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306 Stories To Learn About Webdev

by Learn RepoJune 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Webdev via these 306 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Webdev via these 306 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Resources generated from and catering to the development of a website for internet or intranet.

1. How to Update Object Key Values Using Javascript

Javascript objects consist of key-value pairs and are one of the most common data structures in Javascript.

2. How to Clear the 301/302 Redirection Cache

I think many web developers and server administrators had been facing the 301 redirection cache. I had facing it very often until I learn the lesson… I hope it helps you and you learn something from me, not from your mistakes 💥

3. How To Get The Most Out Of OpenGL With C++ And WASM


4. VS Code Extensions with a Bright 2022

This story has a list of VS Code Extensions that has great potential and will possibly do well in the coming year. If you use vs code you should read this.

5. 9 Step Solution to Escape Tutorial Hell Permanently

Tutorial hell is real and it is very common for newbie developers to fall into it. Check out these 9 steps to escape tutorial hell permanently.

6. A TCP Flow and HTTP Flow Guide: Changing HTTP Messages

Let’s take a closer look under the hood at what the process of changing HTTP messages is.

7. How to Fix Flaky End-to-End Tests with Playwright and Reflow

A software engineer codes for 18 months and builds a SaaS. He thinks he knows how to improve end-to-end testing.

8. 4 JavaScript Portfolio Projects to Help You Land a Web Developer Position

If you're starting to apply for your first web developer junior position, then you might want to consider building out one of the 4 (if not all) projects.

9. Best Practices for Web Developers to Protect Against Browser Vulnerabilities

Discover how to secure your web applications against browser vulnerabilities with this comprehensive guide for web developers

10. Adding the Material UI CSS framework to a React Application

Application example built with React and adding the Material UI CSS framework using the @mui/material library.

11. How to Stop an Active Process on a Port

It is common in Node.js and other languages to run a script on a certain port. These are steps to take to stop an active process on a port.

12. How to Build a React Component Library From Scratch

A component library is one of the coolest things a web developer can make, but if you don't know how to make one, let me guide you a bit.

13. How I Structure my React Projects

A React folder structure that fits my needs. How to Structure and organize a React application.

14. The Future of Web Development: 5 Things to Expect in the Next Decade

We'll address web development's future and detail companies' development trends to cope with changes. You'll also find how to position yourself

15. An Introduction To The GraphQL Editor v 4.5

GraphQL Editor new release

16. Exploring Hidden Navigation for Domestic Violence Sites

Recently, I had the incredible honor to work with an individual who was a Survivor of Domestic Violence. This was all part of a business "hackathon."

17. The Simplicity of tRPC with the Power of GraphQL

18. How to Render 3D Model in a React JS Application

In this article we are going to use Three.js to render an iPhone model in a React application. We will use react-three/fiber and react-three/drei.

19. Adding the Map Component Using the AWS Services to an Angular App

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map MapLibre component using the Amazon Amplify Geo and Amazon Location Service services.

20. The Factory Method pattern in TypeScript

The Factory Method pattern is a design pattern that is used to create objects without specifying the exact class of object that will be created.

21. How to Get Started with Flowbite, an Open Source Tailwind CSS component Library

Learn how to install and get started with Flowbite, an open-source component library built on top of the Tailwind CSS utility classes.

22. Add Dark Mode to Your Web Page With One Line of CSS 🌓

Create dark mode with 1 line of CSS with filters, and some tips and tricks.

23. How To Access Properties Of Objects On Observables Like A True Expert

Hi, fellow RxJS streamer! đź‘‹

24. 15 Lodash Methods for Everyday Coding

The Lodash open-source library has some useful methods that can help developers write code faster and streamline their processes to improve their work.

25. How to Get Started Using the EyeDropper API with JavaScript

With the new EyeDropper API in Chromium, websites can let visitors pick colors from anywhere on their screen

26. Is Node.js Worth The Hoopla?

If you’ve gotten started programming with HTML and JavaScript (JS), you know how easy JS is to use. The interface is right at your fingertips. You can easily access your entire web page with simple commands.

27. 5 Simple Tips to Become a Better Programmer

Developing software is more than just 'coding'. To grow as a programmer, you'll have to master other practices — here are 5 timeless tools and methods.

28. Pixels vs REM vs EM: Breaking down CSS Sizes

Should you use px or rem or em? In this post we'll try to get the answer of this question and we'll see which unit to use when

29. An Essential Guide to Angular User Login and Registration (Cookies and JWT)

In this guide, we will design and implement a complete solution for user authentication including user login, registration, and account confirmation.

30. How to Handle Your Web Components Errors Effectively

This blog post provides an overview on how to effectively handle errors in web components and the recommended way to do it in the React ecosystem.

31. 7 Must Use Tools For Newbie Web Developers

During my journey of learning web development I came across this different technology and stuffs which are often used during web development or writing code and

32. Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Company’s Website

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms and it powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites. You can use WordPress Development Services from small personal blogs to the complex sites of major corporations such as Sony, and TIME Magazine, and so on

33. Understanding Javascript's Array Slice Method

The slice method on arrays returns a shallow copy of a part of an array. It takes two numbers, a start, and an end. Every array has a slice method.

34. Use Github Pages to Create a Portfolio Website with Custom Domain

How to make a simple professional portfolio for beginner developers. Perfect for finding a tech job to help you stand out from other applicants.

35. Why You Should be Learning about the Remix Framework

Are you looking to build an app with minimal effort? With Remix, you can do just that! Learn how this relatively new web framework compares.

36. Understanding Web Standard - Shadow DOM and Custom HTML Elements

Getting Familiar with New Web Standards

37. An Essential Guide to Rendering your Website

Back in the day, rendering a website was simple. You needed a web server that served HTML files. Those were static sites. Then developers started using databases and authentication. To achieve that, they needed to manipulate the HTML file before serving it.

38. Adding the ESLint to an Angular Application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the ESLint using @angular-eslint/schematics library.

39. TURN Time Into Value

Web3 projects can now leverage TURN tokens – a new open marketplace for buyers and sellers of Diligence smart contract security auditing.

40. Who the f*ck is Going to Build Enterprise Blockchain Solutions?

Blockchain topped LinkedIn’s list as the #1 most in-demand hard skill for 2020.

41. Creating and validating a reactive form to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and creating and validating a reactive form.

42. 10 Useful JavaScript Functions to Learn

Read about the 10 must-know JavaScript array functions.

43. Back-end Data and API Prototyping with Faker.js and JSON-Server


44. Tail-kit Introduction: 200+ Free Tailwind CSS Components And Templates

Free and open source Tailwind css 2.0 components and templates KIT for React, vueJS and Angular.

45. Leveraging Salesforce Using a Client Written In Vue.js

John Vester introduces a Vue.js client application to read data from Salesforce and process SSE-based events via SSE implementation.

46. 3 Reasons Webhooks Are Better than Regular HTTP Requests

A guide on why Webhooks are often considered better than regular HTTP requests for a few reasons.

47. Exploring Javascript Console Object

The specifics of how console object works vary from browser to browser, but there is a de facto set of features that are typically provided.

48. Getting the Latest Content From

For content that updates regularly in, use the X-KC-Wait-For-Loading-New-Content header to ensure that your content is fresh

49. The Best React Frameworks to Help you Get to Production Faster

50. How to Push an Empty Commit with Git

Have you ever faced the need to push a commit to a Git branch without changing any files in order to re-run your integration process?

51. The Website Accessibility Checklist

Cheatsheet to make your web app more accessible with little effort

52. Your Go-to Programs to Master Web Development

In this day and age, faster always wins. Tools can make or break any job. Tasks that you do everyday shouldn't become a hassle. This is a list of tools I use when I develop websites, logos and anything else when I'm making content for the web.

53. How to Implement Dark Mode: 5 Essential Tips to Remember

Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when implementing dark mode in your apps.

54. TypeScript Interfaces and Types: A Comparison

Let's take a look at how Typescript Interfaces and types differ.

55. My AWS Cloud Resume Challenge Journey (Part One)

I intend to take my readers on a journey of skills learned, challenges faced, and solutions uncovered along the way as I take on the cloud resume AWS challenge.

56. How to Design a Functional Pastebin

This article gives a skeletal guide for designing your very own pastebin.

57. How to Design a Kanban Board

Some of the popular implementations of a Kanban board are the following: Trello, JIRA, Microsoft Planner, and Asana. The changes on the board are synchronized i

58. Getting started with Manual Content Discovery

Understanding Robots.txt, Favicon, Sitemap.xml, HTML Headers and the Framework stack

59. Why localStorage Still Crashes Your Website in 2023

How to deal with the Browser SecurityError: The operation is insecure or localStorage is not defined.

60. Make Your App or Site Carbon Neutral in 3 Steps

61. A Simple Web Component for Building a Slideshow

Building a web component that renders one picture at a time.

62. IP Address Restoration in Kotlin

This post is about providing a solution in Kotlin for finding all valid IP addresses that can be formed by inserting dots into a given string of digits.

63. A Quick Introduction to Jamstack

This approach is not a framework but is actually an architectural guideline using many of the tools and skills developers were already familiar with.

64. Take These 12 Quick Challenges to Find Out if You Know Javascript

Do you know Javascript? The language we all love has some weird and sometimes unexpected behaviors.

65. Use Metho to Safely Add Dynamic Superpowers to JS Objects

Metho allows you to safely 'monkey patch' any object with new capabilities and dynamic properties. Great for extending the functionality of native JS prototypes

66. The Array Every Method in JavaScript

Sometimes, with arrays, we want to test every element for a certain condition.

67. Just Use Rem: Choosing between Pixels and Rems in CSS

When choosing between pixels and rems in CSS, you should almost always use rems. It's a simple rule to follow. This article explains why.

68. Alternatives to Create React App

I see a lot of discussion around CRA being outdated and we should replace it with Vite. This blog discusses CRA's problems and alternatives we can use.

69. Object Validator for PHP 8

Attribute validator for PHP Models and Value Objects, based on the new feature in PHP 8

70. How to Scale Like a Boss with Heroku Dynos

Now that you are running on Heroku, John Vester helps explore options for scaling your applications or services to meet end-user demands.

71. A Detailed Guide to the useEffect Hook in React

A complete guide for using React's useEffect hook

72. How Can I Use Selenium to Automate Shadow DOM Elements?

In this blog, we highlighted the automation of the shadow DOM elements using the selenium web driver.

73. TypeScript vs JavaScript: Understanding the Differences

In this guide, I'll explain exactly what TypeScript is and why it's different from Javascript.

74. Reactime, Time Traveling State Debugger: Now Supporting Concurrent Mode, Routers, and more

Chrome dev tool for tracking and visualizing state changes in React applications

75. How to Set Up a Monorepo With Vite, TypeScript, and Pnpm Workspaces

In this article, we will talk about how to set up a monorepo with Vite, Typescript, and pnpm workspaces.

76. What's New in Laravel 10: A Peek at New and Upcoming Features

 What to expect in laravel 10: An overview of upcoming features and changes. Laravel v10 is the next major version of Laravel after Laravel v9 and laravel v8

77. DOM Readiness in Javascript

If your Javascript appears before your HTML, then trying to do things like attach events to your HTML is not possible.

78. Using WunderGraph and Interval for Building Internal Tools

Building internal tools, you either love it or hate it.

79. What is Big O in Web Development?

Big O is an Important tool in analyzing the efficiency of algorithms. In this article we explore its importance in web development.

80. How to Dynamically Hide and Show Slot Content in a Web Component

My attempt at dynamically showing/hiding various slots.

81. Become a Better Developer by Learning Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional programming is a programming paradigm. This post tells you the basics and benefits of it and how to use it in JavaScript.

82. CSS Frameworks Vs Custom CSS [An Overview]

Frameworks have definitely changed a lot about the web development process. Pure hard-coding of CSS always gets the job done, but there came the need for speed and uniformity. This need was the foundation for the birth of CSS frameworks. The need to develop web pages quickly, and ensure consistent designs and layout was key.

83. How to Embed Credit Card Offerings Into Your Technology Product

Creating a card program can be challenging. Find out how Marqeta’s RiskControl portfolio mitigates risk and satisfies compliance needs.

84. Testing Website Localization and Why It's Important

Are you thinking about expanding your business globally? Find out what localization testing is and why it's a critical step in reaching a new audience here.

85. How to Handle All PHP Errors

Sometimes your PHP application might produce many different types of earnings.

86. CSS Named Colors: Everything Explained

This page provides resources for working with CSS Name Colors. It contains Named Color groups, palettes, favorites, and even fun facts.

87. GraphQL Is Not a Silver Bullet

GraphQL is not a configuration language, also not a transformation language, a replacement for SQL, and definitely not Terraform.

88. The Journey to Becoming a Rockstar Salesforce Developer

Looking for something new, with expected needs and without a heavy learning curve? Here's how you can get started today.

89. Hack Your Technical Debt: The 1% Better Every Day Challenge

It's easy for technical debt to grow in our codebase. Commit to spending 20 minutes a day for 30 days to tackling technical debt and get 1% better every day.

90. Determine Whether an Array in JavaScript Is a Subset of Another Array

There are many cases where knowing when an array is a subset of another can be pretty useful.

91. jquery: Is Still Relevant or Is It a Product of the Past?

Learning it will not hurt you, but introducing it into a project can raise a few eyebrows. For greenfield projects, it makes sense to default to vanilla JS.

92. The Differences between Shared and Private Caching

Do you know the difference between private and shared caches ?

93. Making a Gradient Color Generator App Using JavaScript

In this article, I have shown you how to make Gradient Color Generator using JavaScript.

94. Web Development Is Still The Wild Wild West in 2023

Web development is still (thankfully) a frontier, where there is little to no official regulation, certification or oversight. Will it always be the wild west?

95. Designing an On-Demand Video Streaming Service

The popular implementations of an on-demand video streaming service are the following: YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and TikTok. The video files are stored in a mana

96. These GraphQL Directives Are Overkill

I think that in 90% of the cases, you don't need @defer and @stream at all.

97. Javascript: The Most Complex Language

For me this is one of the strangest things I did in my life, talk to you about what is it for me one of the most complex languages that I have worked with. Javascript is something really strange when you compare it with other languages.

98. How I Refactored a SPA Project

In this article, I’m not gonna talk about specific code refactoring details but some critical issues of this project.

99. A Review of Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript are a simple, one-dimensional way to store simple sets of data. Arrays are non-unique, which means they can store duplicates (unlike sets).

100. The Lessons We Learned From Moving to Recoil.js

The many tips and tricks that we learned when we switched to Recoil.js and how the change affected how we handled React state management for our product

101. How to Teach Yourself Backend Development?

Many self-taught coders have a hard time deciding between all the various options, but it’s so much easier to learn effectively if you have a clear goal.

102. Everything You Need to Know About Promises, Thenables, & Lazy-Evaluation

JavaScript Promises evaluate eagerly, but sometimes that's a problem. This post covers why and how to create custom lazy-evaluating promises.

103. Creating Custom API Endpoints in Salesforce with Apex

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol based on requests and responses using an XML format.

104. Building a Divider App: How Many Cases Can Share One Operation?

Thinking about all the things that could go wrong in code execution and preparing for them is a big part of a programmer's job.

105. Building Analytics React Dashboard With Cube.js

Imagine that you need to develop a web application from scratch to monitor and analyze raw data. For example, you own an average size online store. You are not satisfied with the existing solutions for data analytics and you want to manage what components will be in your admin panel by yourself. It is also very important for you to work with raw data and build analytical charts yourself.

106. Boosting Website Performance with Server-Side Rendering

Enhance website speed and performance with server-side rendering. Learn implementation tips in this guide for improved user experience and SEO.

107. The Dos and Don'ts of Designing Chat Messaging UIs for Your App

Get valuable insights on designing user-friendly in-app chat UIs. Learn the dos and don'ts, best practices, and tips on simplifying, enhancing UX with color and

108. Understanding the Javascript Array Reduce Method

The JS reduce method is a recursive way to perform a computation based on every element in the array while considering the previous elements of the array.

109. The Everything Guide to Data Collection in DevSecOps

Collecting wide swaths of observability and security data is key to a high-quality digital experience. Find out what you need to know to get started.

110. Create a Gradient Border With TailwindCSS and React

This blog post is a small tutorial in which I show you how you can create a gradient border blog card using Tailwind CSS.

111. Intro Guide to CSS: Explore Your Box

When I started in web development, the box model was one of the first concepts that really helped me understand what was going on.

112. How To Deploy An ERC-20 Smart Contract On Avalanche with Infura

Avalanche has emerged as one of the most formidable alternatives to Ethereum, becoming the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry.

113. Creating a Video Background on Your Website with HTML and CSS

Learn how to create an engaging video background for your website using HTML and CSS.

114. Building Embeddable Widgets with TypeScript

Step-by-step process from creating an Embedded widget using Shadow DOM and Typescript.

115. Building Easy Workflows For Web3 Using Flow & Cadence

Smart contract development is a complex process that consists of different vital steps. Find out which tooling provides the best value for Web3 developers.

116. Having Fun with the Lightning Design System for React

Did you know that the rock-solid design system inside of Salesforce can be included in a standard React application? This is not only possible, but easy too.

117. My Experience at THAT Conference 2023: Opinions and Thoughts

Weeks ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending THAT Conference Austin as a workshop presenter, and I thought it would be cool to share my review.

118. Using Android Studio to Explore the Salesforce Mobile SDK

In the 2nd article of the series, create a native Android application that leverages the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

119. A Guide to Self-Hosting Your Own Website Analytics With Umami

Self-host your own website analytics with Umami.

120. The Secret Trick For Mobile Viewports

How to make handling the viewport on mobile less awful, correctly fill the viewport, and get correct specific viewport sizes.

121. Bootstrap vs Media Queries: How to Make a Page Responsive

Using Bootstrap to make a page responsive saves one so much time and memory space. Let's see how this is possible, I have created a dummy web page that has four grids as shown below:

122. 7 Websites to Inspire Your Next Web Design

As a developer or designer, it's always important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in your field.

123. How To Write a Solidity Smart Contract and Deploy it on Ropsten

Smart contracts allow two parties to enter into an agreement. Take a deep dive into smart contracts to show how to reuse a single contract over and over again.

124. How to Run Machine-Learning Models in the Browser using ONNX

Learn how to use ONNX Runtime Web to deploy machine-learning models natively to the browser.

125. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 3): The Blog and Post Pages

In part three of our "Building a Gatsby Blog" series, we delve into the blog itself and create the list and post pages.

126. 22 Internet Stories From Hacker News, and Beyond!

This is the first weekly list of top content collected from hacker news and other sources about tech, science, privacy, and other interesting news.

127. Salesforce Functions for Caching Expensive Queries

In this article, we will walk through the use of Salesforce Functions to cache expensive queries.

128. A Guide on How to Cancel Duplicate Fetch Requests in JavaScript Enhanced Forms

Avoid duplicate-request & race-condition when creating JavaScript enhanced forms. Cancel previous fetch requests with AbortController.

129. Streamlining Form Validation with JSON Schema for Front-End and Back-End

Efficiently validate forms with a single set of rules for both front-end and back-end using JSON Schema.

130. Flexbox VS Grid: This is Why You Should Be Using Both

There was a time that positioning elements with CSS could be a real hassle, depending on what was needed to do.

131. How to Use Zeet to Take Your Devops from 0 to 100

What happens when you combine an awesome idea with a driven leader? You get an exciting product, like Zeet, which automates your DevOps tasks.

132. Building a Simple Tic-Tac-Toe Game with JavaScript

In this article, we will be building a simple version of Tic Tac Toe using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

133. Flow & Cadence Best Practices, Patterns, and Anti-Patterns

Learn tips that will help you create a better user experience and ensure a consistent level of security throughout the Flow ecosystem.

134. Managing NPM Dependency as A Professional

Why do we talk about project quality and technical debt so much? Because this directly or indirectly affects the speed of development, the complexity of support, the time to implement new functionality, and the possibility of extending the current one.

135. Working with Salesforce APIs? Of CORS!

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how Cross-Origin Resource Sharing,/CORS, operates. By working with a small Node.js app that interacts with salesforce.

136. CSS Color Functions in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

You might have used CSS to change the color of an element on a web page, but have you ever heard of CSS color functions? If not, tighten your seat belts...

137. A First Look into Conditional When and Else Statements in CSS

138. Trends We Are Watching: API Democratization and API Management

If you’re a developer of any type of modern application, then you’re likely more than just familiar with APIs—you’re probably a power user.

139. A Simple Script to Test Whether a STUN/TURN Server is Working Properly

How to test if the STUN/TURN servers are working properly?

140. Building a Real-Time Chat Application with Websocket

141. Maintaining Quality When Transitioning from Monolith to Microservices

Piece by piece, legacy monolith applications are being broken down and replaced by microservices.

142. How to Offer Buy Now, Pay Later to Customers with No Stress

Convenient payment options often lure customers to buy sooner. See how quick and easy this can be using the Marqeta platform.

143. Watching the Requests Go By: Reconstructing an API Spec with APIClarity

In this post, we’re going to look at what API reconstruction is and how APIClarity solves the API observability problem.

144. SwifWeb and How to Center the Div!

Autolayout is a powerful tool that extends basic CSS functionality, allowing you to create complex and dynamic layouts for your SwifWeb website.

145. CSS FlexBox Cheat Sheets for Web Developers in 2021

Here's a Cheat Sheet of everything you can do with CSS flexbox to get started in 2021. Properties with every possible value included. Short-Hands are explained

146. 4 Tailwind CSS Options For Premium Templates & Components

Tired of your website looking like every other Tailwind website? Here are 4 templates that will make you stand out without learning design.

147. Light DOM and Lightning Web Components in Salesforce

Lightning Web Components (LWC) from Salesforce are based on standard Web Components built using HTML and JavaScript.

148. My Journey From a Novice to Becoming a Front-End Engineer

This blog is about my journey - from a confused college student to a frontend developer. How I got into coding, then into web development.

149. Browser-Based Games are Making a Comeback...Again

With the creation of wasm, are web based games going to rise again?

150. One Hour JavaScript Coding Exercises

Here are some most recommended JavaScript Mini Projects.

151. How does your code sound?

As a developer, I love listening to music while coding. The orchestral music allows me to focus more on what I do. And one day I noticed my fingers dance on the keyboard by the music rhythm. Like playing the piano. Every word or symbol in the code was written with harmony. And then I thought... how it could sound... The code I write every day?

152. The Noob Guides: Your Shortest Path on Becoming a Developer (Full Stack)

The Noob Guides: Your Shortest Path on Becoming a Developer (Full Stack)

153. The Story of How I Got My First Job in IT with Perseverance and a Plan

It’s hard to believe, but after two and a half years of studying and about two years of meaningful job search, I finally got my first job in IT.

154. State Management in SolidJS Applications

State management for SolidJS applications with signals and stores. Do you need a state library like Redux or MobX for your SolidJS app?

155. A Simple Way to Rename Local and Remote Git Branch

Have you ever come across a situation where you want to rename a Git branch? If yes then this article will help you with that.

156. Micro-Frontends in 2023: The Complete Guide

The Micro Frontend style of architecture design does for the frontend of an application what microservices do for the backend.

157. Stick It to The Man and Self-Host Your Own Web Server

Web self-hosting for small to medium companies, business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals.

158. How to Get the Fastest Browser Image Loads

Use of the Picture Element allows the browser to select a single optimum image to download and display from among a list of images

159. Understanding Mux and Handler by Writing Your Own RESTful Mux

In this article, we will try to understand two crucial Go concepts - mux and Handler.

160. Ten Reasons You Should Remove Google Analytics From Your Site, and I'm Building a Competitor

I'm working on a leaner and more transparent alternative to Google Analytics without all the privacy baggage. It's called Plausible Analytics and you can see the live demo here.

161. Creating an Accordion With Vue.js: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this article, we will be creating an accordion with vue.js. It is used mostly for expandable FAQ sections in websites.

162. Digital Products - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Working from Home - E04

create courses and make money

163. An Introduction to the Xanny Framework

Xanny finally reached version 1.0 in Dec 2020. According to its official repository, Xanny is a simple, fast and low HTTP router and URL marcher for building Deno servers.

164. Building a GraphQL eCommerce App from Scratch

How to Build a GraphQL eCommerce App from Scratch

165. The Browser in the Browser (BITB) Attack: Lies, Deceit, and CSS

“Beware the Ides of March”, they say; and we should for good reason.

166. Adding Light and Dark Modes, with a Toggle Switch, to Your Website

I've recently rebranded and redesigned the look and feel of my website. As a part of that redesign, I've implemented both a light and a dark theme. Here's how.

167. 21 Valuable HTML & CSS Code Snippets for Web Developers

21 Useful HTML & CSS tips for every project

168. Understanding Domain Driven Design (DDD)

DDD is not about technology. Instead, it's about understanding the problem you’re trying to solve in a business context.

169. Mark Your Calendars, Bad Bots Are Coming for the Last Months of 2022

The sad reality for many online business websites and applications is that they are flooded by automated bad bots

170. Send Emails From Node.JS Using Sendinblue in Just 5 Steps

In this article, you will learn how to send emails from Node.js using SendInBlue.

171. SwifWeb Libraries: Materialize CSS

A detailed example that uses MaterializeCSS front end framework with SwifWeb to create various web elements and design features.

172. How Adopting Serverless is a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

How could serverless help move your business faster and outpace competitors? With serverless, you don't need to worry about anything except your code.

173. How to Leverage Salesforce via a Client Written In Angular

In this series article, John Vester introduces an Angular application and NgRx state management to read data from Salesforce for use by a basic component.

174. Top 5 Boilerplate Admin Templates With Node.js Backend

More and more developers are currently deciding to boost their workflow, minimize unnecessary tasks, and structure their virtual desks through admin panels with Node.js backend.

175. Build a Lightweight REST API with Salesforce and Postman

Salesforce can expose custom-coded services to third-party applications, either as SOAP web services or REST APIs.

176. How to Make Rough Estimates of SQL Queries

To do estimates of SQL queries we need to understand how DB works with queries. Let's find out what exactly the db do with queries.

177. Adobe Pigs Out (Again)

Adobe fattens up by acquiring Figma, causing disgust and indignation amongst web designers and developers everywhere.

178. Improving React App Performance with SSR and Rust: Rust vs Node.js [Part III]

In theory, a new technology or a modern approach should have a lot of benefits, but the main question that matters is that - what is actually practical advantages of that in numbers?

179. The Right Way to Utilize Webpack for Bundling a HTML Page With CSS and JS

The new HTML Bundler plugin makes Webpack setup incredibly simple, as all the configuration happens in one place.

180. The Fine Balance Between Internal Product Vs. Customer-Facing - Tales From a Software Engineer

Get the inside outs of working as a software engineer on internal products vs customer-facing application for e-commerce companies in this 1950+ word post.

181. Using Redis Streams with NestJS: Part 2 - Reading from Stream

This is part 2 of a 3-part series, where we will explore how to use Redis streams with NestJS.

182. Why Learn Any Other Programming Language When You Can Learn Typescript?

Use TypeScript in all your projects and all use cases without any limitation. You can now do frontend, backend, infrastructure and machine learning in one progr

183. Using Redis Streams with NestJS: Part 1 - Setup

This is part 1 of a 3-part series, where we will explore how to use Redis streams with NestJS.

184. Vizzu: Open Source Library For Animated Data Visualizations and Data Stories

How Vizzu, a new open-source library for animated data visualizations and data stories came to be and how it all works behind the scenes with sources.

185. Destructuring in Javascript

Destructuring is a very simple concept in javascript, it allows you to pull out some variables from object/array, but it has a lot of features. Here are some cool things you can do with it!

186. From Ethereum to Aurora With Infura

Learn how to deploy and interact with a smart contract using the Aurora Testnet, creating a custom RPC URL connection in MetaMask using Infura.

187. Compare Static Form Providers Side-by-Side

Let’s attempt to coin a term here: "Static Form Provider." You bring your HTML <form>, but don’t worry about the back-end processing that makes it work. There are a lot of these services out there!

188. Designing an API Rate Limiter

Distributed systems implement an API rate limiter for high availability and security.

189. Coinbase Cloud Node & NFT APIs

Building upon his last publication, John Vester dives even deeper into Web3 by leveraging new tech by Coinbase Cloud to create a more functional dapp.

190. 12-Step Checklist for Releasing a Website

Releasing a website is a stressful and important moment. And you want to make sure everything is ready.

191. Designing a Social Media News Feed System

Social media newsfeeds must be generated in near real-time based on the feed activity from the people that a user follows.

192. Become a Front-End Developer in 6 Months with These 4 Skills

Let me give you a simple roadmap to know where you are, and where you should go next. So here are 4 essential skills to become a frontend developer in 6 months.

193. Purpose-Driven Microservice Design

Creating purpose-driven microservices should always be a goal. Find out how Render Blueprints can offer a reproducible microservices strategy.

194. 13 Angular App Optimization Tips for Frontend Developers

How to optimize an Angular app? First, we need to consider how we understand optimization as such. Optimization helps achieve better app performance and easier code maintenance. Optimization is not a checklist or a to-do-list, and there is no universal way to optimize your app.

195. Building an AWS Integration for Salesforce Image Handling

In this article, we’ll look at a solution that not only offloads your Salesforce image storage to AWS, but also resizes and renders them on demand.

196. Using Redis Streams with NestJS: Part 3 - Consumer groups

This is part 3 of a 3-part series, where we will explore how to use Redis streams with NestJS.

197. Step by Step Guide to Create 3 Different Types of Loading Screens in React

Here I will show you 3 ways to create cool loading screen or preloader in React.

198. How to Build a Hamburger Menu in ReactJS via Styled-Components

Build Hamburger Menu in ReactJS. Using this method you can create different types of Hamburger Menu. How to build Hamburger Menu?

199. Building Websites Using Templates vs. Developing From Scratch

Is it true that a website template cannot provide you with excellent SEO and the freedom to modify it? Learn how a website created from a template really works.

200. You’ll Need to Use a Proxy Server, Sooner or Later

Why in large web scraping projects there's the need of proxy servers? Here a brief explanation of what they are and how they work and their differences.

201. Exploring the Salesforce Mobile SDK Using Xcode

In the 3rd article of the series, create a native iOS application that leverages the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

202. How to Make Composites Requests Against Salesforce

Journey into the Salesforce API and learn what composite requests bring to the table: reductions of API requests and help you avoid cyclomatic complexity issues

203. Benefits of Admin Templates Explained

When your web development project requires custom, well-designed admin panel or dashboard interface, you might be still on the fence about the tech you are going to use. Should you develop it from scratch, or stick with the chosen CMS, or go for a template? Well, of course, you should go for a template! Because it’s almost always the fastest and the most cost-effective solution when you aim for extensive customization and integration of your admin panel. But don’t just take our biased word for it, read on to see for yourself.

204. How to Build a Blog with NextJs, Chakra UI, and HyGraph

In this article, I described how I created my blog using NextJs, Chakra UI, and GraphCMS. I also disclosed the tools, technologies, and services that I used.

205. How NOT to Secure Web Payment Systems

How to get a Covid test for free | Bugs in covid payment systems are everywhere. This is the story of how I found one of them

206. Building a Basic Salesforce Mobile App with Lightning App Builder

Build a new app in a matter of minutes? Check out this mobile application created using the Salesforce Lightning App Builder.

207. Translate Your React App with Tolgee: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tutorial how to localize (i18n) React application using Tolgee. It allows you to translate your string in-context and generate screenshots.

208. Hacktoberfest 2019: How you can get your FREE Shirt — even if you’re new to coding

Every October, Digital Ocean and GitHub ship out free Hacktoberfest shirts to thousands of people around the world.

209. Creating Beautiful Documentation Website For Your JavaScript Project

Nowadays, as a webdeveloper, you rarely build anything from scratch: your daily job mostly consists of integrating various Javascript libraries together. If you are building a web app you are most likely going to use some framework like React, Vue or Angular for your front-end. To transmit and manage the data you will be using Redux or GraphQL. For the backend, there will be Express and probably Loopback. Then you need to cover everything with tests, so Jest, Mocha or Jasmine must be present too. Finally, there will be UI frameworks like Bootstrap and maybe some charting tools. I have already counted at least 7 core libraries and all of these are in a single project! And what about underlying technologies like Javascript itself, Node.js and, probably, Typescript? Well, that’s a lot!

210. HTTP For Beginners - Part 2: Responses

In this part of the series, I'll demonstrate generating HTTP responses from a simple Node.js Express server.

211. How to Build Relationships With Clients: Speak Only the Language of Facts

Tell me what you want. Or tell me how to do it. Don’t tell me both

212. Bundlejs: An Online Esbuild-Based Bundler

The operating manual for, with tips and tricks to using bundlejs, and an explanation of how bundlejs works; esbuild-wasm, gzip/brotli compression.

213. Generating 2FA One-Time Passwords in JS Using Web Crypto API


214. Deconstructing React 18

React 18 is a major improvement to React’s rendering mechanisms. It focused on improved performance of user interfaces for a much better experience for the user

215. Using JavaScript to Create and Generate UUIDs

Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) are used everywhere in software development for everything from identifying object elements to DOM elements on a web page

216. Understanding JavaScript closure and JavaScript scope

Learn about what a JavaScript closure and JavaScript scope are, how they work, real world examples showing their use cases and their drawbacks.

217. Authentication Using the Auth0 to a React Application

Application example built with React with authentication using the Auth0 service.

218. Building a Minimum Viable PWA [A Step by Step Guide]


219. How To Create a Custom Webhook URL Using Autocode

TLDR (30s)

220. Managing Django Media & Static Files on Heroku with Bucketeer

Prepare your Heroku-deployed Django application to be closer to production-ready by implementing public & private storage backends for media & static files.

221. npkill — The solution to deleting node_modules easily, with style


222. React App Configuration with TypeScript and Webpack

A step by step guide on how to create a React project from scratch, with TypeScript and Webpack.

223. Automatically Scan Your Project Dependencies for Vulnerabilities Using Docker, Jenkins (Part 2/2)

The OWASP Dependency-Check tool is a popular tool to check dependencies. We will discuss how we can run it standalone or integrate it into CI/CD Pipeline.

224. How to Become a Successful Web Developer in 2021

Alright then, so you have decided your path. You want to become a web developer this year.

225. Web Design Principles That Will Take Centre Stage in 2023

A cursory look at the web design principles will become the norm in 2023.

226. Add Depth to Your Web Design Using CSS Shadow Generators

227. How to Create a Google Chrome Extension: Image Grabber

Create Google Chrome extension from scratch

228. The Rewards Card System is Broken and Here is How I Tried to Fix It

Rewards cards are a way to incentivize customer loyalty. Check out how easy this concept can become a reality - just by using the Marqeta service.

229. 50+ GitHub Repositories Every Front-End Developer Needs

50+ Github Repositories Every Front-end Developer Needs

230. Build a Mobile App Using React Native and the Salesforce Mobile SDK

Check out how easy it is to start building a custom React Native application that leverages the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

231. The Difference Between Backend, Frontend, Full-stack and Super stack Development

I looked at and found a website I put live in 2001, which means I have been writing some code for 20 years. Of course, I am not going to give a link to that website still it will be safe to mention 20 years back in Kathmandu when people didn’t have an email I had built websites. I uploaded it over a 33.8k modem with a dial-up connection. Kids these days will not even know the sound of that modem (yes I am old).

232. How Instagram's Homepage has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Instagram or Insta is one of the world’s most used photo and video sharing social networks. It is owned by Facebook and was launched in 2010 on iOS and the Android version was launched two years later along with a trimmed down desktop version. Today, let us see how the homepage of Instagram has evolved over the years.

233. Is Web 3.0 The FUTURE or Just a MARKETING Ploy?

Criticisms or not, web3 existence remains valid as it has some edges over web2. Find out the reasons for this claim!

234. An Introductory Guide to Tailwind and React: Setup and Design Patterns

You've probably heard of Tailwind by now, but if you haven't, it is essentially a utility-first CSS framework and is much less opinionated compared to other CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.

235. How to Use Swift for Web Development

In this article I'll introduce you the web technology that I created myself which can compete with the most popular web frameworks like Angular, React, an Vue!

236. Authentication using the Amazon Cognito to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 with authentication using the Amazon Cognito service.

237. Static vs Dynamic Website with JAM Stack Website in Between

The web has been around for a while now. I have been building websites for 20 years now and I started by building static websites. Later I worked on many dynamic websites and web applications. This post is a quick rundown on the major difference between dynamic and static websites. There are some details about the JAM (Javascript API and Markup) stack. It also has some explanation of the technologies and costs associated with each of the 3 options.

238. How Am I Dealing With My Ever-Improving Debugging Techniques

How much time do you spend in debugging? Well, I know that the question is bit vague and the answer would vary. After spending close to 15 years in Computer Programming, I still can't say confidently how much time I really spend in debugging things. There could be multiple factors that influence it and make it uncertain to answer:

239. Five Important Tips For Working With JWTs

Nowadays, JSON Web Tokens are the most common way of proving identity information to APIs. The concepts behind JWTs are also quite easy to understand, and it takes only a couple of minutes to have the most basic authentication running.

240. Making your own personal website from scratch

An introduction to HTML and CSS - the foundation and styling for any website

241. Static Website Generators: Brief Introduction

Even in 2020 many developers are used to spinning up a WordPress (or similar software) for content websites. Until recently I've been one of these developers. I was willing to develop a website using technology to get done what I could get done without. My choice of framework wouldn't have been WordPress, but at the end the result is the same: building a system to deliver what a static publishing software could have handled easily. In many cases it simply isn't worth the effort to set up, configure and maintain a fully fledged content management system and store content in a database.

242. Best Online Code Editors To Use In 2022🚀

Are you looking for the Best Online Code editors? Here is the collection of Best Online Code Editors For Web Developers.

243. Load Testing Using Vegeta: Rapid Step by Step Guide

Load testing is an important part of releasing a reliable API or application. Vegeta load testing will give you the confidence that the application will work well under a defined load. In this post, we will discuss how to use Vegeta for your load testing needs with some GET request examples. As it is just a go binary it is much easier to set up and use than you think, let's get started.

244. How to Write Clean, Well Maintained Code Using a Static Analyzer and PMD

A static analyzer can reduce the possibility of bugs, such as when you accidentally overwrite a variable with another value.

245. Why Appwrite 0.8 Is A Great Open-Source Firebase Alternative

Announcing Appwrite 0.8 with JWT authentication, ARM support, Anonymous Login, new storage capabilities and many more new features.

246. Build a Production Ready Restaurant Website with Next.js 12 and Cosmic

How you can use Next.js and Cosmic to create special web pages such as restaurant websites that include restaurant menus that have many images and animations.

247. Validating a User Phone Number With SMS on Auth0 Using ZENVIA

Application example using Angular where a simple WEB application will be implemented to validate the user phone by SMS in the authentication.

248. HTTP For Beginners - Part 1: Definitions

In this article, I'll cover HTTP terms, tools, and the structure of HTTP messages.

249. Top 7 Dark-Themed Admin Templates For Your Next Project

If you don’t have any definite preferences in design, you should try dark colors, because dark themes look so stylish and become more and more popular. That is why we decided to find the most amazing React, Angular and Vue admin templates with dark themes. If you ever googled admin templates then you probably know that there are tons of them and that is fine to be on the fence about which one to choose. If you are not sure whether to use admin dashboards templates or not you can read the article about the benefits of admin templates. The incorrect choice of an admin template may lead to a giant waste of time and money – so it’s the decision you should think about for a while.

250. jQuery vs JavaScript: Why We Decide to Remove jQuery From Our Templates

We at Flatlogic create top Vue, Angular and React admin templates for businesses to manage, analyze and visualize their data and one of the best React Native mobile templates

251. Hack Your Technical Debt: The 1% Better Every Day Challenge

It's easy for technical debt to grow in our codebase. Commit to spending 20 minutes a day for 30 days to tackling technical debt and get 1% better every day.

252. The Top 10 Benefits of Angular for Web Development

Angular was designed with performance in mind. It's fast and efficient, making it a great choice for high website traffic.

253. 10 Most Useful Code Editors Hotkeys

Do you know what percentage of people do not use Ctrl+F when searching text on pages?

254. Web Application Templates with Perfect Design in 2022

This is our rating of the best Web App Templates. Keep reading to know which ones they are and how they can speed up and improve your web development practice!

255. How to Build an eCars App on Heroku and Salesforce (Part 4)

In these articles, we’re focusing on how to combine Salesforce with Heroku to build an “eCars” app—a sales and service application for a fictitious company

256. How to Create a Google Chrome Extension Part 2: Image Grabber

How to Create Google Chrome Extension Part 2

257. Solid Tips On How Get Better At Responsive Web Design

Better Responsive Web Design, A Structured Approach

258. The A-Z of Web Scraping in 2020 [A How-To Guide]

Web data extraction or web scraping in 2020 is the only way to get desired data if owners of a web site don't grant access to their users through API.

259. 9 Tips and Best Practices for HTML 5

Read this article to find out the most common HTM5 best practices.

260. SPA Tracking & Monitoring: How to Build Better Single-Page Applications With Real User Monitoring

Did you know roughly half of the users that visit your website leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Optimizing your website or webapp for stellar performance is always a crucial goal for any software-based business.

261. Postman Collection for Salesforce: Mock Servers and Code Snippets

Whether you’re a longtime Salesforce developer or you’re new, Postman brings you all the tools you need to streamline the Salesforce API integration process.

262. Understanding The RxJS Autorun Process

Hey, RxJS streamers! 🙋‍♂️

263. How To Leverage The Salesforce API Without The Salesforce Client

Interested in using Salesforce with your own client application? Learn how to use Spring Boot to accomplish this need, caching data along the way.

264. What We've Learnt From 3000 Bug Reports

When do people report bugs? You probably never asked yourself that question, which was one of the reasons we wanted to answer it. The second reason was that we had the right type of data available, since our tool helps teams report and fix bugs. Long story short, we decided to learn more about the way software development teams approach the bug reporting process. For that exercise we've taken a random sample of 3000 bug recordings uploaded to our database in the last 2 months. Here's what we found.

265. Upload Files Easily and Quickly in NodeJS Using Astro

How to upload files with Astro, express and multerjs

266. How I Successfully Ended My One Week Job Hunt

After spending months studying front end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Git), and weeks building my portfolio, I landed a job in one week!

267. How To Build a Table With Sticky Headers in Pure CSS

While creating user interfaces, we often encounter the problem that there is more data in our tables than can be fitted in the visible viewport. To achieve an excellent user experience on components like Gannt charts, data tables and spreadsheets, we often use the sticky CSS property on the header elements. This is a simple task when doing it only on one edge of the table.

268. Journey to Become a Web Developer From Scratch [Step-by-Step Guide]

Before getting in, let’s discuss about objectives.

269. Build and Deploy a Blazor App Without Touching a Windows Machine

Do you want to try out Blazor, but you're not a Windows person? Strictly a Linux developer? You're in luck. One of the goals of .NET Core is to be cross-platform, so today we'll see just how "cross-platform" it really is with Blazor, Microsoft's hot new front end development project.

270. MomentJS Tutorial -The Ultimate Guide to Moment.JS

Moment.js tutorial shows how to work with data and time in JavaScript with the Moment.js module.

271. 10 Cool Angular Material Admin Dashboard Templates

Speaking about frameworks for making web applications, we must consider worldwide known Angular, which goes in two different versions — Angular or AngularJS.

272. Sharing Reusable Angular Components

When building Angular applications you compose the UI of your applications through shared reusable Angular components.

273. Why is the Documentation of Tech Products So Hard to Use? (in the User’s Point of View)

Documenting tech products is a key part of making a project sustainable in the long term. Despite that, properly documenting them is incredibly difficult.

274. How To Use Command Line

đź’» Command Line:

275. React Introduction

React happens to be the most popular JavaScript framework sourced from Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2020). It is the best alternative to two other popular JavaScript frameworks, Angular and Vue. They all allow you to create fast apps in the browser.

276. Incident Management Best Practices: 2021 Edition

Covering the basics

277. Creating a Web3 Application with the Coinbase Wallet SDK

Confused about where to start with Web3? John Vester shows how easy it is to get started using the Coinbase developer tools.

278. Introduction to IDaaS and its Applications

If you're reading this article, you might be interested to learn how to implement user management for your application, understanding the complete picture of how identity management services work. That's what we'll do in this article. You'll learn what is Identity as a Service (IDaaS), why to use such a service, what is Single Sign-On (SSO), and IDaaS platforms.

279. .NET vs Node.js

The Contenders

280. Building React Applications with Deno and AlephJS

"Can I build something as complex as a NextJS or Create-React-App (CRA) application using Deno?"

281. How to Build Progressive Web Apps with Lightning Web Components [Part 2]

Earlier this year, a post came out on the Salesforce Developers Blog, entitled “How to Build Progressive Web Apps with Offline Support using Lightning Web Components.” During the post's discussion about using Lightning Web Components (LWC) to build progressive web apps, it mentioned push notifications. My interest was piqued. How simple would it be to use LWC to build an app for push notifications? It turns out — really simple.

282. 🎉 Deno: 1.0: A Review of Features [We're Going Live]

🤠 Introduction

283. Introducing Github1s: A Browser-Based VSCode Project Viewer

Github1s is a hot new open source project that allows you to browse Github repositories in a VSCode-like UI right in your browser.

284. ReactJS Pagination Tutorial: Building from Scratch

Create pagination component from scratch in ReactJS. Pagination component are of two types, one loads items vertically and one display items with page numbers

285. Connecting React 17, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, NextJS Into Developers Friendly Application

NextJS is becoming a de facto framework for modern web development. In this article we will build a starter repo that you can use for every new project.

286. How to Build a SMS Surveys App with Twilio, Airtable and Standard Library

We live in an era of collaboration and teamwork. Meaning that even the most straightforward task in this day and age (think ordering lunch, for example) is often brought before a committee vote. Thankfully, ours is also an era of great technological achievement, and there is perhaps no better way to arrive at a consensus than through the use of polling and surveys. Today we are going to see how we can use Build on Standard Library to deploy a quick and easy-to-use polling app that uses your Twilio number to dispatch SMS messages to your group, and then logs their replies in one convenient Airtable Base.

287. 10 UI Elements Web Developers Should Know About

For web developers, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of UI elements and how users interact with them. UI elements lay at the heart of web development and act as a common design language between web developers.

288. How can Self-Healing AI Help a Web Test Automation Developer?

I have been working in the automation field for more than a decade, and have seen automation tools evolve in unique ways. During the earlier years, when AI technologies weren’t prevalent, I remember how our automation team faced particular and unavoidable challenges which we, at that time, thought were some of the trickiest to resolve from our end. But we accepted it as just a part of daily life in the automation world and adapted to it.

289. Review of 12 Online Code Editors for Web Developers

Some online code editors have basic features similar to text editors while others complete Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). We review both.

290. How To Score A Perfect 100 Google Lighthouse Score in Chrome Dev Tools

This is How I Built My Portfolio Site and personal blog using React and NextJS, and how it achieved a Perfect Lighthouse Score. I rundown all the fudamental iss

291. 20+ Bootstrap 4 Template for 2020

Bootstrap is an open-source platform and most popular front-end tool for web designing and web development. It’s built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using bootstrap, it is easy to create a responsive and highly customized website. For developing you don’t need to work from scratch. Use the ready-to-use template and save the cost and time of developing website. There are many free and paid templates available in the market to create a website.

292. A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Multi-step Form

Recently I wanted to add a multi-step form to my site. Since my site runs on Hexo, a static page generator, I had some doubts about how to execute this task. I already had a static form on my site, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on the development of features like steps, show/hide logic or validation.

293. 8 Great Material Admin Dashboards To Use In Your Project

Looking through the admin template market you can easily conclude that this market is saturated. It’s observed in the number of templates, the amount of developers and (what is of the most important) a bunch of articles of «Best templates …(and here year, description or whatever goes)». And the amount of template becomes bigger and bigger every year. After reading several articles you may find out that to remember the name of the template you have liked is not (just believe us, really “not”) an easy task (of course, if you keep a template page in a browser tab it’s much easier, but don’t forget that RAM is limited and your browser may already keep 40+ tabs).

294. The Ultimate CSS Grid Cheat Sheet in 2021🎖️

Let's refresh Our CSS Grid Memory. This CSS Grid tutorial is a cheat sheet of everything you can do with Grid to get started in 2021!

295. 🤩 24 Coolest VSCode Extensions That Will Rock Your World 🛠

Are you looking for the amazing VS Code extensions for your web app? Then Here is the amazing collection of the best vs code extensions of 2020.

296. Introduction to Strapi : Headless CMS for Building Web Applications

Strapi is an open-source Headless CMS that gives developers the freedom to choose their favorite tools and frameworks.

297. 14 Top Node.js Open Source Projects: 2021 Edition

Note that under open source projects we assume the following:

298. Rails Security: Eliminating CSRF and XSS Vulnerabilities

“…3,813 breaches were reported through June 30, 2019, exposing over 4.1 billion records. Compared to the midyear of 2018, the number of reported breaches was up 54% and the number of exposed records was up 52%”. - Source, RiskBasedSecurity

299. How to Build Your Own Booking Platform with Velo

In this article I develop a way to bypass wixBookings and build my own custom bookings platform.

300. Meet Solid: A Lightweight JavaScript UI Library that is Gaining in Popularity

SolidJS uses fine-grained reactivity and avoids Virtual DOM but retains much of React's programming model with JSX, unidirectional flow, immutable interfaces...

301. Top Mistakes JavaScript Developers Make

This article will show you some typical mistakes that almost every Javascript programmer has made during his career.

302. Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn in 2022

The craze for learning programming languages is very high. These days people have one question in their mind and that is which programming language should one prefer in 20201 and why?

303. How to Become a Front-End Developer: Skills, Resources, and Career Roadmap

Are you a starting front end developer's journey? Then this roadmap is for you. You'll get to know all the essential aspects and steps required for frontend web developer.🤩

304. Webix Datatable. From a simple table to a complex solution

The DataTable widget is a simple and at the same time powerful solution of the Webix UI library.

305. 110% Complete JWT Authentication with Django & React - 2020

ReactJS is a fantastic frontend framework, and Django is a fantastic backend framework. However, as usual when dealing with anything of more than trivial complexity, it isn’t easy to get the two to place nicely together. It's not like taping a banana to a wall.

306. 110% Complete JWT Authentication with Django & React - 2020

ReactJS is a fantastic frontend framework, and Django is a fantastic backend framework. However, as usual when dealing with anything of more than trivial complexity, it isn’t easy to get the two to place nicely together. It's not like taping a banana to a wall.

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