differences in genre preference, but the difference in generations, even by just a few years. Well, enough with my commentary. Here is my list:

Final Fantasy 8 - I don't care about what the FF7 lovers will say to refute me but I'm putting this up here for personal reasons. It is one of the first JRPGs I've ever played in my life and it is the first one that hooked me. It's the first one I played from start to finish. For all it's faults, it has an amazing story that I have fallen in love with.

Pokemon Yellow - as a huge fan of the anime, I really appreciated how this game followed the world of the anime more than the others.

Marvel vs. Capcom - I remember playing street fighter and mortal kombat in my cousin's house for hours on end. But the best fighter I've ever played was Marvel vs. Capcom on the PS1. Sick animations, tag team mechanics, and button mashing friendliness make this game one of my favs.

Danganronpa - No mystery game has ever hooked me from start to finish as hard as Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc.

I say this game specifically because IMO the series got worse and worse with each installment. But the first one blew me away and made me feel like Sherlock Holmes

Professor Layton and the Last Specter- I know the 3DS games are better but this one has a huge sidegame which can give you much more hours of fun and is technically the start of the series story wise.

These anime puzzle games don't get enough love and they should because they are a masterpeice by Level 5.

CS 1.6 - I was going to say Halo, but I'd be wrong not to add this shooter instead. CS 1.6 was a WHOA moment in my life, not just in gaming but in technology. The idea that I could play and chat to someone across the world boggled my 9 - 10 year old brain. The gameplay is timeless and the love for this game echoes on today even in VR shooters like Pavlov.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners - IMO the best VR game to-date. Yes, better than Half Life Alyx. I'm biased because I love the zombie genre, but I also think objectively the game used the VR medium better than Half Life did.

Fight Night Round 4 - the best boxing game ever made. Period.

Persona 4 Golden - another JRPG that has to be talked about. It was the first Persona game I've ever played and that didn't ruin the experience at all. Like the Final Fantasy series, you don't need to play previous installments. Each game is its own. The relationships mechanic and seamless battle mechanics made every part of this game enjoyable.

Skyrim - I know it's been said above, but I can't not add Skyrim to this list. As much as I wanna to put down Morrowind to be hipster, Skyrim is better in so many ways. The story, the battle mechanics, the freedom. This is Bethesda at its best.

Last of Us - I know this would be game #11, but LOU is so good that it can't not be on this list. Why? Story, zombies, stealth mechanics, voice acting, graphics, and more. I don't want to go on because I talk about this game far too much already.


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