3 Best Kotor Builds Even Vader Would Approve ofby@jackboreham
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3 Best Kotor Builds Even Vader Would Approve of

by Jack BorehamJune 26th, 2021
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Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic (Kotor) is considered one of the greatest RPGs ever. The game received critical acclaim due to its exceptional customisation options and story. As a result, Kotor is very popular, with many players taking time to perfect builds and loadouts. Here are the 3 best Kotor builds.
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Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic (Kotor) is considered one of the greatest RPGs ever. The hit Star Wars game captured fans' imagination and gamers alike when it released in 2003. The game received critical acclaim due to its exceptional customisation options and story. As a result, Kotor is very popular, with many players taking time to perfect builds and loadouts for the game. Here are the 3 best Kotor builds.

1. The Revan Build 

Darth Revan plays a central role in the story of Kotor. Revan the Jedi turned Sith lord overshadows the main story as the master to Darth Malek, the evil sith lord hellbent on taking over the galaxy. In addition, Revan is revered within the Star Wars fan communities as one of the most incredible force users that ever lived. Thus, the following Kotor build is canonically based on Revan and is one of the game's best.

The Revan build has several main components. To create this build, maxing out your character to the highest possible level takes advantage of different skill trees. When playing the game, you should max out your characters skill points in the following way:

  • Wisdom should be the highest stat you have, with around 15 points put into this tree.
  • Intelligence and charisma should also be increased, with approximately 14 points.
  • Strength and dexterity should have 12 skill points invested into it. 
  • Finally, constitution should have the lowest being 10 points. 

To make the best use of these skill points, you need to pick the scout option as your original character subclass when you first start the game. This class will effectively allow you to balance both your roleplaying and combat gameplay. Similarly, when eventually becoming a force user, pick the Jedi sentinal class. This class will enable you to balance all of your force abilities and power.

In terms of weapon style, you can pick either duelling or two-weapon fighting. Revan specialised in each type, but having a dual weapon most likely may give you the edge in battle if you opt for a double-handed melee that includes the ability to use a power strike attack. Similarly, in terms of extra feats/abilities available, opt for toughness as it will keep you alive.

The Revan build mimics the famous sith lord Revans abilities. The build is robust and leans canonically into Revan's high level of wisdom, intelligence, charisma, and combat ability.

The builds scout and Jedi sentinal subclasses allow these abilities to balance out nicely in combat and roleplaying gameplay.

Darth Revan. Credit: Villians Wiki

2. The Ultimate Force Weilding Kotor Build

The consular scout build is one of the best Kotor 1 builds. This build allows you to effectively balance your characters' abilities while putting all of your strength into your force powers. However, unlike the Revan build, it differs significantly in defence and agility, focusing less on skills such as intelligence. When starting the game, put your skill points in the following skill trees.

  • Wisdom at the max with 16 points put into the skill.
  • Charisma also maxed out with another 16 points.
  • Intelligence with 8 points
  • Constitution with 11 points
  • Dexterity 14 points 
  • You should put 9 skill points into strength

As mentioned, you should pick the scout class and later the Jedi consular class. As you progress through the game, you should focus on maxing out wisdom and charisma and increasing dexterity, followed by the others. It would also help if you further concentrate on using the dueling, implant, and toughness abilities for combat prowess and a defensive balance.

This build is effective as it allows you to become a force-wielding monster. You can maximise your force powers using high wisdom and charisma while giving you an incredibly high critical hit ratio and defence through high dexterity. It would help if you paired the build with offensive force abilities such as force choke and force storm.

3. The Lightsaber Master Build

Another excellent Kotor build is the scout and guardian build. As before, you should be picking the scout class as your first subclass, allowing you to have plenty of skill points to play with combined with the guardian Jedi class, focusing on lightsaber offensive ability. When starting, designate your skill points in the following way:

  • Maximise your strength putting around 17 points into the skill tree
  • Limit your dexterity with only 9 points
  • Make sure your intelligence has only 8 points
  • Keep your constitution levels at 11 points 
  • Increase your wisdom and charisma points with 13 and 15, respectively. 

These skills should be optimised throughout the game so that your primary focus should be on strength. Likewise, it would help if you made sure your wisdom and charisma are reasonably balanced and high while also switching your focus to your dexterity and constitution nearing the end of the game.

When using this loadout, you should use the two-weapon fighting ability for maximum damage, toughness 3 for defence and implant 3 for stability. It would be best if you also used a double lightsaber for the most effective build. 

This Kotor 1 build will allow you to become a lightsaber master. Letting you have tremendous power but at the same time decent health and force abilities. So for those who want to become a lightsaber master, this is the build for you.

For more information on these builds, make sure to check out this helpful website.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kotor has some excellent builds. With the game rumoured to be getting the remake treatment sometime soon, these builds will only become more useful. For more Star Wars gaming content, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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