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520 Stories To Learn About Cloud Computing

by Learn RepoApril 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Cloud Computing via these 520 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Cloud Computing via these 520 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

It's raining cloud stories.

1. The Linux Writing Contest by Linode and HackerNoon

This one is for all the Linux lovers - Linode & HackerNoon are excited to host a Linux Writing Contest!

2. How Emerging Technologies Impact Businesses

Role of technology in business

3. How to Pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam in 7 Days

A couple of weeks ago I passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam with 7 days of prep. Here’s how I did it.

4. How to Become a Cloud Developer: Requirements, Salary, and Courses

Now is a fantastic time to explore a career in cloud development. Cloud Developers are a hot commodity, as more companies are adopting cloud computing services.

5. Is Cloud Gaming Doomed Because of Physics?

Cloud gaming is a hot topic today but gamers speak negatively about input latency. I discuss the journey of input latency from cloud servers to users' monitors.

6. 10 Things in Engineering We Don't Spend Enough Time On

In this article, we’ll look at ten underrated activities in engineering for which allocating more time can be beneficial.

7. Training Your Models on Cloud TPUs in 4 Easy Steps on Google Colab

You have a plain old TensorFlow model that’s too computationally expensive to train on your standard-issue work laptop. I get it. I’ve been there too, and if I’m being honest, seeing my laptop crash twice in a row after trying to train a model on it is painful to watch.

8. The Rise of Zero-Trust Architecture

What is Zero-Trust Architecture and why is it Relevant Today?Breaking Down Zero Trust Architecture:

9. How to Deploy AWS Lambda with Docker Containers

You can now build your serverless workloads in a Docker container with AWS Lambda. We gave it a try and here's our review (with ETL examples).

10. An In-Depth Guide to AWS Lambda Error Handling

In this article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about the basics of AWS Lambda error handling.

11. What is IPFS? - A Beginner's Guide

IPFS consists of several innovations in communication protocols and distributed systems that have been combined to produce a file system like no other.

12. AWS Lambda: how to share code in a monorepo

A while back, a client asked me “how can I share business logic between services in a Node.js monorepo?”. So here it is!

13. Getting Started with Cloud Computing: An Overview

In this article, you'll learn about cloud concepts such as what is cloud computing, the advantages of using cloud computing, cloud computing types, and more.

14. What Are the Working Models of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change. It allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance and that it enables IT teams to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demand. Below discussion should be noted by investors looking to put money into cloud computing technologies.

15. Triggering AWS Lambda Events with DynamoDB Integration

Learn everything about AWS Lambda triggers in this guide, including Amazon DynamoDB integration and 3 common ways to trigger AWS Lambda.

16. In-Depth Guide to Connecting your AWS and Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Let’s say that you have spent the last 2 years developing your enterprise services in either of the two cloud providers and now you decide to start using the other one. A possible scenario that would bring about such a requirement could be a migration from one cloud service provided to the other.

17. 300 Scholarships Up For Grabs at The School of Cloud Computing Courtesy Udacity and SUSE

Apply today for Udacity’s SUSE Cloud Native Foundations Scholarship program and learn the skills you need to become a cloud native developer.

18. AWS ECS vs AWS Lambda Compared

Comparing cloud services? Read our Lambda vs ECS guide. Consider programming language, pricing, and the benefits.

19. How to Easily Deploy Telegram Bot Using AWS Lambda

To deploy a telegram bot in C # seems is difficult, but I want to show that it is not. In this article I will give an example of publishing it on AWS.

20. Must-have Soft Skills for a DevOps Engineer

Essential skills for DevOps Engineer to boost your career with no stress

21. What Does the Future Hold for Cloud Security?

Cloud security is something that every business needs to take seriously. In fact, ignoring cloud security could prove to be a fatal move for many organizations.

22. AWS vs Google Cloud: We Asked the Devs

Spoiler alert: It's AWS for the win.

23. Reasons to Flatten your Source Code

Our software is a large castle, formed by several layers superimposed and mixed, in order to facilitate its own maintenance, but which, in fact, end up creating

24. How to Deploy Apps to a Local K3d Cluster

In this post, we will discuss how to deploy and test an application on a local Kubernetes cluster.

25. How to Use AWS S3 with Python

8 Must-Know Tricks to Use S3 More Effectively in Python: In this article, we’ll look at various ways to leverage the power of S3 in Python.

26. Kubernetes Secrets and ConfigMaps

In this article we will discuss about the applications of Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets.

27. Complete #100DaysOfCloud for Free On Cloud Academy

A 100-day commitment to learning facilitated by Cloud Academy. Sign up, complete the Cloud Marathon and your education is free.

28. Serverless : The Future of Development

Here’s a secret: Serverless is the future of development not because of how great of a technology it is.  Here’s another secret: The previous statement is wrong.

29. 10 Microsoft Azure Courses for Beginners to Learn Azure Cloud Computing

If you want to learn Microsoft Azure or prepare for AZ-900 or Microsoft Azure fundamentals exam and need the best resources, you have come to the right place.

30. How To Set Custom Metrics for Autoscaling in AWS

In many cases, custom metrics may be useful to make more ad-hoc configuration of autoscaling in AWS. For example, a custom metric can allow an autoscaling group to react more rapidly on spikes or to take into account the health state of hosts for concurrency based metrics. Let's see how to set up a custom metric and autoscaling policy for an autoscaling group with an application load balancer and target group using AWS Console.

31. AWS SAM + Cloudformation macros, a patch made in heaven

Over the last few weeks I have been working with a very ambitious client – Solve, who is building a new murder mystery game. They are doing some really cool things technically, and are building an entirely serverless stack.

32. How Are Smart Cities Made 'Smart': Top 6 Enabling Technologies

The ultimate goal of smart cities is to improve citizens’ quality of life, reduce the cost of living and attain a sustainable environment through technology.

33. DJL: Deep Java Library and How To Get Started

Want to get your hands dirty with Machine Learning / Deep Learning, but have a Java background and not sure where to start? Then read on! This article is about using an existing Java skillset and ramp-up your journey to start building deep learning models.

34. Five Book Recommendations For Serverless Developers

Five books you must read if you are going serverless including books by Eric Evans, Richard Rodger, Chris Richardson, and more.

35. The Ten Top Cities for Highest Cloud Engineering Salaries

A high salary can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. For cloud engineers, jobs with these sky-high paychecks are in no short supply. In fact, the number of cloud engineer jobs on increased by over 55% between May 2017 and May 2019. And candidate interest is also skyrocketing: The number of people searching for cloud engineer jobs increased by over 52% in that same time period.

36. 5 Reasons to Build on the Internet Computer

The Internet Computer is a new computing platform that enables developers to reap the benefits blockchain technology offers without sacrificing performance.

37. 7 Digital Accounting Trends will Affect CPA Firms in 2020

The always developing technologies and the advent of innovations in the world are boosting economic growth at a global level. Accounting, too, plays an important role in any business as well-organized accounting operations can provide accurate, relevant, and valuable financial information, leading to better business decisions and desired growth.

38. 7 Steps to a Winning Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud computing has revolutionized IT since the 2000’s, and this revolution is far from over. Formerly, organizations would host their data on-premise as that was the only option available, but with the advancement in technology, and fast-changing business demands, cloud-based solutions started turning out to be a more flexible and powerful option for organizations. There is a mass migration underway to adopt cloud infrastructure and avoid the hassles and operational costs of managing infrastructure in-house.

39. The Application of Cloud Computing in the Health Care Industry

Although cloud computing isn’t something new to the healthcare industry, the industry is yet to fully utilize the potential of the cloud.

40. Future of SaaS: What To Expect in Coming Years

With more and more integration of Cloud services, SaaS models continue to operate as the most popular service-based approach.

41. OWASP Top 14 Security Practices For Software Developers

★ The objective of this guide is to provide a comprehensive review of the security principles with limited scope in terms of information. The primary goal of the software developing team is to use the available information resource to provide and build secure applications for your business and software operations. It could be obtained through the industry-standard implementation of security controls.

42. Single-Tenant Cloud vs Multi-Tenant: Understanding the difference between SaaS Architecture

We sometimes hear the word "tenancy" when it comes to cloud software applications, but if you had googled the tenancy concept, it would mean the ownership of land or area by another person for a given time. The question, then, is how does SaaS apply to a tenancy?

43. How Adfolks Made the Pivot from Services to Product

Unlike most cloud consulting companies that are US or EU based, Adfolks is a Middle East-based cloud-native engineering company that has been making great strides in recent years. This post is about their transition from a consulting services company to a product company.

44. I used my iPad as my Interim Dev Machine while my Mac was down and my Reaction was - "Wow"

45. Smaller, Faster, and Cheaper Coding Laptops via AWS

My Coding Laptop is Smaller, Faster, and Cheaper than Yours and it lives in an AWS Data Center!

46. Is There An Affordable Alternative To Step Functions?

AWS Step Functions is a great service for orchestrating multi-step workflows with complex logic. It’s fast to implement, relatively easy to use and just works. The problem is its price.

47. 5 Best Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam Courses in 2022

In this article, I will share the best online courses to help you pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam.

48. What is dApp and is it hard to make it?

The concept of a decentralized application was born in the era of the blockchain hype, when all the necessary tools for implementing logic appeared. And the most popular blocking with the necessary tools was Ethereum. Then there were a lot of examples of smart-contracts and examples of decentralized applications. The authors of these applications tried to shift all logic and storage of information on the blockchain. Where it was needed and where it was completely unnecessary. As a result, at it's best, all the logic was implemented using the blockchain and the UI interacted directly. Such applications were quite slow and extremely uncomfortable.

49. Top 5 Reasons Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud

Cloud has introduced some new business capabilities through cost-effectiveness or accessibility, as a company you don't want to miss the opportunity.

50. An Intro to the 7 Rs of Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud migration strategies are high-level plans adopted by an organization to move their existing on-premise workloads and data to cloud environments

51. Important Differences Between Cloud-Based, Cloud-Enabled, And Cloud-Native Apps

Learn the difference between Cloud-Based, Cloud-Enabled, and Cloud-Native Applications.

52. An Introduction to Docker and How It is Important for Sysadmins

Ever since Docker went live in early 2013 it’s had a love-hate relationship with programmers and sysadmins. While some ‘experienced’ developers that I’ve talked to have a strong dislike for containerization in general (more on that later), there’s a reason why a lot of major companies including eBay, Twitter, Spotify and Lyft have reportedly adopted Docker in their production environments.

53. Observability on Heroku: How to Monitor Apps on a Managed Infrastructure

Cloud platforms like Heroku make it easier than ever to host applications: just upload your code, and they’ll deploy it for you. But a common misconception is that, because you don’t own the infrastructure, you can’t really monitor your applications or see under the hood.

54. Is There a Future for Cloud-in-a-Box?

Cloud-in-a-box originally seemed like the perfect compromise, letting enterprises reinvent their aging data centers for today’s IT, built around a cloud-based model. It offered some of the important advantages of public cloud, like better optimization of computer resources and self-service.

55. Site Reliability Engineering with Amazon Web Services

The top AWS tools for SRE Adoption: CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Elastic Load Balancers, Health Checks, GuardDuty, and infrastructure security.

56. How You Can Set Up Remote Development Workflow With VS Code in Your Browser

In this guide, I will be walking through VS Code-Server setup with DigitalOcean, as well as tweaks I have used to create a clean, simple workflow.

57. When NOT to Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk [Deep Dive]

First off, this is not a critique of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk — it’s a great service that allows you to deploy web applications without having a lot of in-house DevOps expertise. If you’re a young startup looking to deploy your web app on a tight schedule — it’s naturally a tempting choice, but sometimes it’s the wrong choice.

58. The Best Cloud Computing Programming Languages To Learn

Learning cloud programming is the need of the hour in this era of technology. Here is the list of the best cloud computing programming languages.

59. Performance Benchmark: Apache Spark on DataProc Vs. Google BigQuery

When it comes to Big Data infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform , the most popular choices Data architects need to consider today are Google BigQuery – A serverless, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud data warehouse, Apache Beam based Cloud Dataflow and Dataproc – a fully managed cloud service for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters in a simpler, more cost-efficient way.

60. How to Perform Sentiment Analysis with Amazon Comprehend

How to analyze the sentiments from a text using AWS services like Amazon Comprehend, AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

61. GitOps Tutorial: How to Provision an EC2 Instance with Crossplane and Flux

In this article, we are going to learn how to automate the provisioning of cloud resources via Crossplane and combine it with GitOps practices.

You will most b

62. How to Use Cloud-init to Self-Register k3OS Clusters to Rancher

The lightweight Kubernetes OS that is known as k3OS has quickly been gaining popularity in the cloud-native community as a compact and edge-focused Linux distribution that cuts the fat away from the traditional K8s distro. While k3OS is picking up steam, it is still on the bleeding edge and there is still a bit of a shortage of learning material out there for it.

63. 8 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2021

Cloud computing has grown exponentially in the past decade and is not about to stop. As predicted by Forrester’s research, the global public cloud infrastructure will grow 35% in 2021, many thanks to the pandemic. Due to the lingering effects of covid-19 in 2021, the cloud will be the key focus for organizations looking for increased scalability, business continuity, and cost-efficiency.

64. 5 Books to Learn Microservices in Java with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

65. How to Deploy Machine Learning Models to the Cloud Quickly and Easily

Machine learning models are usually developed in a training environment (online or offline). And you can then deploy them and use them with live data.

66. Microservices and Service Mesh with Istio, Explained

Application builds when broken down into multiple smaller service components, are known as Microservices. When compared to the traditional Monolithic way, a Microservice Architecture treats each microservice as a standalone entity/module, essentially helping to ease the maintenance of its code and related infrastructure. Each microservice of an application can be written in a different technology stack, and further be deployed, optimized and managed independently.

67. Quick Guide to AWS CDK and Serverless with REST API and Data Lake Analytical Querying

This is a hands-on course on how to deploy a fully Serverless web app using the AWS CDK. You will learn how to:

68. Microsoft Orleans Gives Rise to Future-Ready Digital Banking

Why MS Orleans? — Let's delve into the features that make it a good pick for banking and finance app development.

69. Top 5 Serverless Trends in 2020

Happy Serverless September 2020! We at Coding Sans love working with serverless technology. This is why we decided to publish a report with the latest serverless trends this year. We partnered up with nine other companies who share our love to make it happen.

70. Homomorphic Encryption — for Web Apps 🤔 (Part 1)

Where Do I Start?

71. #NoBrainers: You Need A High Performing Low Latency Distributed Database

Certain industries greatly benefit from high-performing, low-latency, geo-distributed technologies.

72. Top Cloud Platform Comparison: 2021 Edition

This is a comprehensive research of the top cloud service providers, as well as some second-tier market players.

73. DevOps Fundamentals You Ever Wanted To Know

What Is DevOps & How Its Works?

74. How To Use Selenium WebDriver for Cross Browser Testing

Selenium is a popular automation testing framework that is primarily used for cross browser testing. It is open source and is ideal for automating testing of web applications across different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. Selenium has become a renowned framework and is giving stiff competition to other test frameworks like HP QTP (Quick Test Professional) and AKA HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing).

75. Deploying CakePHP Project To The Cloud

Follow these steps to understand how to deploy a CakePHP application to the cloud. While some cloud providers offer simple solutions, you will notice that others require a bit more technical know-how for you to deploy an app.

76. Cloud Migration: Automated Discovery Tools And Their Benefits

With the advent of new tools, automation and orchestration are having an immense impact on easing the burden of moving to the cloud.

77. Exploring AWS CLI v2 with AWS Single Sign-on

Going back to the 10 of December 2017, AWS introduced AWS Single Sign-On, a service that makes it easy for you to centrally manage SSO access to multiple AWS accounts and business applications.

78. It's Raining Cyber Attacks: Cybersecurity in the Cloud

With the latest news and advancements in the cybersecurity world, we will see how these new rules impact modern cloud applications.

79. Why Serverless is a Great Choice for your Business and Its Growth

As you read this post — possibly on your smartphone — it’s easy to forget how many modern technologies we take for granted.

80. Mastering Docker: How to Attach an AWS EBS Storage Volume to Your Docker Container

In an ideal world, Docker containers should be ephemeral without any reliance on external storage. In the microservice world, this is achievable when services are connecting to external databases, queues, and other services.

81. Top 30 Cloud Consulting Companies to Take Notice of in 2020

A key requirement for the majority of enterprises today, cloud computing was conceptualized in the 1960s but didn’t fully unfold for many decades. Only recently the major differentiators of cloud systems, such as cost-efficiency, compliance out of the box, effortless scalability, and advanced data protection, were duly appreciated, first by the trailblazing software providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and then by the rest of the world.

82. Homomorphic Encryption — for Web Apps 🧐 (Part 2)

In case you missed the previous article (Part 1), I gave a very brief introduction on Homomorphic Encryption (HE), talked about Microsoft SEAL’s library, and outlined some of the pain points of learning to use it.

83. How To Deploy A Scalable Cloud Storage Using Rook And Ceph Storage [Part 1]

It goes without saying that if you want to orchestrate containers at this point, Kubernetes is what you use to do it. Sure, there may be a few Docker Swarm holdouts still around, but for the most part, K8s has cemented itself as the industry standard for container orchestration solutions. As Kubernetes matures, the tools that embody its landscape begin to mature along with it. One of the areas we have seen some optimization, in particular, is in cloud-native storage solutions.

84. How To Improve Your Docker Build Time in GitLab CI

Make your containerized CI environments truly useful by accelerating your Docker builds

85. How to Create Serverless Functions with OpenFaaS in 17 Steps

OpenFaaS is serverless functions framework that runs on top of Docker and Kubernetes. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

86. Practical Transaction Handling in Microservice Architecture

It’s challenging to handle the complexities that come with a distributed system when moving away from a monolith to microservice architecture (MSA). Transaction handling is at the front and center of this issue. A typical database transaction done in a web application using local transactions is now a complicated distributed transaction problem. In this article, we will discuss what causes this, the possible solutions, and the best practices in developing safe transactional software systems using MSA.

87. Applying principles of chaos engineering to AWS Lambda with latency injection

We can apply latency injection to APIs created with API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Our approach should allow us to configure when to add arbitrary delay (and how much) to our API endpoints to ensure inter-service communications are tuned with proper timeout values.

88. How Cloud Functions for Machine Learning Can Become True

DeepMux recently announced GPU-powered serverless functions to make your MLOps (DevOps for ML) easier. Let’s talk about Cloud Functions and their use in Machine Learning!

89. Technology Trends for AI, Cloud and Data analytics in 2022

90. Live on the Edge of Computing

Data is the lifeblood of any application and any business venture.

91. Exploring Updates to AlmaLinux's Open Source Project, Cloud Images

AlmaLinux Cloud Images include aarch64 support for AWS AMIs, OpenNebula x86_64 and aarch64, and aarch64 support for Generic (cloud-init) Cloud image/OpenStack.

92. My AWS Cloud Resume Challenge Journey (Part One)

I intend to take my readers on a journey of skills learned, challenges faced, and solutions uncovered along the way as I take on the cloud resume AWS challenge.

93. 6 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Finance

Understand the different ways cloud computing benefit the financial industry.

94. iPaaS on the SaaS

iPaaS is the new alternative for conventional integration methods.

95. Cloud Computing for Dummies

Trust the cloud instead of reinventing the wheel.

96. Why Digital Businesses Should Prioritize Legacy Application Modernization

Achieve Greater Business Value With Legacy App Modernization

97. 3.6 Million Websites Went Offline Due To a Fire: Decentralization Prevents That

Recently, the cloud computing company and hosting provider OVH has had a fire that caused nearly 3.6 million websites to go offline. Some of the websites effected was a government site for the French government, and even a cryptocurrency exchange. According to Reuters, many of those sites were told to, "activate their disaster recovery plans following the blaze."

98. Exploring an Open Source Toolkit for Debugging Kubernetes - KoolKits

A new open source approach for debugging live applications - right from inside your IDE or terminal window, and without stopping the live application.

99. 6 Free Terraform Tools to Facilitate a Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Have a multi-cloud infrastructure? These free Terraform tools will help you to reduce costs and make your multi-cloud efficient.

100. Why do you need a Virtual Server? Explained

In this article, you will learn why you need to migrate from a physical server to a virtual one.

101. Resources and Tools by AWS That Can Help You Get Started for Free

In this article, we'll cover some tricks and tips to get started and keep using AWS for free.

102. Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Top 3 Use Cases

Security and risk management leaders can apply privacy-enhancing tech in AI modelling, cross-border data transfers, and data analytics to manage constraints.

103. What to Consider When Choosing Between Self-Hosting and Cloud

One of the biggest challenges of cloud computing is the issue of data sovereignty and how it affects business based on the individual countries regulations.

104. Tips To Secure Your AWS Account

It is no news that Cloud Computing technology has come to stay.

105. What Are The Common Kubernetes Security Vulnerabilities

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for managing containerized applications. However, this usage also led to an increased attack surface for K8s.

106. Get Used to Building a .Net core MVC Application on Mac Visual Studio

Creating .Net MVC project using Visual Studio Mac

107. How to Master AWS Identity and Access Management

From the basic to advanced concepts of AWS own service for identity and access management: users, groups, permissions for resources and much more.

108. Why Understanding Infrastructure-as-code is Critical to Scaling Your Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is one of the most important trends in modern IT development. Read about the benefits of IaC and how to implement it.

109. CVEs: How Keeping a Catalogue of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Helps Your Company

CVE combines a dictionary and a catalog containing names for vulnerabilities and other information security vulnerabilities.

110. How to Leverage the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Reach New Customers

The well-designed platforms included in Salesforce Marketing Cloud meet the essential values of clients. Here are 6 of those platforms to leverage.

111. A Quick Guide to Writing YAML for Kubernettes

YAML is a human-friendly, data serialization standard. It also has various applications in Kubernetes.

112. Why Backend and DevOps Roles May Become One in the Future

I believe that the job duties of “back-end” and “DevOps” engineers will coalesce to include almost everything that “the user doesn’t see”.

113. Beginner's Guide To Telepresence: Develop Your K8s Application Locally

This post explains how Telepresence can be used to improve the developer experience for apps being developed for Kubernetes and includes a demo.

114. The Megashift Towards Decentralized Edge Computing

Why do we need Edge Computing? Why is the cloud not the solution for everything? Why is Edge Computing adoption taking so long? What's the solution to it?

115. The Future Trends of Back Office Operations

An analysis of different strategies and technologies for back office operations in hedge funds.

116. Best Practices of Cloud Networks Usage in Fintech

Making good use of a could network first requires firms to consider if they would be meeting their regulatory obligations before ensuring network resilience.

117. 3 Cloud Migration Lessons We Learned After Migrating Our Systems To The Cloud

Migrating to the cloud is nothing less than a challenge. To curb these challenges, follow these 3 cloud migration lessons before migrating to the cloud.

118. There Must Be a Better Way To Build on AWS

So AWS gives startups $100k in free credits. Google and Azure have similar programs for startups. Then why isn’t every startup CTO starting on the Big Cloud?

119. The 4 Biggest Cloud Computing Security Challenges

Before adopting a range of cloud services and apps, there are a few cloud computing security issues and challenges you need to address. Learn more here.

120. Code as Documentation and Assessment

Documenting IT networking lab procedures in code rather than word-processor documents enables more authentic, equitable and consistent assessment.

121. Cloud Desktops For Advanced Security and Disaster Solutions

Cloud desktops provide virtual firewall & advanced antivirus protection with enterprise-grade security. Get Disaster recovery as a Service by deploying cloud.

122. Cloud Threat Hunting Series: What Lead To a Major Financial Institution Suffering a Cloud Breach

Even the greatest cybersecurity arrangements can be vunerable to simple mistakes such as a tiny setting being misconfigured, compromising the entire system.

123. A Simple Guide to Optimize Cost on AWS

You may create cutting-edge, scalable apps to suit your demands with AWS (Amazon Web Services), which gives you the control and ongoing spending optimization you need.

124. What's Stopping Everyone From Going Serverless?

In this article, we'll look at what are the security hazards in serverless and what factors will drive its development in the following years.

125. Why Should "BIG" Brands Pay More Attention to Data Security?

Let’s dive straight in. Data security in an enterprise is a series of protective digital privacy measures that involve monitoring, managing and delivering data objects across the organization.

126. Advantages of Using Windows VPS Hosting for Businesses

Over the past few years, companies have been provided various web hosting solutions for their business, leaving them with the question of what to choose.

127. Understanding Linux Containers Before Changing the World

Containers provide a way to run your application by packaging it with every dependency it needs. This article will look at Linux containers and their uses.

128. Kubernetes Security For Developers: A Quick Start Guide

One of the basics of running Kubernetes in a production environment is security—how to ensure container images, pods, specific microservices, are protected.

129. Packing AWS SDK in Deployment Artefact - Does it Help to Your Infrastructure

A version of the AWS SDK is always bundled into the Lambda runtime for your language. So the conventional wisdom says you don’t need to include it in your deployment artefact.

130. Pillar of Heaven : Linux and the Cloud Computing ‘Re-evolution’

Importance of Linux in the Cloud Computing revolution

131. Microservices: The Why and When

With people switching to cloud-native strategy, we need an architecture that supports it. A variant of Service-oriented architecture, microservice architecture

132. How to Build Your Own Observability Platform on Kubernettes

End-to-end full observability using Odigos and other back-end observability tools.

133. How to Create a Conditional Workflow With Advanced GitHub Actions

How can I create one GitHub workflow which uses different secrets based on a triggered branch? The conditional workflow will solve this problem.

134. Join us in Our Efforts to Reduce Cloud Waste by $100 Million in 2021

We aren’t putting enough of a spotlight on the environmental impact of the cloud. Cloud usage and spend are skyrocketing as more companies invest in the critical infrastructure that drives digital transformation and supports integral parts of a business.

135. Kafka Authorization And NiFi Encryption to Amazon S3

Any typical ETL/ELT pipeline cannot be completed without having "kafka" keyword in the discussions.

136. How To Establish Better Governance

Recently, one of our Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) noticed a workload running in our cluster which he hasn’t seen before. The workload was consuming some resources and the SRE wanted to apply some updates to the cluster but was not sure who owns the workload, and doesn’t know if his updates would have an impact on it or not.

137. Harnessing Unused Cloud Computing Power in Data Centres Worldwide to Power Decentralized Systems

Stanley Wu is the Co-founder and CTO of Ankr and a longtime engineer (formerly at AWS) and a computing student.

138. Helm — Everything You Need to Know Part II

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Helm versions (v2 vs. v3), and a practical example of how to use it.

139. What is Multi-Cloud Really?

Smaller companies may be more practical users of multi-cloud setups

140. Build a Private Cloud Storage Service on the Blockchain

141. Cloud Computing Explained: What is Serverless SQL and Why Should You Care?

Serverless SQL is a distributed computing tool that enables us to process distributed data using SQL language without managing the databases servers themselves.

142. Codify your SaaS Apps: The Answer to the Unmanaged SaaS Jungle

A phenomenon we have encountered often, when helping companies overcome drift, is a common neglect of the entire SaaS toolchain. Learn why this is troubling.

143. How Cloud Industry Platforms Improve Remote Teams

Cloud Industry Platforms are front helpers in the advancement of remote work and this article explains how

144. Comparing AWS vs Digital Ocean From a UX Perspective

While AWS is undoubtedly miles ahead when it comes to the depth of cloud offerings, Digital Ocean does a better job than AWS for a newbie cloud user.

145. How to Optimize Cloud Testing: 6 Main Challenges

146. Why You Should Move Your Corporate Infrastructure to Cloud

Find out what benefits and opportunities you will get by moving your corporate infrastructure to the cloud.

147. Decentralized High-Performance Cloud Computing: An Interview With DeepSquare

At The Metaverse Insider, we had the pleasure of interviewing both Diarmuid Daltún and Florin Dzeladini – the Co-Founders at DeepSquare.

148. Optimizing Your Cloud Costs

Every cloud stakeholder should be armed with documents, tutorials, training, guidance, and tools to effectively handle the cloud environment.

149. How Continuous Delivery Helps Startups to Deliver Value

The continuous model implies the frequent and predictable release of quality products. Let's understand the business benefits of Continuous Delivery.

150. 7 Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for the Accounting Industry

Read about the 7 Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for the Accounting Industry & know the advantages of the cloud-hosted desktop.

151. A CLI for Customizable, Scalable, Low-overhead Cloud Use

DynaCLI is an open source, cloud-friendly Python library for converting pure Python functions into Linux Shell commands on the fly and unlimited.

152. How Do You Make Cloud Migration Easier?

Engage in intelligent change.

153. How To Manage Infrastructure With Terraform

What is Terraform?

154. Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud Accounting

In this article, you will find how Important Cloud Accounting can be for Small Businesses in this technology era

155. Edge Intelligence: the Upcoming Challenger to Cloud Intelligence

The true edge intelligence lies in this decentralised topology, which will give rise to a new generation of chip companies focusing on computation and more.

156. Founder Advice: Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure Can Make a Big Difference

Choosing the right cloud provider can make a big difference in how bumpy the road to success will be.

157. 5 Best Practices for Effective Log Management

What Are Log Files? And how can they be managed in a cloud-native infrastructure?

158. Let’s Talk About Cloud Computing

In this article, I propose to understand what cloud technologies are, to see their differences from solutions, to consider these key characteristics and models.

159. What Makes a Cloud Enterprise Technology Stand Out

This article covers the top eight factors you should consider when choosing a cloud enterprise technology.

160. Choosing between Object Storage and Block Storage for Security

Block Storage and object storage have different use-cases. We won’t categorically state which one is better as the answer depends on your project’s particulars. What we will do in this article is compare these two storage options in terms of how secure your data is in either of them.

161. Cloud Solutions Propelled Into The Spotlight Courtesy Of Covid-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud service solutions have been thrown into the limelight as companies and organisations across the globe grapple with the rapid shift to remote working and learning. With the widespread closure of non-essential organisations and businesses forcing organisations’ leaders to consider new and innovative approaches to shifting their businesses online, the move to cloud computing has become a far greater priority than ever before. The industry statistics demonstrate this: according to new figures from analyst firm Gartner, by the end of 2020 we will have seen the global public cloud services market reach $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 billion in 2019.

162. Why Salesforce is a Must to Scale Your Business Successfully

Did You Know?

163. Using the Kubernetes Controller for Envoy (Part 2)

In this article, I will show you how you can write a controller that will monitor changes in custom resources.

164. Building a Secure Web Chat With Redis, mTLS and GCP

Securing Redis installation with mTLS and accessing it from a compute instance on GCP for free.

165. Using Jupyter/TensorBoard In Any Cloud With One Command

Using Terraform Provider Iterative for bespoke Machine Learning & Data Science on AWS, Azure, GCP and K8s

166. Businesses Will Face These 4 Cloud Security Challenges in 2021

As threats have sophisticated and evolved, new attacks emerge and it becomes more important than ever for businesses to embrace security first mentalities.

167. The Benefits of Amazon S3 Explained Through a Comic

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental services of AWS Cloud.

168. 4 Ways to Scale Your Business With Cloud Computing

169. How to Maximize Cloud ROI With Containerization - Part 1

Struggling to make the most of cloud-hosted applications? Learn about containerization, its optimization challenges, and potential solutions.

170. Using the Kubernetes Controller for Envoy

Creating Kubernetes controller for Envoyproxy with xDS protocol and Custom Resource Definition

171. Kubernetes Day-2 Operations, Part I

Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for container clustering and orchestration. Its adoption is soaring in cloud-native applications.

172. 7 Simple Lessons I've Learnt Last Year with AWS

173. Setting Up Authentication for AWS EKS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is one of the leading managed Kubernetes solutions.

174. 4 Best Cloud Deployment models

175. The Carbon Footprint of Storing Data

We collect things and, as long as we attribute value to these things, we want to preserve them. The digital age has changed the way we keep things. To be completely exact, these are not 'things' anymore. We name them data.

176. What is Cyber Range Training and Simulation in the Cloud?

Cyber range simulations help create resiliency by enabling companies in an actual situation to stress-test through Cloud computing. With tabletop drills or classroom instructors we need immersive funds to support situational awareness in a way that is very difficult to duplicate. Cloud Simulation contributes to experience on-the-ground and provides various advantages, including statistical information, input from real-time experts, and cross-functional coaching. There are potentially many challenges with the on-site classrooms based on several experts:

177. Businesses are Tackling Data Privacy Restrictions with Hybrid Cloud

If a business deals with personal data, it inevitably faces data protection and privacy legislation issues. Here is how the hybrid cloud helps address those.

178. How is Cloud Technology Transforming the Cannabis Industry?

Cloud technology is changing how businesses operate. Learn how cloud-based systems are helping cannabis businesses streamline their workflows after legalization

179. Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Move Away from Cloud Services

Humans possess a remarkable ability to nostalgically reminisce about dark times as if they were the best of times.

180. How Companies like Netflix Deliver Content Around the World

Have you ever wondered how companies like Netflix or Spotify is able to delivery videos or songs to you at what seems like lightning fast speed !?

181. Containerization in 2023: 4 Tips for Successful Container Adoption

Four tips for laying a solid foundation and making sure you're ready to handle the challenges of operating containerized workloads in production.

182. 5 Steps for Dockerizing NestJs With Prisma

Dockerize NestJS + Prisma in 5 steps

183. An Intro to The Tomi MP1 and The Benefits It Holds

tomi is a decentralised network and DAO that is developing a peer cloud computing network is building a decentralized cloud computing and mining network.

184. Best Way to Maintain HIPAA Compliance in Cloud

We have shared some tips and ways how organizations looking to migrate their data to the cloud can maintain HIPAA Compliance.

185. 2 Methods for Installing Serverless Kubernetes in Alibaba Cloud

Exploring Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes capabilities. Here are two methods for deploying Serverless Kubernetes in Alibaba Cloud.

186. Infrastructure as Code: Almost Everything You Need to Know

Infrastructure as Code is invaluable when it comes to automating infrastructure by defining infrastructure configurations as code.

187. Everything you need to know about Helm – Part I

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. In this tutorial we will explore Helm tasks, components, charts, and installations.

188. The Advantages of a Hybrid Deployment Architecture

See how a hybrid architecture marries the best of the SaaS world and on-prem world for modern data stack software.

189. Converting “Digital” Heat From Waste to Commodity

Swiss-based cloud computing project DeepSquare teamed up with IWB Industrielle Werke Basel in a pilot project aimed at capturing and reusing the heat generated

190. linking kubernetes clusters to vpcs on aws

What is the best way to connect Kubernetes clusters running across multiple AWS VPCS?

191. Changing the Computing Paradigm Towards Decentralized Ownership

The epic poem of Beowulf has survived for thousands of years, and has inspired generations of readers across the world. Written using unrhymed poetry, it tells of the exploits of the monster-slaying hero Beowulf in the eighth-century. In this Old English epic, Beowulf slays the creature Grendel, and saves humanity from its terror.

192. Internal AWS Monitoring is Hard to Grasp

Learm how a serverless monitoring solution can catch problems for you without the painful learning curve connected to serverless failure detection.

193. Cloud Spending is Rising and Cost Management is Becoming Serious

By understanding cloud costs and implementing cost optimization best practices, tech companies can manage cloud spending for better ROI.

194. SaaS Tools For Small Business: From Project Management to Marketing

Small businesses are in a continuous struggle to manage their workload and summing up their monetary expenses. One of the most affordable and easiest ways is to keep a check on the latest SaaS software which handles all that’s necessary to your business while reducing the manual efforts.

195. Accessing Kubernetes Using Expose API and User Interface Using Sidecar Pattern

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.

196. Worry if The CPU based Policy Does Not Cut It For You

Imagine you are in the process of migration of a legacy system from the data center to the cloud to make the system scalable. If containerization is not an option you will try cloud-native autoscaling. One of the most commonly used metric to perform autoscaling is CPU utilisation. If your application does not scale well based on this metric this is pretty likely because of more serious issues. Let's see why.

197. Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline using CDK Pipelines Modern API

In this step-by-step tutorial, we're going to learn about how to build continuous delivery using CDK pipelines using modern API.

198. The Occam’s Razor of Newsletter Subscriptions

Subscribe to the HackerNoon newsletter with ease.

199. How to Build Cloud-Based Data Architectures

Building Cloud-Based Data Architectures is necessary to making use of Big Data and gaining the ability to process significant amounts of data for analysis.

200. Breaking Down What is New in Kubernetes 1.19

The new Kubernetes 1.19 comes with 34 enhancements. Out of these, 10 have progressed to stable, 15 are in the beta stage, and 9 are in the alpha.

201. How The NSA Says You Should Secure Kubernetes

Security has become a primary consideration for any technological solution. Here are the NSA's recommendations for securing Kubernetes against hackers.

202. 6 Data Cybersecurity Challenges with Cloud Computing

It is important to keep your data safe and secure. Here are six challenges in that hosting your data on the cloud can pose and how your data security can help.

203. On the Original Definition of PaaS

Why Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) still stands a chance

204. Introduction To AWS Lake Formation

What does it mean for your organization?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced, among many other important updates, the release of the new service “AWS Lake Formation” at the AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. This article provides a brief explanation of what the service does. Furthermore, it explains why it can be important for your organization.

205. The Highlight Of Cloud Computing Solutions In 2022 - PatternBots

Will cloud and automation set a groeth example in 2022? Check the trending cloud computing highlights of 2022.

206. An Introduction to the appfleet Edge Computing Platform

A new edge compute platform goes live. appfleet allows users to deploy containers and applications to multiple global regions

207. Run Executable Applications In the Cloud with Team Code

How to quickly set up GitLab-ce in minutes using Tin? Just follow six steps...

208. Building Maintenance Mode for your API Gateway Using Terraform

In my previous blog post, I went through how to create a maintenance mode page for your application, and how to implement it using Terraform and github pages. But the website is just one part of an Application, and often there’s also a public (or private) API that also needs to have a maintenance mode. Let’s see how we can do that using Terraform on API Gateway.

209. Securing Java Applications in the Cloud: Best Practices and Tools

In this article, we will focus on Java and discuss various good practices and tools that enable us to secure Java applications in the Cloud.

210. Will Google Stadia Kill Traditional Gaming Consoles?

On March 19, 2019, Google announced their first gaming product and it took the Esports community by storm. Their product was first to make good on the promise of cloud gaming and like most other Google products, it made lofty claims. This captured the attention of the gaming community and put Google under the spotlight. It became patient zero for a case study on cloud gaming.

211. How Edge AI Chipsets Will Make AI Tasks More Efficient

Edge chipsets are here to stay and improve how people use and produce data. With the pairing of AI, every task, no matter how small, becomes simpler.

212. Overcoming Security Risks in a Cloud-Based World

The increased reliance on cloud-based infrastructure means organizations must adopt a layered approach to cybersecurity to protect their cloud workloads.

213. My Experience With Scaleway: The Pros and Cons

Even though my usage of Scaleway is 100% free, I'm pretty unhappy about the deployment part. I came for the free credits and the scale-to-zero capability.

214. Should You Learn Kubernetes in 2022

With the increasing popularity of containerized applications, the container orchestration platform Kubernetes has become a must in the toolset of a developer.

215. I built a crypto monitoring app with serverless - this is how

Here's a quick development overview of how I built a cryptocurrency monitoring platform to help investors analyze the market.

216. How To Get Better at Kubernetes

Here are some operators and advanced use cases for them to help you level up your Kubernetes game and to get even better at programming with that language.

217. These Shifts Will Shape The Future Of Data Centers

According to Gartner, the spending on data centre infrastructure is supposed to grow 6% in 2021 after a steep decline of 10.3% in 2020.The reduced demand in data infrastructure is expected to come back in 2021 once the workforce gets back to the site, according to Naveen Mishra, a senior research director at Gartner.

218. Accessing Private Instances With An, Internet-Facing, Application Load Balancer in AWS

In this piece, I will be showing you how to deploy a simple python Flask application with an AWS application load balancer.

219. Comparing Cloudinary CDN and Amazon AWS CDN CloudFront

Cloudinary was way better than AWS CloudFront. They had a secret sauce: dramatic image transformation. Cloudinary somehow compressed a 703 KB image down to 37 K

220. 3 Tools to Gain More Insights into Your AWS Lambda Functions

Comparison of top observability and debugging tools to help you monitor Python in AWS Lambda.

221. In Defense of the Cloud

The cloud has taken a PR beating recently. Two systems seemingly too big to fail did: CloudFlare and AWS S3. The former was a security issue that caused sensitive data to show up in search results, the latter brought nearly the entire Internet down for the better part of a day on February 28, 2017.

222. Crucial Cloud Computing Security Threats Everyone Should Know

A rundown of the business impact and mitigation measures of the top cloud computing security threats from the 2022 Cloud Security Alliance survey

223. The 10 Technologies that Completely Changed How we See the World

Remember great technological advances that changed the lives of thousands of people and the new bets of the future through information technology.

224. Top MLOps Best Practices You Should Know

This blog post will explore the top 5 MLOps best practices you should know about.

225. An Essential Guide to IAM (Identity Access Management) in 2022

The term IAM is one of the common you hear in cloud-native environments. What does such a system do? A fast and pragmatic introduction to IAM

226. 10 Best Practices from the Industry and Community in Kubernetes Security

One of the best ways to tighten your Kubernetes security is by implementing ten tactics that have become industry-standard.

227. Cloud Complexity Causes Security Headaches - Can Identity Cure It?

As the cloud industry grew by leaps and bounds, it has become more compex, making it harder to keep data safe from hackers. Can Identity Management help?

228. Amazon Web Services: A Beginner Friendly Overview

As a web developer, I’ve had a lot of experience with Amazon Web Services. I never had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate its goods or gain a thorough understanding of AWS capabilities. The following guide will provide you a quick overview of AWS products.

229. Is a Multi-cloud Setup the Solution to Third-party Provider Outages?

Big provider outages are stressful! In this article, we share our advice on how to best prepare for and handle major third-party outages.

230. Cloud Management and Hybrid Cloud Model Explained

In this blog, we will explore the relevance of cloud service models.

231. The Clouds are Thickening: An Overview of The SaaS Ecosystem and Big Cloud Providers

The global cloud technology market is entering a new stage in its development and is becoming more mature. What to expect next?

232. Kubernetes Day-2 Operations – Part III

Kubernetes has revolutionized the way developers run their workloads by abstracting a part of the actual infrastructure

233. We Need the MetaCloud. Here's Why

The MetaCloud brings a unique opportunity to scale developments in the metaverses

234. Connecting Autonomous Vehicles to Mapping Systems via the Cloud

Autonomous vehicles are here.

235. A Deep Dive into AWS Firecracker

Firecracker is a Virtual Machine Monitor, written in Rust that Amazon Web Services use to power it’s Serverless Compute services — Lambda and Fargate. Firecracker makes use of Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine virtualisation infrastructure to provide its products with MicroVMs.

236. "Focus on the what you need to get done today" - Merlin Carter, 2020 Noonie Nominee

Merlin Carter from Germany has been nominated for a 2020 Noonie in the Technology category. Merlin is a content writer from New Zealand that's been living in Germany for the past 15 years. Let's learn more about him below!

237. 4 Ways to Use the Cloud During this Crisis Period

Businesses around the world have been forced to scramble a response to the current worldwide pandemic. Boardrooms have become (virtual) war rooms as organizations hunker down and try and devise strategies that will enable them to prosper or, in many cases, simply survive.

238. Kubernetes Day-2 Operations – Part II

It is undeniably confusing if you’re unfamiliar with infrastructure technologies and leaning towards DevOps principles will further complicate the situation

239. How To Extend AWS EBS Volumes With No Downtime

This can be applied whenever you need to extend your EBS volume size avoiding to stop the instance and detach the volume.

240. How I Created The COVID -19 Supermarket Waiting Times App That Was Used Worldwide

The project that I am presenting to you was created primarily for personal use and then, by word of mouth, it was used worldwide (geographically).

241. Top 3 Multi-Cloud Management Challenges and Solutions

Multi-cloud solutions are on the rise & face many challenges. This piece discusses the top-3 multi-cloud challenges and proposed solutions for each challenge.

242. 6 Cloud Migration Benefits for Businesses

Cloud migration benefits the application by opening a new horizon for high-level architecture applications that capture and process data in real-time. A smooth cloud migration experience and hassle-free post-migration efficiency are assured by properly implemented cloud migration strategies.

243. Cloud Infrastructure Can Set Legacy Data Free

For a long time, it’s been widely accepted that startup businesses can gain an edge over larger, establishment rivals, due to their lack of legacy tech baggage. For example, modern challenger banks have – in terms of features and UX at least – ran rings around the traditional stalwarts thanks to their modern IT and data systems.

244. Reducing Kubernetes Costs

Kubernetes has become the de-facto choice for most users and one aspect that any Kubernetes administrator must look into is managing Kubernetes costs.

245. The Numbers Are In: Cloud Solutions are Driving and Accelerating Digitalization

What we, as a society, are experiencing today because of this pandemic is profoundly unique to our generation.

246. An Introductory Guide to Cloud Orchestration

The reasoning for why the cloud computing market is making its way to reach a monumental value of $623B by 2023 is simple – it’s the innovation that comes with it.

247. Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Alicloud in 2022

Alibaba Cloud #3 cloud provider in the world. It is available outside of mainland China, in fact, it has data centers in 25 regions and 80 availability zones.

248. Nextiva Takes Huge Step Growing Sales Channel With Addition of Microsoft’s Former GM, Eric Martorano

For six-months (and counting) COVID-19 has accelerated the need for SMBs to leverage UCaaS (unified communications as a service), forcing executives to jump into one of the fastest-growing segments in the supply chain.

249. How To Use Brigade Tool For Event-Driven Scripting

What is Brigade?

250. Production Horror Story: How My Startup (Almost) Went Bankrupt

Just in time for Halloween failures in production are scarier than most movie monsters. Here's a personal scary story of a production fail.

251. What Makes Cloud Security Solutions so Relevant

Intuitively, some people believe that “cloud” storage means your data is being held in the air somehow, but this isn’t really the case.

252. How I Used Render to Scale My Microservices App With Ease

When it’s time to scale up/down, time is money. See how easy it is to scale your applications and services using Render.

253. 4 iPaaS Use Cases for 2023

iPaaS products and providers can help integrate data and applications between the cloud and businesses. Here are some compelling ways to use iPaaS solutions th

254. Containerization and Its Benefits

This post explains what containers are, key benefits of containers in software dev and discusses why you might consider adding them to your DevOps processes.

255. 6 Trends to Follow to Improve Your Cloud Strategy in 2022

The cloud strategy is changing the way we work, and it's not just about the technology but how companies are managing their data..

256. How is Identity-Based Access Swiftly Becoming the Foundation for Secure Critical Infrastructure?

Businesses must incorporate stringent security measures while navigating their digital transformation journey.

257. Moving Toward a Lower Carbon Footprint in the Finance Industry

A look at how the financial services industry is making moves toward lowering its carbon footprint.

258. Adding a Firewall to Your AWS Servers: Step by Step

Network security is an important aspect of cloud security because cloud-based systems

259. How to Scale a Business on AWS Lambda and Process Millions of API Requests per Month on a Budget

My biggest fear was the database.

260. AWS Cost Optimization 101

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to clean up and optimize. This also applies to your AWS bill. I've composed practical tips on how to cut costs with small effort.

261. 3 Top Tools for Implementing Kubernetes Observability

Here, in this blog, we’ve discussed three important tools to implement Kubernetes Observability. Let’s take a look!

262. An Introduction to Serverless Clouds

Serverless Cloud allows you to build your applications without having to worry about the creation and management of cloud services. It does this by abstracting

263. How Can Identity Management Help You Avoid Targeting the Wrong Customers?

Understand how identity management can help you identify your target audience, increase your sales and do away with prospecting once and for all.

264. Getting Started with Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

265. Decentralized Computing & Storage vs. Legacy Cloud Solutions

On November 11th, 2021, an Infura outage collapsed large swaths of the Ethereum ecosystem...

266. How Your Startup Can Benefit From Serverless Approach

The popularity of hiring vendors for handling application backend has spiked tremendously over the last 5 years. On the one hand, startup owners go serverless to save infrastructure costs and pay for resources as they go

267. Five Important Tips For Working With JWTs

Nowadays, JSON Web Tokens are the most common way of proving identity information to APIs. The concepts behind JWTs are also quite easy to understand, and it takes only a couple of minutes to have the most basic authentication running.

268. As Cloud Computing Systems Advance, Multi-cloud Provides Faster Digital Services

Enterprises are finding that multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions can help them keep up with the pace of innovation in digital services.

269. U.S. Citizens' Data Protection: Why DHS Work Is Important

★In this article we will learn about PII should be Identified, collected, analyzed, used, and PII/SPII handled on different projects of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

270. What is Cloud Computing for SMBs?

As companies continue to evolve in the digital age, they are starting to readily approach the world of cloud computing.

271. Kubernetes' Impact on Development

Kubernetes is the reason containerization has garnered acceptance among enterprises. Whether you like it or not, it has made your life as a developer easy.

272. Automating AWS Identity Center Permissions Management

Event Driven Automation for AWS Permission Set Assignments

273. The Technologies Set to Redefine Cloud Computing This Decade

For many years, enterprise cloud computing has been a careful balance – and sometimes an epic battle – between what is possible and what is practical on the ground. This dichotomy has led to a lot of confusion, which in turn can hold back development.

274. Coronavirus, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity: A Conversation with Dr. Arun Vishwanath

As Chief Technologist for Avant Research Group in Buffalo, New York, and formerly as a professor at the University of Buffalo, Arun Vishnawath has spent his professional and academic career studying the “people problem” of cybersecurity.

His current research focuses on improving individual, organizational, and national resilience to cyber attacks by focusing on the weakest links in cybersecurity — Internet users.

275. Developing a Salesforce Career: From Trainee to Expert

What Salesforce developers and administrators should know about career development.

276. Getting Started Provisioning an AWS EKS Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform

Learn how to provision an AWS EKS Kubernetes cluster with Terraform. See a full step-by-step tutorial.

277. Is Cloud Computing Really More Sustainable?

We've all heard the environmental benefits of cloud computing, but there are some cons as well. Is the cloud really more sustainable?

278. Thinking About Migrating To Office 365? Here Are 7 Reasons To Make The Move

Migrating to Office 365 is an attractive option for businesses looking to maximise their productivity and save money. Launched in 2011, Microsoft’s Office 365 has steadily been adopted around the world and is now one of the most widely used cloud suites.

279. The Promise Of Edge Computing

Edge Computing uses local devices to compute, store and communicate data. Edge computing can therefore be thought of as an extension of cloud services (which allow compute, storage, analytics, and other functions to be executed remotely) to the user’s local devices, speeding up computation and making it more secure.

280. Running Presto Engine in a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Migrating Presto workloads from a fully on-premise environment to cloud infrastructure has numerous benefits, including alleviating resource contention and reducing costs by paying for computation resources on an on-demand basis. In the case of Presto running on data stored in HDFS, the separation of compute in the cloud and storage on-premises is apparent since Presto’s architecture enables the storage and compute components to operate independently. The critical issue in this hybrid environment of Presto in the cloud retrieving HDFS data from an on-premise environment is the network latency between the two clusters.

281. Running Azure IoT Edge for Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04

Azure IoT Edge is a relatively new addition to the Azure IoT cloud solution. It is used to analyze data on devices "at the edge" instead of in the cloud.

282. What Does Privacy Mean in the Tech Industry?

Privacy, as a concept, often lacks a clear definition. However, privacy-enhancing technologies can be generally categorized into two broad desiderata.

283. 8 Debugging Techniques for Dev & Ops Teams

This blog highlights eight debugging techniques that will help Software engineers adopt the DevOps approach to debugging a code.

284. 7 Critical Challenges Caused by SaaS

Enough of the glorious side of SaaS. There are challenges to address before hiring a SaaS service provider such as lack of control over data & software glitches

285. OpenStack Top Interview Questions And Answers: 2020 Edition

286. A Brief Overview of Kubernetes Architecture

Here, we talk about the various components within a Kubernetes architecture. Read further to know more!

287. Instance Comparison Chart: Find The Right AWS EC2 Instance

So you’ve decided to choose AWS as the primary provider of your cloud service and now you’re looking into setting up your environment. You’ve got your project to be deployed and all you have left to do is choose an AWS instance that will run your machine image. But now, like many others before you, you are stumped by the countless choices of EC2 instances out there.

288. Create a 1-Click Cost Alert Notification in Amazon AWS: A How-To Guide

Are your AWS costs growing? Learn how to deploy a cost alert in one click.

289. Why Dockerizing Applications is the Key to Building Scalable Software

Container technologies have a profound impact on the entire IT industry. Learn the basic principles behind containers and the 10 reasons why you should use them

290. Why You Should Think About Switching To The Cloud Hosting today

Cloud computing has become essential for most homes and businesses, and it has been critical in reducing social upheaval and economic devastation.

291. How to Maximize Cloud ROI with Containerization - Part 2

Learn how to increase your cloud ROI with automated deployment of containers and implementing CI using the right approach when developing your infrastructure.

292. How to sample AppSync resolver logs

AppSync has built-in logging integration with CloudWatch Logs (see here for more details on the logging options).

293. How Cloud Computing Can Help Healthcare

Learn more about cloud computing architecture and its types, as well as how SaaS platforms can benefit the healthcare system by streamlining IT processes.

294. How Cutting Cloud Costs Can Help Startup Fundraising

One key way that startups can become more attractive to investors is by reducing their burn rate — the rate at which they are spending money.

295. Revealed: The Most Important DevOps Tools For Newbies

DevOps is practice/tools to run the services and applications on Cloud infrastructure. Scripting,git,Jenkins,Ansible/Puppet/Chef,Docker,GCP,AWS,Azure

296. You Don't Need a Fancy PC for Data Science: Use These Cloud Platforms!

You don't need a fancy PC to get started with data science and machine learning. These 5 cloud platforms are easy to set up and free to use.

297. What Will Netflix Games Look Like, and How Will Users Play Them, in 2023?

It's hard to predict the future, but this article takes a stab at what Netflix gaming will look like in 2023.

298. "We Need to Strengthen Security Massively for Cloud Object Storage" - Federico Simonetti

By enabling unprecedented security for cloud object storage, the cybersecurity sector may hope to see an improvement in enterprise security.

299. How to Reduce the Chances of an Outage

An outage (also known as downtime) is a period of time when a given service or system is unavailable, failing to provide and perform its primary functionality.

300. How To Make an Internal Employee Survey on Endpoint Security

Employee’s Endpoint security Internal Survey-Template

301. Embrace the Chaos, Randomness and Uncertainty on Your Path to Engineer Better Software

Chaos engineering is the practice of deliberately injecting an error into a system, in order to observe, in vivo, the consequences.

302. Cloud Cost Management Vs. Cloud Cost Optimization: Which is Better?

Cloud cost management doesn’t guarantee savings, automated optimization does.

303. Hybrid Cloud Solutions - The Future of Enterprise IT

Cloud computing is a technological revolution in progress and has been emerging as one of the most reliable paths for business innovation. Facilitating businesses to be more agile and responsive to the dynamic conditions and opportunities, cloud computing propels productivity growth and widen profit margins.

304. I am Just an Architect With His Head in the Cloud

"Cloud Architect" has become a trendy title in the information technology sector.

305. AWS Re:Invent 2021: The Most Important Updates

Find out what were the 22 most important serverless updates from re:Invent 2021. Announcements, updates and more - serverless edition >>

306. Why CIOs Must Focus on Accelerating Kubernetes Adoption

The blog discusses why CIOs must focus on accelerating Kubernetes adoption, as a futuristic technology, within their enterprises to ensure business continuity.

307. 8 Cloud Compliance Frameworks and Why Cloud-based Organizations Need Them

Cloud compliance frameworks help an organization to keep its database secure and private. In this article, you will eight such frameworks that can guide you.

308. How to Reduce AWS Lambda Costs

There are many ways to reduce AWS Lambda costs. In this article, we'll take you through the AWS Lambda cost optimization strategies that have worked for us.

309. We Already Know Where Cloud Technology is Headed

We hear cloud in connection with technology all the time: cloud servers, cloud computing, cloud gaming… It is safe to say that cloud has penetrated almost every sphere of our activity. But what does it actually rain on us (yes, big pun intended)? Will it be a harbinger of a big storm or a productive life?

310. Deploy a LAMP stack as a Helm Chart

Kubernetes deployments are becoming even more complex but Helm is a good solution to bridge this deployment complexity and package Kubernetes applications

311. Shall I Use ADD or COPY in the Dockerfile - What's the Difference?

Every developer and every team faces confusion about COPY and ADD in the Dockerfile at some point. When I get this question, first I usually give the technical background, which is this:

312. Tackling Environmental Issues with Software: How Remote GPU Reduces the Impact of GPUs

Demand for accelerated computing brings a large environmental impact. Remote GPU software will sharply reduce that impact via higher utilization of GPUs.

313. How to Elicit the Right Information to Get the Right Solution

For cloud architects and technology professionals in general, the most critical professional skill is communication. Why? To design an optimal solution.

314. A Comprehensive Guide to Security Certification for SaaS

In this article, we will explore what security certification for SaaS is, its importance, and how to get the best out of it by minimizing the risks.

315. 12 Strategies to Reduce Amazon S3 Costs

Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 is a service designed to house storage for the internet. In this article, we'll talk through all the strategies you can use to reduce Amazon S3 costs.

316. 10 Things to Think About When Choosing a Hosting Provider

Ready to start working on your website? Make sure you’ve got a good web host to power it. Read our ten tips to get started.

317. How to Solve the Problem of Cold Starts in 'Serverless' Systems

Learn about serverless cold starts. What they are, what influences serverless startup latency, and how to mitigate its impact.

318. What is the ideal memory size to lower costs of running a task on Lambda?

Should you increase Lambda memory? It might sound crazy, but increasing your AWS Lambda memory could actually lower your bills. Find out how.

319. Cloud Security 101

Cloud security involves the procedures and technology that secure cloud computing environments against external and insider cybersecurity threats.

320. Cloud Wars: AWS Vs. Azure Vs. Google Cloud

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are three cloud services that are the creations of three large worldwide corporations with a global customer base and a constant commitment to improving their services andproducts.

321. Optimize Your Data Engine With Data as a Service (DaaS) and Multi-Tenancy

Data-driven organizations are planning to build a data as a service (DaaS) architecture to make it easier to onboard their users, partners, and consumers.

322. What is a POS System and Why is it Important for your Business?

Let's explain the benefits of a POS system using something almost everyone loves: pizza. Reducing the waiting time is one step towards building a happy customer base. Domino's uses an efficient POS system. So all their sales invoices are generated within minutes and you can grab your bite as soon as possible. YAY!

323. The API Gateway Security Risk You Didn't Pay Attention to

When you deploy an API to API Gateway, throttling is enabled by default in the stage configurations.

324. How to include SNS and Kinesis in your e2e tests

Being event-driven is a key characteristic of a serverless architecture. Often our Lambda functions would publish events to SNS topics or Kinesis streams instead of calling downstream APIs directly.

325. 'Serverless': Malware Just Found a new Home

Read about 'Serverless' data security and its ugly truth.

326. 5 Hacks to Grow Your Startup Business

Are you struggling to grow your startup business?

327. Cloud Compliance And Regulation Resources

Customers and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) share the responsibility of security and compliance. Thus, the organization would have the freedom to have architect their security and compliance needs, according to the services they utilize from the CSP and the services they intend to achieve. CSP has the responsibility to provide services securely and to provide physical security of the cloud. If, however, a customer opts for Software-as-a-service, then the CSP provides standard compliance. Still, the organization has to check if it meets its regulations and compliance levels to strive to achieve. All Cloud services (such ad different forms of databases) are not created equal. Policies and procedures should be agreed upon between CSP and client for all security requirements and operations responsibility.

328. Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs Need to Die

Why the AWS, Azure, and GCP CLIs need to die

329. The Real-World Benefits of Elastic Computing with Low-Code

As we move into the cloud computing era, we've seen the floodgates open and waves of new development frameworks taking advantage of every opportunity that cloud computing technologies offer.

330. Avoid Vaporizing All of Your Cloud Budget

Here is my advice to deal with the mistakes related to cloud budgeting.

331. How to Optimize Large Scale Serverless Applications for Operational Excellence

Managing applications at scale often comes up as one of the biggest concerns for businesses; How can it work smoothly? How do we monitor so many resources? How do we maintain best practices with constantly evolving infrastructure? In this article, we run through the best approach for operational excellence looking at serverless monitoring strategy, serverless alerting strategy, and security and compliance best practices.

332. Security Infrastructure and the Multi-Cloud

Achieving high-availability cloud architecture requires more than one cloud. From an architecture perspective, there are only three options for mission critical

333. Power E1080: A Poem

Turn your inverted camera thirty degrees to the mobius strip shape on the right and record

334. How to Manage Credentials in Jenkins

In this post, I walk you through how to install the plugin and the different ways it's used.

335. Kubernetes Distributed Performance Testing using Locust

Docker and Kubernetes are powerful tools that can help you in aligning your Machine Learning production cycles with the business operations requirements.

336. Linux Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Cobalt Strike Are Targeting Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Linux systems are being increasingly targeted by ransomware, cryptojacking, and other malicious attacks, according to a recent report.

337. Alluxio Accelerates Deep Learning in Hybrid Cloud using Intel’s Analytics Zoo powered by oneAPI

This article describes how Alluxio can accelerate the training of deep learning models in a hybrid cloud environment when using Intel’s Analytics Zoo open source platform, powered by oneAPI. Details on the new architecture and workflow, as well as Alluxio’s performance benefits and benchmarks results will be discussed. The original article can be found on Alluxio's Engineering Blog.

338. 10 Steps To Digital Transformation While Simultaneously Cutting Costs

Companies Must Transform Or Else (Photo by eelnosiva on Adobe)

339. Grasping Serverless At Scale Is A Lot Easier Than You Think

Best Practices of Serverless at Scale

340. The AWS Outage Downed Slack, Zoom, and Notion, Among Others. A Multi-Cloud Approach Could've Helped

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a second in a row-major outage a few days ago. Most likely Slack, Zoom and Notion were affected by this.

341. 6 Use Cases to Drive Down Cost Using AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven computing cloud with many uses. Here are some of the best AWS Lambda use cases >>

342. AWS Auto Scaling Groups: Have Fun Learning AWS Through Comics

This is a comic conversation tutorial between two guys that will explain the Auto Scaling concept easily.

343. A Case for Using Temporary Stacks when you do Serverless

One of the benefits of serverless is the pay-per-use pricing model you get from the platform. That is, if your code doesn’t run, you don’t pay for them!

344. Cloud Threat Hunting: Investigating Lateral Movement

What is the most involved attack flow yet? We will break down all of the steps a threat actor took to successfully exfiltrate data out of an AWS account.

345. Write Your First AWS Lambda Function

What is it?

346. AWS' Karpenter Autoscaler and How it Stacks Up Against CAST AI

What exactly is AWS Karpenter, how does it work, and how does it differ from CAST AI autoscaling mechanisms? Here's the answer.

347. Sizing Your Cloud Resources: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn the common pitfalls of moving to the cloud and how you can avoid them to truly benefit from the cloud’s elasticity.

348. Start at Zero Cost and Scale as Customers Grow: An Overview of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Plans

Since we launched our enterprise Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) three years ago, we learned a lot about real-world Kubernetes deployments. Large enterprise customers like Juniper have battle-tested our enterprise PMK product at scale running on hundreds of bare metal nodes across data centers. Many customers have benefited from our SaaS management capabilities, including automated deployments, upgrades, security patching, and SLA management.

349. How Kubernetes Can Make Your High Load Project Viable in 2020

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that is designed to help you build a scalable infrastructure using high load approaches on a weak server. In this article, we’ll show you why Kubernetes is worth using in 2020.

350. Why Are Cloud Costs So High?

Why are cloud costs so high? In part, it's because the very companies that offer cloud services are raising their prices. But there are other factors too.

351. CAST AI vs. Two Approaches to Automated Cloud Cost Optimization

Explore two automation solutions that use automation to optimize cloud costs: CAST AI vs and see which one is a better pick for you.

352. An Interview With PowerShell Inventor Jeffrey Snover

Snover is the inventor of Windows PowerShell, an object-based distributed automation engine, scripting language, and command line shell.

353. Can Google's Chrome OS Flex Kill MacOS?

Google announced Chrome OS Flex which could be installed everywhere. I tried it as my main machine and… this article will be different.

354. Scaling Our AWS Infrastructure

This article is written by Kareem Ayesh and Yasser El-Sayed.

355. Modeling Hierarchical Access With AppSync In 3 Simple Steps

I have been working with a US client to build a first-of-its-kind app for managing medical consents. It falls under HIPAA compliance and it’s paramount that we do not allow unauthorized access to user data.

356. Why You Need To Use Cloud Tech For Your Startup And What Mistakes To Avoid [Interview]

The cloud has been a hot topic for the last several years. However, it is not always easy to understand how to use this particular tool because of information overload and massive marketing activities performed by vendors.

357. 5 Ways that Microservices can be Deployed Effectively

The perfect place to host a microservice application is largely determined by its size and scaling requirements. So, let’s go over the 5 main ways we can deploy

358. The Impact of Big Data In Business, Past and Future

Big Data: full-size disruptive

359. Why Cloud Will Not Kill The Good Old Dedicated Server

Cloud Computing has gone from a technology infrastructure trend in the early 2000's to a technology mainstream in 2020. The main difference between "The Cloud" and the traditional computing, which is based on the use of bare-metal dedicated serves is that, on the Cloud all computing services - routing, switching, server instances, all applications - are delivered from virtualized environments that reside on top of clusters of servers. Compute Clouds are easy to scale up when it comes to CPU, RAM and Storage.

360. How To Improve Data Quality When With Unsupervised Machine Learning

There won’t be any business insights if the data quality is poor.

361. How To Make The Kubernetes Operator Rock: Basic Principles

This blog post demonstrates how you can use the Operator Lifecycle Manager to deploy a Kubernetes Operator to your cluster. Then, you will use the Operator to spin up an Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) cluster.

362. 6 Tips To Scale an AppSync Project To 200+ Resolvers That Will Blow Your Mind

I have been working on a large AppSync project for a client these past few months. The initial version of the app was built in just a few weeks, but the client has commissioned additional features and the project has kept growing. At the time of writing, this project has over 200 AppSync resolvers and 600 CloudFormation resources.

363. 3 Risk-Mitigation Lessons That We Learned The Hard Way This Year

What do in-flight refueling maneuvers and cloud-to-cloud migration have in common?

364. Fail-Fast vs. Fail-Safe: What is the Most Reliable Software Strategy?

A broken kitchen appliance leads me down the path of intelligent failure, downside risk, exponential growth and cloud computing

365. “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below." Metaphors and Analogies in Technological Writing

Significance of using metaphors and analogies in tech writing.

366. 5 Best Cloud Games Currently Available on Nintendo Switch

Today, I'm gonna cover something that most people are not excited by: Cloud Gaming on Nintendo Switch.

367. The HackerNoon Podcast: Managing Databases on Kubernetes with Anil Kumar

Amy Tom talks to Anil Kumar, the Product Manager at Couchbase, about becoming a Product Manager, writing his book, and creating a multi-cloud strategy.

368. USAF's New Strategy for Future Tech

Key takeaways from Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics — at Air Force Techstars 2020 Demo Day:

369. Deep Learning at Alibaba Cloud with Alluxio: How To Run PyTorch on HDFS

This tutorial shows how Alibaba Cloud Container team runs PyTorch on HDFS using Alluxio under Kubernetes environment. The original Chinese article was published on Alibaba Cloud's engineering blog, then translated and published on Alluxio's Engineering Blog

370. Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Technology is changing our way of life. Mobile applications have a particular impact on this. Some facilitate daily activities (reminders, calling an ambulance or simply ordering coffee), while others simply help to kill time (if there is free time at all). But without all of them, it’s hard to imagine today's existence.

371. Google Anthos Vs. Cast.AI: A Review

The idea that you can build an app in one place and then deploy it across multiple clouds is an enticing one.

372. What Really Propelled The Cloud Revolution: A Developer's Perspective

An overview of the main trends that have pushed the Cloud industry — and the world — forward, in the past decade and a half.

373. How Developers Will Work in 2022

The job of developers has never been more difficult. There is constant pressure to keep up with the trends. Here are a few to keep in mind for 2022.