10 Tips For Securing Zoom Meetingsby@cagatayozata

10 Tips For Securing Zoom Meetings

by Çağatay ÖzataMay 4th, 2020
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10 Tips For Securing Zoom Meetings. Here are some precautions for cyber attacks for online meetings. Sharing invitation links on social media can be a huge mistake. Make sure that an official application has an official website address and official applications. Lock meeting rooms and lock meeting rooms to prevent intruders from attending. Use the Zoom app to view and remove participants from the list of participants. Review participants periodically during meetings to review their screens and limit their screen sharing. The last update of Zoom software may contain significant security improvements.

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Nowadays, remote work has become widespread with the effect of coronavirus. Although online meetings provide great convenience, it brings with it large cyber risks. Zoom is often preferred especially for online meetings. It is very important to take measures against cyber attacks for online meetings. In this process, I prepared some precautions with the experiences I gained while using Zoom. Here are some precautions for cyber attacks.

Password Protected Meetings

When organizing a meeting, it should be password protected. It can be more effective against intruders, thanks to password protection,. These passwords should not be shared on social media.

Waiting room

Waiting Room is a perfect feature I use in Zoom should be activated. When someone wants to attend the meeting, it must wait in the waiting room until admin approve it. It can be activated by visiting meeting settings page.

Lock meeting

If everyone who should have attended the meeting has attended, the meeting may be locked. In this way, even if he knows the password, an intruder cannot attend the meeting.

Sharing Invitation Link on Social Media

Sharing invitation links on social media can be a huge mistake. With the spread of online meetings, trolls have increased considerably. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who attend meetings with these invitation links and disrupt the meeting.Usage of Personal ID

Personal ID is always the same and fixed. If a meeting is organized using a personal ID, the ID will be the same for each meeting. This will cause it to be an easy target. Therefore, a new ID may be preferred for each meeting.

Review Participant Limitations

If admin wants that participants cannot share their screens, this feature can be used easily. After clicking Manage Participants from the menu below, the necessary limitations can be set.

View and Remove Participants

It may be a good idea to review the list of participants periodically during meeting. When there is uninvited someone on the list, clicking Remove is enough.

Account Security

Passwords containing strong and complex characters must be selected for the account.

Official Application and Website

When organizing or attending a meeting, make sure that it has an official website address. Also, for mobile devices, only official applications should be downloaded from the relevant store.

Keeping Software Updated

The desktop or mobile application used must be kept up to date. The last update released may contain significant security improvements.