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48 Stories To Learn About Npm

by Learn RepoMay 24th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Npm via these 48 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Npm via these 48 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Install Node Versions and Upgrade or Downgrade Them

Learn the best way to install Node and keep it up to date.

2. How To Set Up a tsconfig For Nodejs

Learn how to easily setup a tsconfig file to build for nodejs.

3. In Layman's Terms, What is the Difference Between Node and Deno?

Worried that dinosaur or sock shaped "deno" is going to kill our favorite Node? Let me help you to get out of this dilemma.

4. Tutorial: Creating New Node.js Projects and Working with Packages

After you've set up Node.js on your machine, the first thing you'll probably want to do is create a new project and start coding. And to get more efficient at the job, there are two important things that you'll need to be fluent with:

5. A Beginner's Guide to NPM Package Manager in 2022

In this tutorial, you will learn about the basics of NPM for beginners, with everything you need to know about package.json, npm ci & audit.

6. Using Open Source AWS Amplify JS with Cognito to Secure Angular Apps

This article shows how to set up the Cognito UserPools JWT authentication flow and how it will integrate with an Angular Web Application.

7. How to Create and Publish Your First NPM Package

A Comprehensive Guide To Creating and Publishing Your First NPM Package

8. Publishing a Node.js CLI tool to npm in less than 15 minutes

Have your Node.js CLI tool up and running, accessible from everywhere in less than 15 minutes.

9. How To Stay On Top Of Your Dependency Management

Dependencies are exactly what it sounds like - things that you depend on. But take that undeniable statement into your software project and you soon find out that it’s not just you who depends on them. It’s entire teams, processes, projects, infrastructure, and, most important of all, your clients.

10. How to fix Security Vulnerabilities in NPM Dependencies in 3 Minutes

Hola people!!! 🥑

11. How to Deploy React JS Applications for Free on Firebase

In this article , I’ll take you through all the steps involved in deploying a your React app on firebase.

12. Open-Sourcing Regular Expressions for Markdown Syntax Module

Arthur Tkachenko describes this process of open-sourcing a npm package for working with regular expressions:

13. Publish NPM packages using GitHub Actions: A How-To Guide

NPM automation tokens allow us to publish 2FA-protected packages from automation workflows.

14. How to Upload to Amazon S3 via AWS CLI and NPM scripts

Static websites are a brilliant way to create performant sites. My website is built using Gatsby and hosted on Amazon S3. I have created a simple script to help you quickly upload your site to S3 by running one simple command in your project terminal.

15. Getting Started with MariaDB using Docker and Node.js

It's no secret that MariaDB has become a popular database solution for developers over the past decade. Why? Well, one could argue that it's largely because it's open source and relational. So, for developers, that basically means it's free, and we get the gist of it. But that really only begins to scratch the surface.

16. The Difference Between Angular, NPM, and Node.js

There's a lot of confusion around the terms Angular, NPM, and NodeJs. What are they? And how do they interact with each other?

17. How to Create and Publish Your First Private NPM Package

In this article, I will show how we can easily create our first private npm package.

18. Automate JavaScript deployment of npm packages with Github actions

What does Factorio and CI/CD pipelines have in common?

19. How to Help the Dev Community by Solving your Own Problems

How to continue to use Open Source developments in 30 years - a brief instruction for use.

20. Building a Simple CLI with oclif

Instead of using shell scripting languages, software developers looking to build their own CLI tools can use the oclif framework to build with Node.js.

21. Beginners Guide to Node.JS

Introduction to Node.JS

22. 15 Best Web Development Tools To Use In 2021

Here are the best tools for web developers. Here is a list of tools that you can use to build your website, and all of them are useful. Read this article to get

23. A Guide to Embedding and Playing YouTube Videos in React Native Apps

Embedding and playing YouTube videos in your React Native app is seamless and a more affordable way of displaying videos in your app

24. Locking down your API_KEY and why that is important

Do you leave your keys inside your car in a big parking lot? If not, then why do you expose your API_KEYs in your Github projects?

25. The 36 Most Depended Upon NPM Packages

source, The ordering, descriptors, and publisher accreditation are coursey of

26. HarperDB - How and Why We Built It From The Ground Up on NodeJS

The founding team at HarperDB built the first and only database written in Node.js. Here's the story of this (what some called crazy) endeavor.

27. Why NPM and Yarn f*cking suck

Opinion piece: What we can learn about documentation and logging

28. The Only API You Need!

"The Only API" is an open-source SDK that allows developers to query for anything they need in any data format. It has limitless capabilities. Try it now!

29. Organizing an Advanced Structure for HTML Email Template

I was rebuilding a part of our markdown-to-email repository. I was not happy with how we handle templates in our generator.

30. Getting Started with MariaDB using Docker and Node.js

It's no secret that MariaDB has become a popular database solution for developers over the past decade. Why? Well, one could argue that it's largely because it's open source and relational. So, for developers, that basically means it's free, and we get the gist of it. But that really only begins to scratch the surface.

31. How to Write a Simple NPM Package

Imagine that you don't need any compiler or bundler to prepare your NPM package written in ES2020 standard. Yes, you can.

32. These 6 essential tools will release, version, and maintain your NPM modules for you

Learning how to implement them for your own projects will save you a ton of time!

33. How to Use Lerna to Create a Monorepo for Multiple Node Packages

In this post, we will walk you through how to use Lerna to manage, and publish, multiple packages under the same monorepo

34. Managing NPM Dependency as A Professional

Why do we talk about project quality and technical debt so much? Because this directly or indirectly affects the speed of development, the complexity of support, the time to implement new functionality, and the possibility of extending the current one.

35. The Most Convenient Ways of Writing Transactions Within the Nest.js + TypeORM Stack

If you have some troubles with transactions in Nest.js - this article will help you.

36. How to Build a Command-line Utility (CLI) with Node.js

CLIs built in Node.js are highly portable, meaning they are easy to install on a different OS. We’ll be building a simple CLI to translate between languages.

37. Creating a Forum CMS with React.js and Ruby on Rails

In this project, we will be using React.js, Ruby on Rails, React-Quill, and Cloudinary to build a forum whose content is manageable by the site's users.

38. Introducing a Simple NPM Module with Email Templates

From novice developers to experienced ones, most are involved in sending emails programmatically. Read on to know the need for a default email template package.

39. Understanding Project Dependencies Through the NPM Lens

Code dependencies are like Lego's. We're able to pull in other people's code; combining and stacking different packages together to fulfill our goals.

40. The Developer's Guide to Updating npm Packages

A simple guide for updating for npm packages.

41. Chrome Extention That Will Enable Dev Snippets on Google Search Results

Are you too lazy to click on search results to see the actual Stack Overflow answer, npm install instructions or the GitHub repo's file?

42. 15 Lodash Methods for Everyday Coding

The Lodash open-source library has some useful methods that can help developers write code faster and streamline their processes to improve their work.

43. How to Create an Angular Library to Publish on NPM

Libraries and packages help to abstract reusable code and improve efficiency during development. Learn how to create libraries for the Angular ecosystem.

44. Node Version Manager (NVM): How to Install and Use (Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article, I will tell you how to install Node Version Manager (NVM) on your computer step by step in a more optimal way.

45. A Guide to Composing and Integrating APIs Together

With React/Next.js, the fundamental problem you’re solving is that of turning some notion of ‘state’ into DOM, with a focus on composability

46. NPX Introduction: Fast Work With NPM Package Binaries

With Node.js, building CLI utilities and development tools have gotten so much easier.

47. Improving Our MongoDB Write Throughput with SQS

Deep dive on how we got our MongoDB load at a steady sub 50% CPU load by using an SQS layer between our Node application and the database to save costs.

48. Introducing a Simple NPM Module for Food Measurements

Hello! I've created a simple JavaScript module for food measurements.

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