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289 Stories To Learn About Typescript

by Learn RepoJune 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Typescript via these 289 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Typescript via these 289 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Javascript's superset, pedigree if you will, providing additional syntax and a more seamless integration with your editor.

1. Micro-Frontends: Using TypeScript's Ambient Modules

How to use TypeScript's ambient module feature for cross-sharing micro-frontend imports using single-spa.

2. How to Update Object Key Values Using Javascript

Javascript objects consist of key-value pairs and are one of the most common data structures in Javascript.

3. Assign Types To Nested Objects In TypeScript

TypeScript provides you with multiple ways to define type definitions for object properties. We'll look at a couple of them throughout this post.

4. How the TypeScript Pick Type works

The Pick utility Type lets us take types based off existing ones, by selecting specific elements from them. Let's look at how it works and when to use it.

5. WebdriverIO Vs. Selenium: Who Will Win?

Selenium is the most popular web UI automation tool, but does that mean that it's the best solution in test automation market?

6. How to Use Type Casting in Typescript

To cast something in TypeScript, we use the 'as' keywords. Here's how type casting works in TypeScript.

7. A Guide on How TypeScript Parameters Type Works

The Parameters type is a utility type in TypeScript that lets us take the arguments of a function, and turn it into a new type. Let's look at how it works.

8. The RTK Query, API Splitting Approach, and the Nuances of "Making Life Simpler"

RTK Query is definitely a cool library however it’s sadly not applicable to all of the use cases possible with an API.

9. Top 5 Trends in Software Development for 2019

Everything is moving extremely quickly in the software industry, so it requires a lot of effort just to keep up. This is exactly why we, at Coding Sans, publish the State of Software Development survey every year. To learn what is happening in the industry at the moment, and see how trends are forming over time.

10. TypeScript's Omit Type Explained

The Omit utility Type lets us take types, remove elements, and make entirely new types. Let's look at how it works.

11. A Brief Guide on Typescript Discriminators

Very often we have use-cases where we would like to use a single type Union Type but still be sure about the properties inside them.

12. Building An Airbnb-Like Map in Next.js

We will be building a proof of concept to create customer Google Maps markers using any React component in a Next.js project using AirBnB as an example

13. How to Setup a NodeJS App with Express And TypeScript

In this article, I want to show you How to set up a Node Express with TypeScript like a PRO.

14. Defining Types: Using allOf in Swagger JSON

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

15. The Headless-UI Date Picker for React Apps

Each year the ⚛️ React community is becoming bigger and bigger. And with this growth, we get more and more tools to achieve our goals and needs.

16. JSNation Live 2020, the remote spin-off of a successful JavaScript conference

Would you like to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to a stellar crowd? To help you stay up-to-date on the latest JS tech, the GitNation team has come up with a new remote event taking place on June 18-19, 2020. JSNation Live, their 2-day event on all things JavaScript, will gather 25 thousand software engineers, making it the biggest JavaScript conference in the cloud.

17. Create React App is Dead! Here are Some Alternatives

CRA may be "dead", but there are many alternative tools available for building React applications that offer superior performance and faster development times.

18. Creating Your Own Grammar Rules

Whenever you start wondering how to create your syntax or rules on expression, it’s probably time to check out this powerful tool - The Chevrotain.

19. Improving Formik Performance when it's Slow (Material UI)

Fix Formik slow performance. Increase Formik performance when using input fields. Happens when you use CSS-In-JS based UI libraries as they keep re-rendering.

20. In Layman's Terms, What is the Difference Between Node and Deno?

Worried that dinosaur or sock shaped "deno" is going to kill our favorite Node? Let me help you to get out of this dilemma.

21. How to Use Zero Knowledge Dapp Boilerplate

Learn how to build zero knowledge dapps, using zero knowledge proofs boilerplate. Build age verification dapp using zero knowledge proofs.

22. Static Full-Text Search in Next.js with WebAssembly, Rust, and Xor Filters

I built a full-text search engine in Rust and WebAssembly. Fast, lightweight, and tons of fun to build!

23. Svelte State Management: Creating Contact Form

Recently, I came into Svelte and ... I love it.

24. How to Restart the TypeScript NodeJS Application Fast

I have been working for the different kinds of Node JS application from the last 4 years. For every project I tried to improve the performance and code quality. From that, I found a very interesting way to restart the typescript application so fast.

25. React cloneElement: A Better Way to Build a Component API Props in ES6 Javascript and Typescript

Using the React cloneElement is a better way to build a component API props in ES6 Javascript, and Typescript. Here's a tutorial on how to do so.

26. Maximize Your React Skills: Build a To-Do List App from Start to Finish (with TypeScript + Vite)

Master the basics of building an app with React and TS. Learn how to use state, props, and data flow to create a fully functional app.

27. The Lambda Function That Creates xlsx Files From JSON Data to Store On S3 Using NodeJS/Typescript

How to write a Lambda function to convert json data to xlsx file and then upload to s3 and return a signed url of that uploaded file on a serverless framework

28. How to Fetch Data in Javascript like a Pro

Fumbling with APIs? Learn how to use the fetch API to get your data in Javascript like a pro.

29. 5 VERY common code smells and how to fix them

5 easy wins to refactor even the worst legacy code

30. How to Generate TypeScript Type Definitions and Code from GraphQL

Using GraphQL together with TypeScript can have huge advantages, as you can use your GraphQL schema to create TypeScript type definitions on the fly!

31. npkill — The solution to deleting node_modules easily, with style


32. Creating Extension Methods Using Typescript

I really like C#'s extension method feature. I was trying to experiment it on Typescript with decorators.

33. Using WunderGraph and Interval for Building Internal Tools

Building internal tools, you either love it or hate it.

34. A Deep Dive into How Typescript Enums Work

Enums, short for Enumerations, are preset constants that can be defined by a developer for use elsewhere in the code.

35. Understanding Typescript Generics and How to Implement Them

Typescript generics are a way to create flexible, reusable code components in typescript.

36. Add Event Listener to Multiple Elements in Javascript

If you've ever worked in vanilla Javascript, you might be familiar with adding event listeners to elements using the following formula:

37. Creating User Interfaces Using 'Variables'

UI series #1 ft. variables

38. Casing Can Break Netlify Functions: Here's How

It may not be apparent when you're working on it locally, but quirks such as this one on Netlify can throw a wrench into your application deployed in prod.

39. Top 5 TypeScript Performance Tips

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about fast TS compilation. There are a lot of tips and tricks about TypeScript code style. But not about compiler performance.

40. Get the Last Element of a Javascript Array Using These Easy Steps

So you have a Javascript array, and you want to get the last element. Follow these steps.

41. Python vs JavaScript: Main Differences, Performance Comparison, and Areas of Application

The complexity of modern web apps lies far beyond creating eye-catching user interfaces with countless elements. To enable lag-free experience and effortless scalability, it’s important to pay due attention to the architecture design, which can be pretty challenging. Under the hood of a full-featured online app, different frameworks and libraries can peacefully coexist with different programming languages used to build software. Since the equation may contain so many variables, it’s essential to master your knowledge of each potential system component to know when and why to use them.

42. Solve Database Concurrency Issues with TypeOrm

Solve concurrency issues with typeorm query to fix race-condition and deadlock bug.

43. The 4 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Technology has made our lives easier with several forms of implementation that are seen in different professional fields. As most individuals began to efficiently program computers, programming languages with powerful tendencies and functionalities were born.

44. Powering the Future of Digital Project Development Through Data Democratization

Powering the Future of Digital Project Development Through Data Democratization

45. Vue Amsterdam Conference 2022 - Part IX - Full Stack Development With Nuxt 3 and Nitro

In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of full-stack development using Nuxt 3 and Nitro.

46. Programmer's Version of Schrodinger’s Cat: Options for JavaScript

Bringing Options to JavaScript and TypeScript.

47. Translate Your React App with Tolgee: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tutorial how to localize (i18n) React application using Tolgee. It allows you to translate your string in-context and generate screenshots.

48. Checkers on React - Part 4 - Figures, Selection

Adding figures and selection to a version of Checkers made on React is reasonably simple if you know the basic steps of adding game logic into the language

49. How to Get Started with TypeScript

Sometimes it’s necessary to set up a development environment for writing TypeScript code. This article will show you how it’s done.

50. Utility Types in Typescript - Part 2: Pick, Omit, Record

Typescript utility types allows Javascript developers to carry out type transformations. Some examples of utility types are Pick, Omit and Record.

51. The Factory Method pattern in TypeScript

The Factory Method pattern is a design pattern that is used to create objects without specifying the exact class of object that will be created.

52. Using React-Typescript With FaceIO for User Face Authentication

This is part of a two part series, where I am going to show you how to use React and Typescript coupled with FaceIO to sign-up and authenticate a user.

53. Testing a React App with Jest and react-testing-library

How to test a React App, with Jest and react-testing-library

54. Javascript Sets: An Essential Guide

A Set in Javascript is a unique list of values, similar to the set data type in Python.

55. Checkers on React - Part 1 - Project Configuration and Initialization

I want to start a series of stories where I will try to implement a Checkers game.

56. Nullish Coalescing Operator (??)

Nullish coalescing vs or operator explained and why it will help keep out bugs out of your code.

57. How the TypeScript NonNullable Type Works

The NonNullable type is a utility type in TypeScript which creates a new type, whilst removing all null or undefined elements.

58. On Developing Career in Tech with Andrey Goncharov, Senior Software Engineer at Facebook

In this installment of Meet the Writer series Andrey G, Facebook's senior software engineer, shares his thoughts on career development and his love of sugar.

59. How to Use Default Parameters in TypeScript

When we talk about default parameters, we are talking about giving arguments values that should be used, if that argument is undefined.

60. Fast Development With NodeJS: NestJS Boilerplate

NodeJS NestJS boilerplate for fast starting a new backend project based on REST API

61. On Recursion and Trampolining

Did you know that recursion can be optimized using a concept which works similar to the way how we jump on a trampoline.

62. What Is an Array Type in Typescript

Arrays work the same in TypeScript as they do in Javascript, the only difference being that we have to define their type upfront.

63. What I learned from building a chat project with and React

Well, after some I did some search on Google, I found an article with a developer who had the same issue. One and the awarded response was to use socket.

64. Utility types in Typescript - Part 1: Partial, Required, Readonly

Typescript utility types allows Javascript developers to carry out type transformations. Some examples of utility types are Partial, Required and Readonly.

65. Understanding the useContext Hook for Efficient State Management in React

Learn how to efficiently manage state in React applications using the useContext hook.

66. React Tutorial: How To Build a Virtualized List with Infinite Scroll and a Hook

When rendering a large set of data (e.g. list, table, etc.) in React, we all face performance/memory troubles. However, we can use the technique of DOM recycling to solve the troubles.

67. 5 Exciting New JavaScript Features You Can Use Today

5 Must-Know Features in JavaScript ES2022: Enhance Your Code and Boost Your Productivity

68. Why Deno Could Replace Node

What is Deno, why does it matter, and how is it currently used for server-side JavaScript?

69. Using Decorators in Typescript

Typescript is a superset of Javascript. Decorators in Typescript are functions that add special behaviors to a class or members of a class.

70. How to Remove the Last Element of a JavaScript Array

One of the most frequent operations we perform on an array is removing the last element. There are a few different ways to do this - but one of the most common

71. Get Started in Web3 by Building a Web3 Storage App in 4 Steps

Learn how to build a notes taking app using web3 storage app in 4 simple steps, using nexts, typescript, ipfs, and zk block.

72. Using Union Types to Improve Your TypeScript Code

What are union types and how you can use them to your advantage!

73. Get the Return Type of a Function in Typescript Using ReturnType

The ReturnType utility Type in TypeScript lets us take the outputs of a function, and codify a new type based on that. Let's look at how it works.

74. The Best JavaScript Tools in 2022: An Essential Guide to Better Development

A breakdown of the most important JS dev tools in 2022, including their most relevant tradeoffs, and some opinionated advice sprinkled on top.

75. The Future of Serverless API Development is Now

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of WunderGraph Cloud! Today, we are excited to announce the launch of WunderGraph Cloud!

76. Checkers on React - Part 3 - Figure

77. How Records Can Help You Implement Complex Data in Typescript

TypeScript Records are a great way to ensure consistency when trying to implement more complex types of data.

78. Understanding Nullish Coalescing (or ??) in Javascript

The nullish coalescing operator is useful in situations where something can be returned as either null or undefined, and helps us tighten up our code.

79. More Features of the RTK Query

Previously I wrote about RTK, this story will cover other details of its use.

80. Implement Dynamics REST API using Node.js [Tutorial]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools, although currently Dynamics is more popular for its CRM capabilities.

81. An Introduction to Building on the Solana Network

This tutorial will teach you how to build and deploy your own programs on the Solana blockchain!

82. Using the typeof Operator in TypeScript

Let's look at how typeof works in TypeScript.

83. The Simplicity of tRPC with the Power of GraphQL

84. Intro Guide to the GraphQL API using Node.JS and Apollo

GraphQL is the alternative for REST made by Facebook. When Facebook reached the limits of REST API, they had to make something breaking these limits.

85. How I Organized my Node.js REST API

When I started using Node.js for building REST APIs on the server side, I struggled a lot with the same question over and over again:

86. Is Typescript Right for Your Project?

A conceptual dive into the pros and cons of typescript and what sets it apart from javascript.

87. Build a Simple Todo App with React Native and TypeScript

How To Setup React Native and Create a Simple ToDo App

88. Build a Toast Message Component via React and Styled Components with Ease

Toast Notifications are yet another way to provide feedback to the user. They usually contain brief messages and sometimes get accompanied by CTAs as well.

89. An Introduction to the Xanny Framework

Xanny finally reached version 1.0 in Dec 2020. According to its official repository, Xanny is a simple, fast and low HTTP router and URL marcher for building Deno servers.

90. How to Build a Scalable URL Shortener With Cloudflare Workers and KV Under 10 Minutes

In this article, we will use Cloudflare Workers and KV to create a scalable URL shortener service that you can use to shorten your application links.

91. Automate the Boring Stuff ...using Gulp.js

Full Disclosure:

92. A Prisma ORM Review

Prisma ORM is a good choice for your project. It lacks some features of other ORMs. But it's not a big deal because you can jump the lover levels of raw SQL

93. Sharing Observables: Preventing Identical Http Calls

Assume the following case: You have an Angular/Ionic project that has multiple components that need the same resource. When the app loaded, the components will start getting the fresh data from the backend. Hence you will probably see multiple identical calls in the Network tab.

94. Harnessing the power of Mixins in Angular

What is a mixin? As per version 2.2, TypeScript now supports the concept of a mixin - a function that can take a class, extend it with some functionality, and then return the new class, allowing other classes to extend from it - allowing classes to mix and share functionalities!

95. Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis on Angular

I was writing a chat bot where a user interacts with a machine learning powered bot, then I wanted to write a general example application for anybody to use it. In this application, there will not be any intelligence. The bot will simply recite what it heard so that anyone can implement his/her own logic.

96. React + Express + Typescript Boilerplate with Performance and Extended Functionality

Why Another Boilerplate

97. How to Make a WebSocket Server With JavaScript: I Like My Servers Like I Like My Coffee, My Own

If you try to do something real-time with REST APIs, you're going to have a bad time.

98. How to Add Custom Shortcuts and Code Snippets to VS Code

In this article, we'll learn how to create custom VS Code shortcuts and code snippets.

99. How to Build a React Component Library From Scratch

A component library is one of the coolest things a web developer can make, but if you don't know how to make one, let me guide you a bit.

100. Hammering at Clean Architecture

Who doesn’t like sharpshooting wood elves, chaos infested wastes and dwarfs digging deep under the mountain for treasures? Daring Sigmarite warrior priests and armour-clad chaos Chosen and all manner of other fantastic creatures? I know this might sound weird, but this is an article about programming! I’ve recently gained interest in trying to understand a bit more about Uncle Bob’s clean architecture design and, to do that, I’ve created a small app that I believe showcases some of the main strengths that I believe it has. Disclaimer: All Warhammer references are the property of Games Workshop and I also do not claim to be some clean architecture guru. But maybe this will help someone else with their first steps in grasping the concepts of this cool new toy I’ve found.

101. Upgrading Angular From v8 to v13

Upgrading from Angular 8 to 13 - the most common errors and their respective solutions

102. Early Exit From Functions

Ok! It's crucial to keep the code readable and maintainable. One of the easiest ways to increase readability is terminating early from methods/functions.

103. The Only API You Need!

"The Only API" is an open-source SDK that allows developers to query for anything they need in any data format. It has limitless capabilities. Try it now!

104. Understanding Javascript's Array Slice Method

The slice method on arrays returns a shallow copy of a part of an array. It takes two numbers, a start, and an end. Every array has a slice method.

105. Understanding the Javascript Array Reduce Method

The JS reduce method is a recursive way to perform a computation based on every element in the array while considering the previous elements of the array.

106. How to Get Started With a Clean Architecture Template for NodeJS, Ts.ED and TypeScript

🔰🦸 Template to start developing a REST API with Node.js (Express), TypeScript, Ts.ED, ESLint, Prettier, Husky, Prisma, etc.

107. How To Use Debounce in Next.js

Understanding Debounce in Next.js

108. How to Pass Optional Parameters in Typescript

If you try to run a function with a different number of parameters than the function actually has, you'll get an error in TypeScript. Here's how to get past it.

109. 5 Complex TypeScript Problems Solved Using One Simple Example

I will try to tell with a simple example of how TS can be applied, and how to solve seemingly complex problems step by step.

110. Set Up Hardhat with Typescript

In this tutor, we will set up Hardhat with Typescript. Hardhat is a development environment for compiling, deploying, testing, and debugging Solidity Smart Cont

111. Going From Zero to Transpiling your First App in TypeScript

TypeScript for Beginners - Introduction, setup and running your first TypeScript code

112. Using TypeScript for AWS Lambda [A How-To Guide]

When we are using NodeJS as the runtime for AWS Lambdas, JavaScript is the default language. However, due to the lack of typing check in JavaScript, from time to time, buggy codes are deployed to Lambda inadvertently. Such as a small typo like this:

113. React-Native Background Location Module For Android

This post will cover a topic that has been key in many applications and will focus on a solution working fully on the background and the most interesting part of all: working from Android 4.4 (SDK 19) to the most recent version at the time of writing which is Android Oreo (SDK 27).

114. Everything You Need to Know About Promise.all() in JavaScript

The Promise.all method in Javascript is a function that accepts many promises and then does something only after they have all been settled.

115. 5 Software Engineer Approved Ways to Optimize Development of a React App

When it comes to React, there are some of the things that will optimize your code and will give you better results in it.

116. Determine Whether an Array in JavaScript Is a Subset of Another Array

There are many cases where knowing when an array is a subset of another can be pretty useful.

117. How I Made a YouTube Video With React

I wanted a good animation for my first YouTube video. But with no experience with tools like After Effects, what can I do? React JS to the rescue!

118. Migrating Away From Query Builders and ORMs in JavaScript or TypeScript

I spent the better part of a day moving a project completely off of the ORM we were using (TypeORM). Ever since I started doing web development, I’ve been using some kind of heavy abstraction on top of my database. Whether it’s Mongoose when I used MongoDB, or TypeORM when I decided to move to TypeScript and PostgreSQL. However, it turns out that ORMs and query builders aren’t so great. I used to be that person that thought ORMs and query builders did the job for me, and I used it as an excuse to not learn SQL (which is what everyone tells you NOT to do). Given the tools that exist today, I would wholeheartedly recommend doing it the opposite of how I did if you’re starting off new to these things — write your SQL stuff by hand, or with help from the tools I mention later in the post. It’ll feel really slow at first, but you’ll thank yourself later 😄

119. Master The Art Of Using Typescript Without The Compile Step

If you're like me you create scripts to automate things all the time. While you can do quite a bit with bash, it's just a lot easier to use your primary language--in this case TypeScript. With just a few tricks you can start writing your scripts in TypeScript.

120. How To Link Mongoose And Typescript for a Single Source of Truth

Without external tools

121. Building Shared Access Shopping Cart With Angular & Firebase

Retail illustration by Sail Ho Studio

122. API Error Handling in React

I will tell you what formats for common handlers exist and why it is better to agree on a single format with the backend than to fence a new solution every time

123. Create, Deploy and Mint Smart Contract (ERC-721) with NodeJS + Hardhat + Walletconnect + Web3modal

We will create ERC-721 smartcontract, deploy to Goerli with Hardhat + Solidity. For minting we will use NextJs + WalletConnect + Web3Modal

124. What is the "this" Parameter In JavaScript

The "this" parameter in JavaScript is like that oddly concealed obstacle on a path that keeps tripping people.

125. Pocket Guide to Javascript Array Some Method

The some array method lets us check if some elements pass certain criteria. Let's look at how it works.

126. GraphQL Is Not a Silver Bullet

GraphQL is not a configuration language, also not a transformation language, a replacement for SQL, and definitely not Terraform.

127. Build a Solana Crowdfunding App using React

A step-by-step guide to building a Solana Crowdfunding App using React and TypeScript.

128. How We Built A Rich Text Editor in React with SlateJS

Building an awesome editor for your React-based web application is by no means easy. But with SlateJS things get much easier. Even with the help of Slate, building a full-featured editor is way more work than we can cover in one blog post, so this post will give you the big picture and subsequent posts will dive into the dirty details.

129. What's The Right Way to Fetch Data in React Hooks? [A Deep Dive]

The React Hooks docs has a FAQ entry: “How can I do data fetching with Hooks?” where they link to this well written and detailed article by Robin Wieruch. There is however a shortcoming in that approach which affects correctness is some important situations.

130. Meet the Holy Trinity of Functional Programming: Map, Filter, and Reduce

You've watched the Youtube videos, you've done the tutorials on Pluralsight and you consider yourself a Javascript expert.

131. How to Determine Whether a JavaScript Object Is Empty

Defining a new object in Javascript is pretty easy - but what if you want to find out if it's empty?

132. Meet the Writer: Matt Sokola on Helping People Feel Less Lonely on their Programming Journey

Matt Sokola is a software engineer whose latest Hacker Noon Top story was on building a clone of the 2048 game with React and TypeScript.

133. Using React and Typescript to Create Reusable and Customizable Modals

Create reusable and customizable modals with React and TypeScript. Learn how to make a complete modal with React Portals and styled-components.

134. How to Become a TypeScript Badass

135. How to Set the Default Node.JS version with nvm

136. Writing a Production Ready Express Server [A Step by Step Guide]

In this article I will be explaining how to write a simple express server that is of Production Grade.

137. How to Create Your First NestJS App

In this article, I’m going to walk you through developing a simple todo rest application in NestJS and give you an overview of this framework.

138. 5 Situations Where TypeScript is Overkill: A Guide for Developers

This article explores situations where TypeScript may be overkill, such as simple projects, prototyping, limited resources, tight deadlines, and legacy code.

139. The Most Convenient Ways of Writing Transactions Within the Nest.js + TypeORM Stack

If you have some troubles with transactions in Nest.js - this article will help you.

140. How to Interact With the Elrond Blockchain in a Simple Static Website

The tool is called elven.js. It is an open-source MIT licensed tool based on the official erdjs SDK. What it does is it

141. TypeScript vs JavaScript: Understanding the Differences

In this guide, I'll explain exactly what TypeScript is and why it's different from Javascript.

142. Create a Custom React Library in TypeScript to Re-Use Across Your Projects With Storybook

Move all the reusable components like buttons, input fields, headers, icons, etc., everything that your app needs, into a separate, installable package.

143. The New Solidity Dev Stack: Buidler + Ethers + Waffle + Typescript [Tutorial]

Ethereum development, while still very nascent in feel, has come a long way. When I started developing Solidity smart contracts and Ethereum dapps in 2017, Truffle and Web3.js were the industry standard. These are great tools and I have tons of respect for the people that built them. However, anyone who has used them has dealt with bugs and sometimes poor developer experience. There are a few new tools out there that have clearly been inspired by these first sets of tools and made the developer process much better.

144. Conditional Rendering in Vue

v-if and v-show are two ways to conditionally render content in Vue.

145. Typescript 3.9: What got changed?

Hey! guys, in this post I will be discussing the changes brought in by typescript 3.9. I will give some code examples and brief descriptions.

146. A Closer Look at Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE) in JavaScript

Immediately invoked function expressions, or IIFE, are functions that are run as soon as you define the function.

147. A Quick Look at NodeLists and How They Work

Did you know that Javascript does not class a selection of multiple elements as an array?

148. JavaScript Loops: for/forEach/for.. in/for.. of Explained

There are quite a few ways in Javascript to loop through an array of items or any other iterable item in Javascript. You may have seen them:

149. How to Add Notifications to your React Navigation bar

150. Learn Advanced TypeScript

Despite the popularity of currying and the rise of functional programming (and of TypeScript), it is still a hassle today to make use of curry and have proper type checks. Even famous libraries like Ramda do not provide generic types for their curry implementations (but we will).

151. How To Set Up a tsconfig For Nodejs

Learn how to easily setup a tsconfig file to build for nodejs.

152. How Optional Chaining Can Save You From Unexpected Errors in Javascript

Optional chaining is a feature in Javascript which lets us access the child properties of an object, even if the parent object doesn't exist.

153. Webpack to Vite: Improving Speed and Performance

We migrated our web app’s codebase from Webpack 4 to Vite for one simple reason: speed.

154. Implementing Social Login for a React and Backend App

Implementing Social Login: A Step-by-Step Guide in React with Typescript. How to add Github and Google login for users and taking advantage of the social netwo

155. The Dangers of False Interpretations When Using the Promises API

JavaScript Promises have an API that can lead to incorrect interpreting of potential results by developers. This is how it works and how to avoid the error.

156. Checkers on React - Part 2 - Creating the Gameboard

In this tutorial, we will start with creating the game board.

157. JS Community Reacts to George Floyd’s Death

The killing by Minnesota police of George Floyd grabbed the media's attention recently. Nobody can be indifferent to this heinous crime, and the JS community has also reacted to the incident.

158. How to Create an Instant Search Input with Debounce in React.js

I recently built an anime app that fetches details about animes from an external API. The project had an input field where you could type in the name of an anime to search for. The text typed in the input field was then used to query the API for animes matching the input. The input field was to use “instant search” mechanism. This meant that users where not required to hit enter or press a button for the search to occur. To prevent making a call to the API on every keystroke, I had to debounce the queries made to the API.

159. How to Transport Your Components Anywhere With React Portals

To solve this problem, we can teleport the modal out of its own component and into another part of our template using createPortal.

160. Using Destructuring and Inline Types Can Hurt Your TypeScript Codebase

I want to show you how using destructuring and inline types in TypeScript makes your codebase less readable!

161. How I Use Node.js for DevOps Scripting

If you're using TypeScript/Node.js to write your application code, you should use them to write your DevOps scripts.

162. Introducing the Satisfies Operator in TypeScript

TypeScript beta 4.9 came with the new satisfies operator.

163. Are Angular and Angular JS The Same?

In this article, we figure out the key differences between Angular and AngularJS open source tools for front end developers to make the usage of these frameworks, terms, and names more conscious. But before we start to compare, let’s clarify what these names mean.

164. Protect Your Application by Hiding API Keys and Tokens in React

Discover how to hide your API keys and tokens in React using environment variables with Vite and nodejs. Protect the security of your services.

165. RTK for the useReducer Hook: A Guide

So, in the basic scenario when there are no needs in the redux, I will only use the hook itself without heavy libraries just for the small feature.

166. Checkers on React - Part 6 - Player

It’s time to add Players and the ability to change the current player on every next turn.

167. The Array Every Method in JavaScript

Sometimes, with arrays, we want to test every element for a certain condition.

168. I Built a VSCode Extension: ngrok for VSCode

Over the Easter weekend, a four day weekend characterised by lockdowns all over the world, I decided to use the extra time I had at home to start a new project and learn a new skill. By the end of the weekend I was proud to release my first VSCode extension: ngrok for VSCode.

169. Out With Javascript, In With Typescript - The New Favorite Language

According to the latest report, Typescript has surpassed Javascript to become world's favourite language for developers.

170. The 4 Pillars Of Automation

In the test automation world, there is a competition between Puppeteer vs Playwright vs Selenium vs Cypress. These four pillars form the backbone of the space.

171. Using Next.js to Effectively Format a Page and Structure Its SEO

Organizing your Next.js application and using its components.

172. How to Insert an Item Into an Array at a Specific Index in Javascript

We use the splice method to insert an item into an array at a specific index in javascript, which takes 3 arguments - and also lets us delete items too.

173. Future Javascript: Types May Finally be Coming to Javascript

The type annotations specification specifies how Javascript will, in the future, implement types. Let's look at how types in Javascript will work.

174. JSWorld Conference 2022: Part I

JSWorld Conference is the number one JavaScript Conference in the world, and I share a summary of all the talks with you. Part I

175. Efficient State Management in JavaScript Apps with Statemanjs

Statemanjs is a powerful, efficient state management library for JavaScript and Node.js.

176. How to Create a Serverless API Using AWS Lambda and Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js

An example application using the Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js where a serverless API will be implemented and deployed on the AWS Lambda service.

177. Autocomplete Search Component With React and TypeScript

Autocomplete Search Component With React and TypeScript

178. Connecting React 17, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, NextJS Into Developers Friendly Application

NextJS is becoming a de facto framework for modern web development. In this article we will build a starter repo that you can use for every new project.

179. How to Create Your ESLint Plugin in Typescript With a Template, Tests, and Publication

Step by step guide to write eslint plugin using typescript with tests and template

180. Easily Create An NFT App Using The New Infura NFT SDK TypeScript

If you know typescript, it’s easy to add the ability to create, mint, and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to your app.

181. “JavaScript has Never Been My Favorite Language” - Interview with Node.js Creator Ryan Dahl

Ryan Dahl speaks about the main challenges in Deno, the future of JavaScript and TypeScript.

182. The Typescript Quirks That Pushed me to Create a New Dependency Injection Library

The Typescript quirks that pushed me to reinvent the wheel by creating a new-brand Dependency Injection library for Javascript.

183. A Review of Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript are a simple, one-dimensional way to store simple sets of data. Arrays are non-unique, which means they can store duplicates (unlike sets).

184. Dev without Ops - Why we are building The Vercel for Backend

It was a great feeling to see my first website live on the internet.

185. Designing a URL Shortener in Deno

In this article, we’re going to learn the basics of Deno, like how to run a program and embrace security.

186. How to Add Localization to Vue.js App with vue-i18n and Localazy

Localization of any type of application, be it a web, mobile or desktop app, can be tedious and irritating. In this article, I’ll show you how can you handle that easily with Localazy and vue-18n in a way that you’ll spend your time effectively and actually enjoy the localization process.

187. How to Set Up a Monorepo With Vite, TypeScript, and Pnpm Workspaces

In this article, we will talk about how to set up a monorepo with Vite, Typescript, and pnpm workspaces.

188. 10 More TypeScript Alternatives

In this article, we will continue our discussion and talk about the most popular TypeScript alternatives.

189. Create a Full Autocomplete Search Application with Elasticsearch, Kibana, NestJS and React

In this article, I will be walking you through how to set up elasticsearch on your PC.

190. A Method That Will Help You Clone Netflix With Micro Frontends The Right Way

I created a Netflix clone using Piral: an open-source framework for creating modular applications.

191. Sending an Invoice and Adding a Payment Reminder in Next.js with Courier API

How to send invoices and add a payment reminder in Next.js with Courier API. Utilizes React and JavaScript to build services in Node.JS.

192. The Complete Guide to Making Sense of Types in TypeScript

193. Locking down your API_KEY and why that is important

Do you leave your keys inside your car in a big parking lot? If not, then why do you expose your API_KEYs in your Github projects?

194. A Post-Mortem in 5 Acts: How Microsoft Privatized Open Source And Killed JavaScript in the Process

After Microsoft’s blitzkrieg take-over, the Open-Source JavaScript community as we know it is coming to an end. It’s a ‘secret’ war with high-tech propaganda.

195. How I Migrated My WordPress Site to GitHub Pages

A short article about how I migrated my WordPress site to GitHub Pages

196. "Change Your Inner Intent And Your Life Will Turn Around", Interview with Pierre-Antoine Mill

Pierre-Antoine Mill from France has been nominated for a 2020 #Noonie in the Software Development category.

197. Checkers on React - Part 5 - Simple movement

Adding simple movement to Checkers made in React, part of a series on learning how to implement the systems ended to create a simple boardgame on React.

198. When are Barrel Exports Harmful

Why we should be careful not to abuse barrel exports in our TypeScript code.

199. How to Run A Cronjob That Stops an EC2 Instance When SSH or Session Manager Connections are Closed

How to use the AWS CDK to provision an EC2 instance that is automatically stopped when there are no open SSH or Session Manager connections to it.

200. Localizing your React App with LinguiJS and Localazy

Do you have an app that you use and you want to localize it? Localizing is very important to ensure that all people can use your app with ease. With Localazy and LinguiJS you can achieve it easily (and for free)!

201. Comparing the Best TypeScript Alternatives [Part I]

TypeScript, Dart, CoffeeScript, and Elm are all programming languages used for building web applications, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

202. Understanding Function Overloading in TypeScript

Function overloads, generics and union types — excellent tools for full-fledged work with types in TypeScript.

203. Making HTTP Requests With Axios in TypeScript

We decided to rewrite our simple fetch service to a more powerful solution with the ability to cancel requests which were sent previously.

204. Understanding innerHTML in Javascript

In Javascript, we have lots of different ways to manipulate DOM elements. Here, we take a look at one of the simplest ways to do so.

205. How To Boost Your Coding Productivity with Plop

Previously, I talked about how Plop can help increase productivity when coding by reducing context switching. In this article, we’ll dive into an example and configure a Plop generator to create a React component in Typescript. By the end, you’ll be able to start using Plop to build your own generators for any type of project and reap the productivity benefits!

206. Fluent Interface With Callbacks

207. Why Learn Any Other Programming Language When You Can Learn Typescript?

Use TypeScript in all your projects and all use cases without any limitation. You can now do frontend, backend, infrastructure and machine learning in one progr

208. The Coder's Gambit: Create a Chess Game with React and Chessboardjsx

In this article we are going to create a chess game with React and Chessboardjsx ♟️. On top of that, we will use the chess.js library.

209. Vue Amsterdam 2022 - Part II: Getting More Out of Your Pinia Stores

In this talk Eduardo goes through some of the internals of Pinia, understanding them and discovering how to enhance our usage of Pinia.

210. Interview with Ajdin Imsirovic on Angular and Frontend Web Development

Today I'm pleased to interview Ajdin Imsirovic, senior developer, author and teacher of two brand new Angular courses on Learnetto - The Free Visual Guide to Getting Started with Angular and The Complete Practical Angular Course.

211. 60fps: Powerful Tricks & Tools To Stop TypeScript and Javascript Jank

Keep web apps and sites smooth and interactive while processing with these tricks and tools.

212. 7 Tips to Making Your Puppeteer Scripts More Bulletproof

How these 7 tips and tricks can help your puppeteer code stand out and work more reliably.

213. Let’s Explore ARK Core v3: Bootstrap & Events [Part 2]

This is Part 2 of 6 in the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

214. 🐲 Dragon Router Introduction: HTTP Router and URL Matcher For Building Deno Web Servers

⚡A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Deno web servers with dragon 🐲.

215. S.O.L.I.D. Software Design Principles To Help You Become A Better Developer

S.O.L.I.D design principle comes from Object oriented programming guidelines. It is designed to develop software that can be easily maintained and extended; prevents code smells; easy to refractor; promotes agility and finally incorporates rapid + frequent changes quickly without bugs.

216. JavaScript Maps: Everything You Need to Know

You might be using Javascript plain old objects right now when a map may be a better solution to your problem.

217. Let's Explore ARK Core: Kernel & Services [Part 3]

This is Part 3 of 6 in the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

218. Quick Tips For Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

Some useful tips to keep in mind when migrating your JavaScript project to TypeScript

219. How You Can Build an API Client Library in JavaScript

Every time I find myself connecting to a third-party API that doesn't have a client library I have to create a lot of boilerplate around it:

220. Everybody Loves Rust: How Rust is Being Used in Production

Who uses Rust, and what are the benefits of choosing this programming language for your stack? Find out the answer in stories from 9 successful companies.

221. Caching Observables/Promises

Sometimes, we may just want to cache a method return value for sometime. Typescript decorators come really handy. We can create a custom decorator and drop it on a method and be done with it.

222. Webiny v5 Update: DynamoDB, VPC Support, and Performance Improvements

In the last 6 months, we put 100% of our focus on addressing this feedback and getting Webiny to the next level. Today we present the Webiny v5 release.

223. Vue Amsterdam 2022 - Part I: State of the Vuenion

Overview of the Vue Eco-System in 2022. Evan You talks about Vue 3, Vue 2.7, Vue 3.3, Nuxt 3, Vuetify 3, Vite, VitePress, Volar, Vitest, etc

224. Unexpected Discoveries in TypeORM 0.3.11

TypeORM is an ORM tool for TypeScript, supports popular databases and make it easy to interact with them. Upgrade to v0.3.11 for new features and improvements.

225. How To Get The Most Out Of TypeScript

I love TypeScript. I’ve been using it for over 2 years in various projects, and the more I use it the less compelling I find vanilla Javascript.

226. Build Faster Next.js Static Sites Using MDX And Contentlayer

Publishing static content becomes so effortless with Next.js, MDX, and Contentlayer. This article will show you how easy it is to implement that system.

227. How to Write & Organize Node.js API Tests the Right Way

An architecture for writing and organizing your Unit & Integration Tests for Node.js REST APIs using Jest, Supertest & Chai.

228. The Noonification: What is a Support Vector Machine? (10/10/2022)

10/10/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

229. How to Build a TypeScript Project for Both CJS and ESM Targets

Learn how to build a TypeScript library for both ESM and CommonJS targets using elegant configuration without third-party dependencies!

230. Node.js Vs Flask: Which One Has A Better Performance

Curious about how Flask stacks up against Node.js? These are my thoughts on the matter.

231. Making an Electron 7 React app for the challenger Bank Revolut

Living in the UK, it is almost impossible not to be tempted to try the new challenger banks such as Revolut, Starling and Monzo. I am currently using Revolut as my main bank account and felt the need to access it from my computer.

232. A TypeScript tale -  Episode I

The first of a series of articles about TypeScript.

233. How To Setup Caching in Nodejs

How to use decorators to implement in a few lines of code a coaching mechanism for both node and web application

234. Refi App Allows Devs to Get Through 4 Firestore Issues at Once: Learn More

Refi App - A tool to make developer less painful when interacting with Firestore DB

235. No More Heavy RAM Memory Consumption: Apply These 3 Secret Techniques

It turns out that running ts-node-dev / ts-node is constantly consuming hundreds of megabytes of RAM - Here's how to fix it

236. How to Publish React Components from any App

In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how to publish React components from any application to Bit's registry. Components will be published as independent packages that later could be installed using NPM, Yarn or Bit.

237. Real-Time GraphQL API Exploration with GraphQuill

As software engineers, we use tools built by other devs dozens of times a day. Personally, I use over 15 VS Code extensions. Until my team and I set out to build GraphQuill, I didn’t have the slightest clue about the process of developing and publishing an extension. It’s been a fun and worthwhile experience working within the VS Code extension space, so when my team and I got together to discuss releasing GraphQuill, I insisted we include a behind the scenes look at the development process and what challenged/excited us throughout.

238. Create Rest API with Mongoose and Plumier Delightfully

If you ever created a rest api using Express, TypeScript and Mongoose you might notice duplication issue caused by declaration of domain model and Mongoose schema.

239. Smartype Hubs: Keeping Developers in Sync With Your Data Plan

Implementing tracking code based on an outdated version of your organization's data plan can result in time-consuming debugging, dirty data pipelines, an

240. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs are a Gamechanger, Blurring the Line Between Client & Server

Full-Stack development just reached a whole new level of productivity. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs, as I call them, blur the lines between client and server.

241. Building Embeddable Widgets with TypeScript

Step-by-step process from creating an Embedded widget using Shadow DOM and Typescript.

242. TypeScript Interfaces and Types: A Comparison

Let's take a look at how Typescript Interfaces and types differ.

243. How to Remove Duplicate Elements in Javascript Arrays

Javascript arrays can contain duplicates - which is fine most of the time, but can sometimes cause some issues.

244. Let's Explore ARK Core v3: Extensibility [Part 4]

This is Part 4 of 6 in the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

245. Top 10 Libraries to Kick Start Your JavaScript and TypeScript

Here’s a list of unique libraries that you can use to get your next idea off the ground.

246. Let’s Explore ARK Core v3: Infrastructure [Part 1]

This is Part 1 of 6 in the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

247. How to Sort an Array by Date in Javascript

We've all been in a situation in Javascript where we have a set of data, all with different dates, which we want to sort by date quickly.

248. Google Summer of Code: How I Got In and How You Can Too

Wanna get into Google Summer of Code? Lean about how I did and maybe you can too!

249. Let's Explore ARK Core v3: Tooling [Part 6]

This is Part 6 of the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of the ARK Core Codebase alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

250. Deskreen Introduction: Turn Any Device With Browser Into a Secondary Screen

I created Deskreen. It turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen for your computer

251. The Mediator Pattern for Ultimate Coding Speed

Improve coding speed, reduce code breaks, increase flexibility and modularity with a simple yet underestimated pattern, the Mediator in the form of CQRS.

252. Understanding The RxJS Autorun Process

Hey, RxJS streamers! 🙋‍♂️

253. Let's Explore ARK Core v3: Maintainability & Testability [Part 5]

This is Part 5 of the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

254. Using Next.js 13’s Bleeding-Edge Features for Data Fetching

The app directory, Streaming, Suspense, and hybrid Server and Client Components were demystified — with a little help from GraphQL + WunderGraph.

255. Understanding the Magic of 'this' in JavaScript

It's something used all the time in Javascript, but often what it refers to is a mystery. Let's look at how this works in Javascript in different contexts.

256. The Boring React State Management Guide

What is State?

257. Approaching in-house Modern UI Library: Startup`s Guide

I can list down the reasons for “why” to do in-house, but I’ll refrain. Since you are landing here I assume you will know your why’s.

258. The Introduction To Blockchain App Development  (Part 1/2)

In this post we will get familiar with the architectural approaches that make blockchain application development almost like a walk in the park. We will address five simple, yet efficient software development approaches for blockchain applications. Each of them being supported with code samples and tutorials.

259. An AI-Based Code Completion System For All Languages

Deep learning at the rescue. In this article, I'll talk about TabNine, an AI Code Completion system for all languages, with a focus on JavaScript.

260. Bundlejs: An Online Esbuild-Based Bundler

The operating manual for, with tips and tricks to using bundlejs, and an explanation of how bundlejs works; esbuild-wasm, gzip/brotli compression.

261. Debugging RAM: Detect/Fix Memory Leaks in Managed Languages - Heap Deep Dive, Part 2

Java & JavaScript are garbage collected languages. But memory leaks can still plague them. Avoid, detect and fix these heap problems using this guide

262. Hemingway's Lessons on Building Reusable React Components

What can we learn about coding and creating reusable components with react from one of the greatest novelists ever?

263. React App Configuration with TypeScript and Webpack

A step by step guide on how to create a React project from scratch, with TypeScript and Webpack.

264. Migrating a 50K SLOC Flow + React Native app to TypeScript

Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

265. How I Remade 2048 Using React

Today you will learn how to build your own clone of the 2048 game in React.

266. Fetch the Right Data With Next.js and React SSR

A frontend developer should be able to define what data is needed for a given page

267. How To Build a Table With Sticky Headers in Pure CSS

While creating user interfaces, we often encounter the problem that there is more data in our tables than can be fitted in the visible viewport. To achieve an excellent user experience on components like Gannt charts, data tables and spreadsheets, we often use the sticky CSS property on the header elements. This is a simple task when doing it only on one edge of the table.

268. Component-Driven Collaboration

Component-Driven Collaboration (CDC) is a way to build frontend code, as a team, by delivering code updates as meaningful independent components. CDC can be contrasted by the "traditional" way of delivering updates with no clear borders, meaning or purpose.

269. Step Up Your Game and Start Using Nest

NestJs is an easy-to-learn and powerful framework. The beginner's guide for developers will teach you how to create an application using the NestJS framework.

270. Using ReactGrid and Chart.js to Create a Financial Liquidity Planner

We made ReactGrid to compose your view with arbitrary cell order. Today we present a few tips for implementing ReactGrid in your own React project.

271. 15 Best Web Development Tools To Use In 2021

Here are the best tools for web developers. Here is a list of tools that you can use to build your website, and all of them are useful. Read this article to get

272. JSWorld Conference 2022: Part II

JSWorld Conference is the number one JavaScript Conference in the world, and I share a summary of all the talks with you. Part II

273. Writing an Event Bus for React

Event Bus is great for lightweight event systems. We'll discover its use case in React and build an Event Bus from scratch with TypeScript.

274. Introduction to React Hooks and Why They are the Wrong Abstraction

Before I get started, I'd like to express how grateful I am for all of the work that the React team has put in over the years. They've created an awesome framework that in many ways was my introduction to the modern web. They have paved the path for me to believe the ideas I'm about to present and I would not have arrived at these conclusions without their ingenuity.

275. Connecting ReactGrid And Chart.js

Creating a sample app with ReactGrid, Chart.js and Typescript

276. How To Set Up tsconfig [Part 1]

Guide to TypeScript tsconfig.json. Settings explanation. Tips and tricks. Each new project I prefer to write on TS rather than native JavaScript.

277. How to Build Landmark Recognition App with React Native and Vision AI

In this article, we cover the second part of our two part series. We will create a React Native application that makes use of the Firebase Cloud Function that we created in the first part. Here I will cover building the application in detail. If you want to skip ahead to the finish line, the full code is available here.

278. An Introduction To TypeScript for JavaScript Developers

Learn Typescript to write maintainable code. Javascript is fast to prototype, but that's not all we want. Let's learn how to write type-safe code.

279. Let’s Explore ARK Core v3: Infrastructure [Part 1]

This is Part 1 of 6 in the Let’s Explore ARK Core series which documents the development of the next major release of ARK Core, alongside some tips & tricks on how to get started with contributing and building your next idea today.

280. Creating New Gatsby Theme with Typescript, MDX, and Theme-UI

Gatsby Themes provide a powerful way to share an opinionated set of configurations across multiple Gatsby sites. The features built into your Gatsby Theme will be abstracted out of your site and packaged as a dependency, providing an efficient way to develop similar Gatsby sites.

281. Records And Tuples Usage In React

Records & Tuples, a very interesting proposal, has just reached stage 2 at TC39.

282. How to Quickly Generate Microservices with Yeoman

A quick guide to creating a Yeoman generator for building microservices with an example of Express.js and Typescript app.

283. Create a NodeJS FAQ Chatbot - A Step-by-Step Guide

A FAQ Chatbot have the purpose of answering the most common questions asked by users. We will build one using Bard and some of its funtionalities, that will help us to build a smarter chatbot.

284. 5 easy wins to refactor even the ugliest code

Writing clean code can be a challenge when you start on a new project. Trying to clean up code in an already existing application without breaking anything is similar to this:

285. Creating Context in ReactJS Using TypeScript

A react context is meant to be used in more than one component or custom hook. Enforce typings in your context to ensure a better quality code

286. Introducing The Web Animations API and @okikio/animate

@okikio/animate is an animation library for the modern web, it uses the Web Animation API to deliver butter smooth animations at a small size.

287. 🎉 Deno: 1.0: A Review of Features [We're Going Live]

🤠 Introduction

288. Exploring TypeScript Mapped Types Together

Typescript Mapped Types From Beginner to Pro

289. The Dirty Code Problem: Improve Your Game with Good Naming Practices

The Rule: Whenever you name a variable, function, or class, ask if it is concise, honest, expressive, and complete.

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