5 Amazing Blade & Sorcery Mods You Should Try (+ Extras) by@mm22
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5 Amazing Blade & Sorcery Mods You Should Try (+ Extras)

October 14th 2021
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by @mm22 2,118 reads
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Blade & Sorcery is a VR game with a massive modding community. Mainly located in the Blade & Sorcery Nexus from NexusMods, this community has created custom add-ons that give players countless new ways to fight their foes. The best of these modifications include The Outer Rim and Bloodborne - Hunter's Arsenal; content packs that add unique weapons and abilities. Custom frameworks made by the community allow for even more unique and creative mods to be downloaded, ensuring VR enthusiasts will have plenty of ways to enjoy Blade & Sorcery.

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Blade & Sorcery might be the most realistic melee combat simulator you can find in virtual reality. Through battling foes with swords, bows, and other medieval weaponry, players are free to experience physics-based combat no other VR game can match. However, it’s not without its flaws. Blade & Sorcery has stayed in early access since its release in 2018 and still doesn’t have much in the way of story or even alternate game modes. But thanks to a dedicated playerbase and receptive developers, this game is a staple in the VR canon.

The greatest achievement of Blade & Sorcery is how deep its modding community is. Currently, players are able to create and add new weapons, maps, and even mechanics into the game. The developers realize how widespread this enjoyment of modding is, and they’ve even stated their intentions to add new moddable elements to the game as it gets further updates. As of today, it even holds a spot NexusMods as one of the top 15 games in terms of both mod count and downloads.

If you have a VR headset and you’ve taken a look at some of the best cheap VR titles out there, chances are you’re looking into modding Blade & Sorcery for yourself. There are so many choices, though, and there’s plenty of mods that simply don’t work on the latest updates. Some of the best mods have even become integrated into the base game itself.

This makes one wonder not just what the best mods of Blade & Sorcery are but which mods will be continuously updated as the game goes through major changes. Which mods will allow players the most amount of fun while also providing reliability through future game updates?

5 of the Best Blade & Sorcery Mods from the Nexus

For the sake of this article, I’ll only be including modifications that can be found on NexusMods, as that is where most user-made content for the game is collected anyway. This also won’t be a guide on how to mod the game for yourself; check out this video if you want to learn how to do that first.

1. The Outer Rim



Perhaps one of the best mods Blade & Sorcery has ever gotten, if not the best, The Outer Rim allows you to turn the game into a fully-fledged Star Wars title. Not only does it add fully functioning lightsabers, it goes as far as adding blasters, maps, and even extra addons to make the Star Wars experience that much more authentic. It’s no wonder the mod is among the top downloads on the Nexus, even with its size taking up over a gigabyte of storage.

As the most popular Blade & Sorcery mod, there are plenty of fanmade addons that rely on it. For example, check out the Kyber Crystals Pack if you want even more extras and customization!

2. Medieval MegaPack



Though it might be a runner-up to The Outer Rim, this mod is far from a simple number two. While it might be more attractive to the history buffs out there, the Medieval MegaPack adds over 200 realistic weapons for players to use. The variety is staggering; shields, maces, picks, and even shovels and anvils are among the new weapons players can use! The mod splits these numerous weapons into custom categories, making them easy to sift through if you want to try out one of the more unique tools at your disposal.

3. BetterPerformance



While this mod might not be relevant for you lucky folks with top-of-the-line graphics cards, BetterPerformance is nonetheless a fantastic mod to have. It tweaks numerous settings with the game in order to improve performance, helping to alleviate issues such as stuttering and frame drops. You might see items and corpses pop out of existence before your eyes, but I’m sure many VR enthusiasts will agree - a loss of realism is better than a stomach-churning 15 FPS.

4. Bloodborne - Hunter’s Arsenal



One of the more creative weapon mods, even more so than The Outer Rim, Bloodborne - Hunter’s Arsenal adds numerous pieces of equipment from the beloved PlayStation-exclusive action game. The melee weapons even work just like they do in Bloodborne, featuring their own special ways to transform them and change their attributes. It continues to be updated with new weapons and features, and while it’s not the most expansive mod out there, it’s certainly one of the most unique.

5. Mystic Hands



And to round it off, a simple mod with potential for immense fun. Mystic Hands gives the player an extra set of giant magic hands, allowing them to give a remote beatdown to anyone they come across. It even has integration with some of the creator’s other mods, namely Scale. You probably won’t get as many hours of enjoyment out of Mystic Hands, but it shapes up to be a perfectly fine addition to your modlist.

Blade & Sorcery Frameworks for Further Nexus Mods

Simple content additions and performance increases aren’t the only ways you can enjoy mods, however. If you delve a little deeper into the Nexus, you might find certain frameworks in the mix, with a massive list of mods requiring them. These frameworks act as “on” switches, providing bases for other mods to build off of. By installing them, you enable the ability for those other mods to work in the first place.

There are only a handful of frameworks available in the Nexus, but you might be hard-pressed to find good mods that actually work with them. As such, here are the biggest frameworks in the Nexus, as well as a couple of mods you should look out for to make the most of them:

Fisher’s Firearms Frameworks

The NexusMod user SwordFisherL42 made two frameworks you’ll want to keep an eye on.


The first of Fisher’s major frameworks is the Modular Firearms Framework, which provides support for utilizing explosives and reloading guns. It’s mainly meant for use by some of Fisher’s other mods, such as Fisher’s Modular Pistols and the Half Life 1 Pack. There aren’t a vast amount of options to choose from here, but plenty of the mods available thanks to this Framework are very high-quality mods themselves.


The second of Fisher’s major frameworks is Fisher’s Elemental Firearms and NPC Gun Waves. This acts more like a mod itself, adding guns that can be infused with magic provided by Blade & Sorcery’s base game. There are a lot more mods that require this framework, including mods that take this Framework to its limits, like the Gravity Bomb Launcher.

Custom Avatar Framework



The Custom Avatar Framework doesn’t make as many changes to the game itself as Fisher’s frameworks did. However, it allows for custom models and attributes to be applied to NPCs. It’s a somewhat recent Framework, so there isn’t much to it just yet, but it already has plenty of mods that depend on it to function. This includes the unbelievably impressive A.O.T. Titans mod, which pits players against giants that can’t be killed with a simple arrow to the head.

Custom NPC Voices Framework



Finally, there’s the Custom NPC Voices Framework. This is one of the oldest frameworks out there, and it gives players a little bit of freedom in how they want their fights to sound. It can work best in tandem with the Custom Avatar Framework, with mods such as Team Fortress 2 Enemies requiring both to work properly. It’s another one of those simple, not-very-game-changing frameworks, but it adds a bit of extra fun to those interested in making their experience more unique.

These mods should be perfect for those of you who want to make their Blade & Sorcery experience as complete as it can be. Don’t feel too down if you exhaust all the content I mentioned here, though; new mods appear on the Nexus practically every day, and most of the mods listed in this article continue to receive updates. No matter how long you’ve enjoyed playing the base version of Blade & Sorcery, its modding community is sure to increase that enjoyment tenfold.

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