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5 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Are you looking for a way to spread brand awareness, generate sales, and get more engagement from your target audience? If so, you could benefit from social media marketing. 

Believe it or not, almost 4 billion people use social media to connect with peers and businesses. Today, we want to talk about one of the most prominent social channels around, Facebook. 

Globally, 2.74 billion people use Facebook every month, and that figure isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Based on this number, you can safely assume that a majority of your audience spends time every day on this platform. If you haven’t established a robust social media marketing strategy, now is the perfect time to get started. 

Our goal is to show you five tips that you can use to get more value from your Facebook strategy. We will go over a wide range of tips that will help you generate new leads, convert existing subscribers, and build engagement on your profile. 

Let’s get started!  

Host Live Events

Did you know that a whopping 43% of consumers say they want video content from businesses? The best way you can meet this need is by regularly uploading videos from your website and by hosting live events on your Facebook account. 

Live events have an advantage here because consumers prefer to interact with brands in real-time. If you’re consistently announcing and hosting successful events, you’ll start to see a sharp rise in social media and on-site engagement. 

There are several types of live events you should consider. We love hosting educational webinars where we teach existing customers how to maximize the value of our product. Not only does this strategy let us educate current users, but we’ve also noticed a surge of new visitors after one of these events. If someone is on the fence about buying your product or service, an educational webinar could be your ticket to more sales. 

Casual events like ask me anything (AMAs), Q&As, and streams where you simply chat with subscribers work too. We suggest using this time to get to know your audience. Learn about their pain points and goals, and create new content that introduces an actionable solution to these questions. Don’t forget to put your brand personality on display so users have a reason to come back for future events. 

Build Engagement with Contests

Online giveaways are another excellent way to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. We are all familiar with these types of events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A brand will put one of their best products up for grabs. Users can enter the contest by liking the post or taking another specified action. 

We think contests are the perfect way to grow your lead list, build engagement, and enhance brand awareness. The key is to structure your contest in a way that leads to these results. 

If you want to grow your email list, for example, you could include an option on your Facebook giveaway for users to enter for a second chance to win if they subscribe to your email list. If the consumer was following you on social media but never subscribed, this could be the incentive they need to sign up. 

You can spread brand awareness by allowing users to share your contest for another entry. If someone sees their post but never heard of your brand, they may visit your website due to the social proof built by their peers. 

We suggest running your contest for at least two weeks so you can get enough entries and engagement to make your event worthwhile. When you consistently create and share contests with noteworthy prizes, you can dramatically grow your Facebook profile and business website. 

Invest in Dynamic Advertising 

Dynamic advertising can help you quickly grow your Facebook channel, especially if you recently created your business account. Essentially, dynamic ads are promotions and content that show up for users based on their interests and actions. 

Business owners and marketing teams can upload pieces of different promotions they want to show their audience. For instance, the owner of an online pet store would upload headlines, images, and offers for each type of pet product they sell. As a result, social media users are more likely to see an advertisement that’s relevant to their lives.  

Facebook uses a machine learning-powered program to put together offer snippets and present them to consumers who may or may not have heard of your brand. As a result, you’re able to cast a wide net that reaches everyone who has shown interest in your industry. 

We like dynamic advertising because they are effective, and save plenty of time and effort. You don’t have to create multiple campaigns for each of your segments, Facebook’s algorithm does this part of the work for you. 

If you’re curious about how effective they are in a marketing setting, consider this; 26% of people that click these types of ads on Facebook eventually make a purchase. In other words, your promotions are targeted towards the right audience, which improves your chances of success. 

Research also suggests that including limited time offers on your dynamic ads can drastically boost conversions and engagement. When people see a short-term offer, they experience fear of missing out (FOMO). FOMO in marketing is a psychological trend where people make split-second buying decisions because they don’t want to miss out on a deal. Believe it or not, 60% of people make a purchase due to FOMO. In most cases, their purchases occur within 24 hours. 

Work with Influencers

Influencers have become a pillar of all good social media marketing strategies. Business owners and marketing teams know they need to branch out to all corners of Facebook if they want to grow their brand profile. One way to extend your reach without tripling your workload is to find influencers to promote your products and services on Facebook. 

The best way to get started is to find internet personalities on Facebook that create content that’s related to your industry. For example, a company that sells computer parts might partner with a gaming influencer because the people watching their content will likely want to play games on their PC. If visitors need to upgrade their system, they will find a link to your website on the same page. 

When you consider that 55% of consumers use social media for shopping inspiration, it’s easy to see why this strategy has grown in popularity. 

Once you’ve found a list of potential partner influencers, reach out to them and offer a free version of your product, or an affiliate-style partnership. Ask for an honest review or shoutout when they publish a new video or post that’s relevant to your industry. 

Not only will the influencer shoutout lead to an increase of social proof, but it will also introduce your company to people who didn’t know your brand exists. 

Review and Revise 

Finally, if you want to improve your Facebook marketing strategy, be prepared to step back so you can review and revise your plan. Marketing tactics change and evolve over time. There are some strategies that work well in some industries, and not in others. 

An honest assessment of your performance can help you make smarter marketing choices in the future, which leads to more growth. 

For example, if you notice that one type of live event is getting far less engagement than the rest, it might be time to cut that particular format from your lineup. Focus on taking actions that lead to more people subscribing, engaging, and becoming customers. 

If you’re willing to look over your progress with a critical eye, you’ll find countless opportunities for improving your strategy. We reccomend making gradual changes so you can improve your performance over time and see more success when using your Facebook business account.


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