2021 - One Year in EOS by@alfredodecandia
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2021 - One Year in EOS

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This year we will focus on the EOS blockchain and we will go to fix the most salient moments that have occurred throughout 2021, both moments of celebration and pugnacious moments inside and outside of the community. We sum up how the last year has passed between ups and downs, so also in the blockchain and crypto sector we can see how they have evolved and transformed, reaching or failing goals. This time we will. focus on EOS. We will. go to the various companies and projects we sum up. how the. various companies. have evolved, reached or failed goals.

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Having now reached the end of the year, just as for the various companies and projects, we sum up how the last year has passed between ups and downs, so also in the blockchain and crypto sector, we can see how they have evolved and transformed, reaching or failing goals.

This time we will focus on the EOS blockchain, and we will go to fix the most salient moments that have occurred throughout 2021, both moments of celebration and pugnacious moments inside and outside the community, so grab your cup full of kombucha, and let's browse the album memories.


  • 07, the Bullish.com website is updated

  • 10, Daniel Larimer resigns as CTO from Block.one, news that shocked everyone in the community;

  • 21, Block.one transfers over 20 million EOS from one of its accounts to the bullish account

  • 25, ImmuneBytes launches the audit service for smart contracts on EOS

  • 30, Daniel Larimer, in an interview with Amelia Tomasicchio (I prepared the questions), accuses Block.one of hindering development on EOS


  • 2, the next EOSIO Hackathon “Beyond Blockchain” is announced, also sponsored by Google Cloud

  • 4, the Greymass team, behind the famous Anchor Wallet, launches the possibility of creating EOS accounts and more

  • 9, Brendan Blumer announces that Block.one has launched the EOS VC fund for India

  • 24, the PowerUp Model arrives on the EOS blockchain, and from this moment on, all transactions have a cost to be processed (minimum about 0.0003 EOS)

  • 25, Block.one and Lacchain join forces to expand the use of the blockchain in Latin American territories


  • 1, the social media Voice announced the creation of NFTs for their articles

  • 2, the "Beyond Blockchain" Hackathon opens

  • 3, Daniel Larimer announces his new project, Clarion OS, intended as Layer 0 of the EOS blockchain

  • 12, EOSFinex announces its next closure but opens its code to everyone

  • 17, EOS Market Place explodes in Venezuela, demonstrating how EOS is a valid alternative to fiat and works in the real economy

  • 18, Block.one's EOS VC fund rewards EOS Nation and EOS Asia with over $ 630,000 for creating a decentralized platform to encourage and reward the development of dApps on EOS (spoiler, it will be called Pomelo)

  • 20, Brendan Blumer talks about ProFi (Programmable Finance) or a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) with KYC (Know Your Customer)

  • 27, Daniel Larimer proposes a roadmap for EdenOS to be integrated into the EOS blockchain


  • 1, Google Cloud strengthens its interest in this blockchain and mone it one of the best DLTs to carry out projects on

  • 2, it is not an April Fool, but from today, MetaMask can be used as a wallet for EOS, all thanks to EOS Argentina; here is my guide

  • 7, information emerges regarding Bullish and its hypothetical IPO (Initial Public Offering)

  • 21, Block.one announces a proposal to reward those who vote by exploiting the inflation of the blockchain itself

  • 25, the new CCID report arrives, which once again places EOS at the top of all other blockchains, surpassing Ethereum, which is in second place, and IOST, which is in third place

  • 28, the "Beyond Blockchain" Hackathon, with over 1300 participants, ends, and the winners are, in order, DAO Bull, gGoods, Recoverable Online Wallets (ROW), Finfluencers


  • 4, Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo announces the closure of Voice and its next reopening in 3 months, overturning the initial idea of ​​a decentralized social network to move to an NFT platform, then transforming Voice into an NFT marketplace

  • 11, The price of EOS goes beyond $14

  • 14, The "flash.sx" smart contract hack takes place where over 1 million EOS and almost half a million USDT are stolen (spoiler, the hacker refuses 100 thousand dollars, and I decide to block the account and recover all funds thanks to the consensus with the BPs)

  • 25, the first election for Eden ends

  • 30, Newdex announces its development of a new, more functional, and better DEX (Decentralized Exchange) with the integration of other blockchains and also the NDX token will be renamed to DEX and the supply resized with a 100: 1 ratio


  • 1, third birthday for the EOS blockchain since its launch

  • 2, more information arrives about the new Voice

  • 3, EOS Nation announces the Pomelo platform, the first crowdfunding platform on EOS for EOS projects

  • 11, Block.one closes a class action dispute by paying $ 27.5 million

  • 15, EOSTarter, the first incubator on EOS for projects on EOS, led by Hernan Arber, also starts

  • 23, The first confirmations of a merge between Bullish and Far Peak arrive


  • 1, the first DAO in the world to be legally recognized in America, CryptoFed DAO, is based on the EOS blockchain

  • 2, the first physical book connected to an NFT on the EOS blockchain arrives

  • 7, Block.one invests over $ 7 million in Chintai to expand its business and project

  • 9, Bullish's SPAC Merger is confirmed for over $ 9 billion

  • 17, the second vote for Eden starts

  • 26, Voice announces further details and the launch for mid-August

  • 27, the closed Bullish pilot starts with more than half a million dollars at stake to incentivize the test


  • 3, EOS Costa Rica launches the dashboard to check the statistics of the EOS blockchain and other EOSIO-based blockchains

  • 5, Voice will use USDC stablecoin

  • 6, the EOS Foundation is born, promoted by the former CEO of EOS Nation, Yves La Rose

  • 8, Brendan Blumer celebrates his 35th birthday

  • 11, I celebrate my birthday

  • 19, The EOS mainnet arrives on MetaMask, here is all the info

  • 25, EOS inflation goes from 1% to 3% as predicted by the EOS Foundation to use the funds to develop massively on EOS, thanks to the transfer of over 3 million EOS

  • 26, Voice will use a private EOSIO blockchain initially with the possibility in the future to migrate NFTs to and from other blockchains such as EOS and Ethereum


  • 6, Daniel Larimer announces the next official and on-chain election for Eden on October 9th
  • 17, Google Cloud begins accepting votes for his BP on EOS


  • 8, The EOS Network Foundation awards 6 projects with 100 thousand dollars each; the projects are EOS Go, ByWire News, AtomicAssets, Finney.World, Koreos, EOS Microloan

  • 9, Eden's first on-chain election concludes, and the elect are Aaron Cox, Chris Barnes, Jesse Jaffe, John Williamson, Brandon Lovejoy, Randall Roland

  • 16, THE EOS Network Foundation rewards 11 projects with a grant with 100 thousand dollars each, and these are: DefiBox, EOSDT, SOVDEX.io, Vigor Protocol, DeFis Network, Newdex, Organic Protocol, Pizza ProFi, DAPP Network, pNetwork, DAPP DAO Account

  • 26, Pomelo will launch the first match with the EOS Network Foundation worth 500 thousand dollars

  • 30, The opening of Pomelo is announced on 7 November


  • 1, The combination of Bullish and Far Peak LLC is registered with the SEC, bringing in Bullish's CEO, Tom Farley, and as director Brendan Blumer

  • 5, Guy Fawkes Night, recommended movie: V for Vendetta

  • 7, Pomelo opens the platform to everyone, giving away 500 thousand dollars to be distributed with quadratic funding

  • 8, Block.one announces to transfer a total of 45 million EOS to Helios (first tranche of 8 million EOS), VC led by Brock Pierce (spoiler, the community does not look favorably on the operation)

  • 19, The working groups sponsored by the EOS Network Foundation arrive, the branches are: Core +, Audit +, Wallet +, API +

  • 24, the anniversary of Hoken Tech


  • 1, Pomelo's first season ends with over $ 130,000 raised, 76 projects, 1022 donors

  • 6, Block.one tries to cater to the EOS community by offering 32 million EOS (spoiler, the community raises the middle finger)

  • 8, the EOS community denies payment to Block.one of 67 million EOS (spoiler, the DAO era begins in the DAO)

  • 10, eCurve, DeFi platform, is hacked by spider man (itsspiderman), and the PIZZA platform loses over $ 5 million in tokens (spoiler, spiderman requests a sum, BPs freeze accounts, PIZZA is slowly catching up funds)

  • 14, Daniel Larimer has seen the movie “Inception” too many times, EOS will soon be a DAO of DAO

  • 19, DefiBox launches the Gamebox platform to support projects that intend to develop games on the EOS blockchain

  • 20, Daniel Larimer proposed a new update (hard forks) for EOS, called Mandel, that will be ready on May 19th, 2022

  • 21, Bullish open to the public in over 40 Countries

  • 25, the team of ZEOS, project to create a token dedicated to privacy using ZK-SNARK, launches the ZEOS token to all holders of the PEOS token

An intense year full of progress never seen in a single year regarding this blockchain, and an incredible year awaits us both for the various progress of the various projects that have had funds from Pomelo, and for the next update of EOS, EOS 3.0.

So we just have to say goodbye to the new year and fill our wallets with this asset as it could prove to be the best investment for 2022.

For Italian readers, I also made a video with all the progress for this blockchain in 2021:


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