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5 Apps to Monitor Your Kids Online Activity Without Them Knowing

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Dealing with real-life problems has always been challenging, but now, you must know how to deal with digital negative consequences, or your kids can interact with digital dangers. Parents often do not take the internet dangers seriously, and their children have to face such issues later. You can also make many things possible using technology, but if you know how to make everything possible. 

To prevent cyber threats, we use spyware for android phones. Indeed, these top android spy apps help a lot to minimize cyber risks and help the kids to stay on the right track. 

But wait!

Do you know where you can find such efficient monitoring services for android phones?

We are moving ahead to discuss the top 5 apps, which work stealthily on the target phone.

5 Powerful Android Spy Apps to Monitor Your Kids

Not every online product is reliable, but you can choose android spy app from the following platforms to track your kid’s online activities.

1 – TheWiSpy

With the advanced features, TheWiSpy is on our top 5 hidden app list that collects the data from the target phone stealthily. This is an android compatible app that gives complete access to the target phone. A user can consider it a legal way to spy on someone’s phone because it follows the legal issues and helps to fights against all the potential cyber dangers. The end-user monitors the activities on a web-based control panel remotely and can track contacts, text messages, phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

 Basic Version $29.99/1 Month License

 Pro Version $39.99/1 Month License

 Ultimate Version $49.99/1 Month License


• Kids Monitoring

• Employee Monitoring

2 – Spyzie

After TheWiSpy, Spyzie is another popular android compatible tracking app. Its user-friendly web-based control panel enables every newbie to monitor online activities without any hurdle. Its modern features break into multiple segments and let the end-user to completely access the target phone on stealth mode.

 Pro Version $49.99/1 Month License

 Ultimate Version $59.99/1 Month License

Modern Features – Hidden Spy App

3 – Cocospy

Cocospy is popular for its quality monitoring services. This third-party app does only require installation on the target phone to provide complete access. You can use its services for both business and personal use.

 Basic $39.99/1 Month License

 Premium $49.99/1 Month License

 Family $69.99/1 Month License

Android Compatible – Both Business & Personal Use

4 – MobiStealth

With many active users, MobiStealth has successfully made its name in the top spying app list. It offers functional yet affordable tracking services that help the parents to keep track of their kids 24/7. But we have read negative feedback about its customer support services.

Android Compatible App

 Pro $59.99/ 1 Month License

 Pro X $69.99/ 1 Month License

5 – Spyic

Last but not least, Spyic has satisfied many customers by providing its exceptional services for android phones. This app is very lightweight that the target phone user can’t detect its presence. Spyic works stealthily in the background and collects the data stealthily without letting the user know. The end-user can track phone calls, location, web browser history, etc. within a few minutes.

Android Compatible App

 Basic $39.99/1 Month License

 Premium $49.99/1 Month License

Family $69.99/1 Month License

Final Thoughts

Never click on every purchase button for any online product until you are sure about its reliability. We have shared the best android spy apps that can help to provide a secure cyberspace for your children. You can choose any reliable app after you check its reviews, pricing, advanced features, compatible, intrusive or non-intrusive app, official websites, etc.


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