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5 Best PIM Software To Add To Your Web Stack

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@rashmi-sharmaRashmi Sharma

Writer, Researcher & Marketing Specialist at Shiprocket

Product information management (PIM) software is necessary for eCommerce businesses to manage their customer-facing product strategy.

This is because consumers today prefer researching a product online before making a purchase. Consequently, the need for quality content has become more important for retailers and eCommerce firms. The PIM software today has a big role to play in creating a seamless customer experience online.

I as a part of the team Syncrasy Tech a PIM solution provider present here info on the best PIM software to choose in 2020.

Here are the two main reasons why PIM software is important for modern retailers:

PIM software allows you to have detailed product descriptions on your eCommerce website which is the main differentiator in customer experience. According to studies, 30% of the people in the USA would prefer shopping from online retailers where product information on the website is detailed.

Due to the increase in the PIM software allows you to have detailed product descriptions on your eCommerce website which is the main differentiator in customer experience.

According to studies, 30% of the people in the USA would prefer shopping from online retailers where product information on the website is detailed. Due to the increase in the demand for high-quality product information, 33% of eCommerce businesses cited that investing in PIM software is their top priority in 2020.

What Are Some More Reasons To Invest in PIM?

If you’re investing in a PIM solution, first understand that it is not the same for everyone. The needs of eCommerce businesses differ depending on their industry type, and type of business line.

There are reasons that make businesses invest in PIM. Below are the main reasons.

  • PIM is important for having a single view of all your product data like the product category, product weight, color, and dimensions. 
  • Businesses also need PIM software for creating one repository for the trusted product content that is accessible across their enterprise and retail distributors.
  • PIM software also reduces the time to market new products that have been launched recently.
  • It eliminates the need for manual processes such as the publishing of content, catalog management, inventory data, and product approval. The PIM helps automate most of the processes needed in product and catalog creation.
  • PIM software allows eCommerce businesses to manage SKUs and products with complete system scalability.
  • PIM software gives the ability to ensure the consistent cross-channel customer experience.
  • Now, I am sure you understand how effective Product Information management PIM software can be for your business. And you must invest in the best PIM software that is right for your business.

Best PIM Software To Follow in 2020

1. Pimcore: Open-Source PIM Software for Medium to Large-Scale Enterprises

More than 82,000 customers trust Pimcore PIM, as it offers software for product information management, content management, and customer experience management. Pimcore is an open-source DXP platform with inbuilt capabilities for data management and customer experience management. It allows tech-savvy enterprises to connect data, technology, and people to ensure a seamless user experience to its full potential. 

Features of Pimcore PIM, DAM, CMS: 

  • Create the most flexible open-source PIM solutions on a private cloud or on-premise. 
  • Build API-driven PIM solutions that allow integration to BI tools, CMS, and ERP. 
  • Support XLIFF files for web pages and products that can be exported and imported for automated translation of content.
  • The asset grid mass data editing view enables batch editing of metadata.The new input field type Geopolyline enables you to draw a line and calculates its length. The user can select the points for the line on the map. 
  • Workflow management engine to define business processes.
  • Based on an agile data model for flexible data management.
  • Delivers high-quality and clean data that scales.

Who It's Best For? For large scale enterprises that are looking to manage or consolidate their product information, digital assets, master data, and improve customer experience.

Cost: Pimcore is free to use software for startups and enterprises.

2. Salsify A Cloud-Based PIM Software For Retail Startups & Enterprises

Salsify offers PIM that combines all of the elements needed to succeed in the digital world including PIM, DAM, GDSN, digital catalogs, content syndication, digital shelf analytics, high-quality content, chat feature, and third-party marketplaces. It is a cloud-based PIM software that delivers intuitive user experience and makes it simple to create a product, promote it across the market and sales channels. 

Features of Salsify PIM:

  • Salsify's PIM provides validation capabilities, fast data imports, multiple data domains supported for digital assets, inventory management, and customer data.
  • Allow editing of product attributes, inheritance rules, and entities.
  • Support enterprise-grade architecture and security features with the role-based access control (RBAC), Single Sign-on (SSO) support, robust workflow, multilingual support, and SOC 2 compliance.
  • Salsify software supports drag-and-drop UI that helps map business processes.
  • Creates a central view for your eCommerce data, with validation, versions, and auditing options.

Who It’s Best for? Salsify PIM software is ideal for large scale retailers looking to improve their customer experience. 

Cost: Salsify PIM cost depends on the clients’ requirements.

3. inRiver PIM: A Cloud-Based PIM Software For Small Businesses

More than 1000 brands across 19 countries are using inRiver PIM software to control their product flow. InRiver PIM is the best fit for the needs of small to much larger enterprises. The software is known for its flexibility that helps create, update, maintain, and distribute your web content across the globe and helps businesses to achieve increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and successful branding of their products. 

Features of inRiver PIM Software: 

  • inRiver PIM software allows launching your new products and builds better customer experiences with rich & informational product data.
  • Allow you to publish your printed catalogs and high-quality product information to any sales channel. Once published changes can also be made to the content from a single place.
  • The software allows you to access product data from external systems like ERP, PLM, and other third-party systems. 
  • It helps manage your media files and allows you to decide the context for presenting your product content. 
  • The inRiver software enables you to collaborate with your team to create rich and product content.
  • It allows you to manage, optimize, and schedule your content for specific channel requirements.

Who It’s Best For? For small businesses and e-retailers that want to cuts down on in-house labor costs.

Cost: For inRiver, the cost depends on the subscription model.

4. Plytix: An Easy to Use PIM Software For Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises

Plytix PIM is an all-in-one platform that’s simple to use for small-to-medium-sized businesses. It’s a feature-packed software that optimizes, centralizes, distributes, and analyzes product data for multi-channel e-commerce businesses. It’s easy to manage your product data on Plytix PIM, as it has been a complex process for enterprises. This software product also takes a little time for implementation without blowing your budget. 

Features of Plytix PIM:

  • Plytix manages all your product data in one place and makes it accessible to everyone. 
  • The software manages images, videos, text, files, and graphics of your eCommerce website and links all this data directly to your products.
  • Enables unlimited access to users so they can work on your product data at no extra cost.
  • Uses APIs to integrate with any third-party tools and get your product information workflow in order for all. 
  • Filter product information using multiple attributes and conditions to use in your workflow.
  • It’s easy to edit and select product attributes across multiple channels at once.
  • Provides you complete control of defining the product attributes for deciding specifications, prices, and content, etc.
  • Support exported data to be received in CSV, XLSX, and customized PDF product files with your company's branding.

Who It’s Best for? Plytix PIM software is best for enterprises of all sizes with larger data management issues on their hands.

Cost: Plytix offers free plans for businesses with requirements of up to 10,000 products. The fixed paid plans are also available that start at $830 per month. 

5. PIMWorks: A PIM Software Built For Creating Better Customer Experience

PIMWorks uses cloud-based PIM software to improve customer experience by using product data. It helps brands and retailers to centralize, syndicate, and enrich product information with ease. The software enables the creation of contextual content to multiple channels in a quick and easy way. It also helps in collaborating with in-built workflows and succeed in multichannel retailing. 

Features of PIMWorks PIM:

  • PIMWorks PIM unified data across multiple systems into a standardized repository for instant access.
  • Streamlines data and enriches product information for personalized product experience.
  • Syndicate the right category of content for the right channel by considering channel requirements.
  • It gives you a 360-degree view of product data by considering all your product information and digital assets. 
  • The software helps coordinate with business partners, team members, vendors, by creating workflows in real-time.
  • It brings all your data from ERP systems, Excel sheets, PLM, and databases to a centralized location.
  • It helps you create rich customer experiences by adding high-quality product data in your PIM platform.

Who It’s Best For? PIMWorks PIM software is ideal for small to large-scale retail businesses who wish to succeed in multichannel selling.

Cost: PIMWorks PIM implementation cost is not provided on the website. You can opt for their free trial service.

Bottom Line

The product information management or PIM software is surely a great investment you can make for your retail business. You just need to choose the right solution that suits your business.

If you have any questions or need any help, simply contact us here. We are Syncrasy Tech serving PIM implementation and web development services to global clients for over 6+ years. We will be happy to give you the help you need for PIM, DAM, CMS implementation on your website.


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