3 Best Beginner Flutter Courses to Start Withby@jimmysun
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3 Best Beginner Flutter Courses to Start With

by Jimmy SunFebruary 14th, 2021
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The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by Angela Yu is a great way to learn Flutter. The course is long with more than 28 hours of videos, and is one of the best selling Flutter course on Udemy. Flutter & Dart: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android by Andrea Bizzotto is not for beginners. The courses below are paid courses. All the links to the courses are NOT affiliate links. They are my personal recommendation based on my own experience by taking them.

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I believe that when I want to learn a new programming language, I should learn from several teachers / instructors, because they must have their own style. Then, I can go with the one that suits me, or combine their methods / techniques.

I have taken several Flutter courses, and here are 3 courses that I recommend especially for those who have just started learning Flutter, or even just starting learning to program.

The courses below are paid courses. All the links to the courses are NOT affiliate links. They are my personal recommendation based on my own experience by taking them.

1. The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by Angela Yu

This course is great if you’re a real beginner to Flutter, and even if you’re a real beginner to programming where you’ve never code before. Angela is a really good teacher. Here, she explains the basics of programming, step-by-step, with its implementation on Flutter. She also uses some animations to make things easier to understand. At the end of each module, she will give you tips and motivation to be a better programmer.

You’ll learn everything from Flutter’s basic UI and layout, adding multimedia to your projects, to more advanced topics such as animation, using APIs and json data, using Firebase as database, and state management using Provider as the last section.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the state management section as when I accessed it, Angela hadn’t update it with the updated Provider package that I couldn’t follow along. But every other lesson is really worth it. I see that the course was updated on December 2020. I haven’t checked for myself, but I do hope Angela has updated that section.

If you’re an experienced programmer but new to Flutter, this course is still good for you to get to know Flutter’s basic. You may skip some lessons on the programming basics.

If you’re already familiar with Flutter and want to upgrade your skill to the next level, I think you can skip this course. I’m not saying you’re not going to learn anything new from it, but you’ll find you already know most of it.

The course is quite long with more than 28 hours of videos, and is one of the best selling Flutter course on Udemy. Click here to go to the course.

2. Flutter & Dart — The Complete Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

After you finish Angela Yu’s course, you can continue with another great Flutter course. If you didn’t repeat the previous course after completing it, I bet you’ve forgotten many lessons there. But no worries, you’ll get refreshed and learn even more here.

If you’re a complete beginner to programming, I don’t recommend jumping to this course, start with Angela’s course instead. Although Max says that no prior programming experience is needed to take the course — and indeed he covers the basics of programming — I still think that he covers it too fast.

If you’re not new to programming and already familiar with the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, but new to Flutter, you can jump right to this course.

Max is a very good instructor. He explains everything in detail. Just like the previous course, you’ll learn everything from Flutter basic to more advanced topics (API, json, Firebase), but with more complex applications. I learned state management with Provider here, and fortunately, Max already updated the videos with the updated Provider package.

This course is a long one, it has more than 40 hours of videos. Click here to go to the course.

3. Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android by Andrea Bizzotto

For me, this is another great Flutter course for intermediate and advanced Flutter developers. Not for beginners. Even though Andrea covers the basics of Dart language and Flutter, I think the pace is too fast for beginners. But if you have finished Max’s course and not having any headache, you really should take this course.

What I really like about Andrea is that he shows us how to code from a traditional / basic approach, and then change the code step by step to a more and more advanced approach.

You’ll learn some Flutter basics and then more advanced topics like authentication using Firebase, Google and Facebook sign-in, state management with Bloc and Provider, Firebase as database (as stated in the course title), and a whole lot more that gave me (and maybe you too) a headache. But don’t worry, you can’t learn complex things in one go, right? Just repeat the lessons and soon you’ll be able to get it.

Andrea is not a native English speaker but he speaks good English, you won’t have any problem understanding him. Also, you can ask questions directly, he usually reply within a day. Click here to go to the course.

You may ask, after completing all the 3 courses, are you going to be a professional Flutter developer? Well, maybe.. it really depends on how much of the lessons you absorbed. Can you remake the apps in the course without watching the videos again?

For me personally, I wouldn’t call myself a professional Flutter developer, not yet. But after finishing the courses, I have the confidence to start building my own apps.

There are still so many things to learn. The courses don’t cover local database at all. There are new state management that you can use like Riverpod and GetX. New widgets and packages are being released. This is a journey of never-ending learning. Which brings me to the fourth course: the internet and Youtube. There are numerous posts and videos where you can learn from for free! They will keep you updated with the latest Flutter development. And you shouldn’t have any trouble updating your skill because you already know the basics.

And of course, the best practice to be a professional Flutter developer is to build an app, then build another app, and another, and another.. You’ll learn and develop more than taking any course when you’re building your own apps, facing obstacles, looking for solutions through the documentation and forums, and then solving your problems.

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