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Need an intern? Here's 4 great places to find the perfect one! Here’s 4 great websites based on your experience. IncuBus London gets asked on a daily basis about finding the best candidates. Let me know if you’ve had a good experience of finding interns, anywhere else, in the comments below! Click to Tweet to Tweet by @Clappy_ @IncuBusLondon.com/AuthorClaudia Fratangeli. For confidential support call the Samaritans on 08457 909090 or visit http://www.samaritans.org/.
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What’s more important than a startup idea? or product? That’s right; the team. A well balanced and complementary set of skills along with a strong commitment to the project is essential to overcome the countless issues a startup faces during its journey. A great team can be a competitive advantage.

A strong founding team is great but what happens when it comes to those first hires. Before raising funding it can be difficult to attract the quality and many trun to interns to help them through the crucial early stages. That’s why it’s of fundamental importance not to brush off an intern as any extra hand on deck. If you find the right fit, interns could add huge value to the company — and, who knows, maybe even ending up sticking around.

The matter now is where to find the best candidates. We get asked on a daily basis here at IncuBus London. Having also been an intern not so long ago, and ending up full time at IncuBus, I put together a short list of useful websites based on my experience:


Considering that f6s has been created by startup founders for startup founders, rest assured that this is the place where enthusiast go to find their first tech(ish) gig.

Pros: you can tag the job ad to simplify the research and make sure you attract the right talent.

Cons: Interface still needs some improvement.



With more then 16,000 startups using it to recruit the best talents, AngelList is definitely a place where you want to post your job ad. Thanks to this community feature you can also actively look for potential candidates.

Pros: You won’t get your inbox swamped with CVs — the applicants will apply on the website, you can screen their profiles and ask for an intro to the ones you’re interested in.

Cons: Research filters don’t always work properly.



Definitely the go to place to look for quality interns with a large database of students and graduates. They also organise cool events discussing how to attract talent.

Pros: An incredibly smart application management system.

Cons: As it’s used by bigger firms and companies, you will compete with some very well paid internships.


Work In Startups

Well, the name says it all. It’s one of the first organic results on Google. It attracts a wide range of talent looking to get into the world of startups. The students and graduates that are looking for opportunities far away from the corporate world.

Pros: Great exposure. Every job ad has an average of 300 views.

Cons: Lots of competition. At the moment there are more the 5.000 Internship job ad, so you better curate your blurb!


Let me know if you’ve had a good experience of finding interns, anywhere else, in the comments below!

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