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162 Stories To Learn About Javascript Tutorial

by Learn RepoMay 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Javascript Tutorial via these 162 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Javascript Tutorial via these 162 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Building Blocks of DOM Manipulation - Vanilla JS Tutorial (Part One)

Learn the basics of DOM manipulation with Vanilla JS including set up, document.createElement(, .textContent, and more.

2. How to Declare Variables in Javascript: Let Vs. Var Vs. Const

A brief introduction on Let, Var, and Const keywords in Javascript.

3. Nullish Coalescing Operator (??)

Nullish coalescing vs or operator explained and why it will help keep out bugs out of your code.

4. How to Update Object Key Values Using Javascript

Javascript objects consist of key-value pairs and are one of the most common data structures in Javascript.

5. Web Scraping with Javascript and Node.js

Learn how to build a web scraper with Javascript and Node.js. Add anti-blocking techniques, a headless browser, and parallelize requests with a queue.

6. Assign Types To Nested Objects In TypeScript

TypeScript provides you with multiple ways to define type definitions for object properties. We'll look at a couple of them throughout this post.

7. The ABCs of JavaScript: apply, bind, and call

The ABCs of Javascript are: A - apply(), B - bind(), and C - call(). Using them, we can set what 'this' should refer to.

8. A Guide on How to Build a Blockchain with Javascript

Although JavaScript is now the most widely used programming language worldwide, it is not usually the first language picked for building a blockchain

9. Why Order in React Hooks Matters

React Hooks are a new feature in React 16.8. They are a powerful way to write stateful components. All this power comes at a cost, however.

10. How to Implement Caching Efficiently in NestJS Using Redis

In this post, we’ll look at using Redis to give cache capabilities to a NestJS project. We’ll discuss Redis, what caching is, and the implementation procedure.

11. How to Use Default Parameters in TypeScript

When we talk about default parameters, we are talking about giving arguments values that should be used, if that argument is undefined.

12. Implementing Infinite Scroll with Vanilla JS: It's Easy as A.B.C & D

This article will focus on how to use JavaScript to make use of some properties to achieve infinite scroll.

13. Exploring Javascript Console Object

The specifics of how console object works vary from browser to browser, but there is a de facto set of features that are typically provided.

14. Using JavaScript Grid Tutorial to Solve Issues With App Development

The importance of web and mobile apps that can handle massive volumes of data has skyrocketed over the past few years. As a result, small and large enterprises want to make the most of their data for monitoring and better decision-making.

15. How to Build Your Own Discord Bot with Discord.js (v13) 🤖

Learn how to use the updated discord.js library and make your own Discord bot.

16. Using JavaScript to Create and Generate UUIDs

Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) are used everywhere in software development for everything from identifying object elements to DOM elements on a web page

17. How to Remove Console Statements From Production Build in 3 Easy Ways

Console statements create performance or security issues if you mishandle them. This article explains three ways to remove them from your production build.

18. 32 Awesome JavaScript Snippets (one-liners) You Should Use in 2023

I'd like to share some useful JavaScript stuff I have saved

19. How to Use a Hook in a Class Component

Did you know that you can use hooks in class components?

OK, I'm lying, kind of. You can't use a hook directly in a class component, but you can use a hook in

20. Add Event Listener to Multiple Elements in Javascript

If you've ever worked in vanilla Javascript, you might be familiar with adding event listeners to elements using the following formula:

21. How to Encrypt and Decrypt with NodeJS

A simple tutorial to learn Encryption in NodeJS.

22. Speeding up Promises in JavaScript

23. How to Debug JavaScript Right Inside Your Chrome Browser

Chrome dev tools are a must have tools for modern day developers. Take your first step learning chrome dev tools by learning source debugger.

24. A Discord Bot to Save Messages as Notion Notes

Tutorial for a Discord bot that automatically saves messages from a Discord server to Notion, if an Admin reacts to them with a specific emoji, say ✍️.

25. Сurrying 101: A Quick Guide for JavaScript Devs

The essence of currying is simple: to take a function of any arity (number of expected arguments) and make it into a unary function.

26. 10 Useful JavaScript Functions to Learn

Read about the 10 must-know JavaScript array functions.

27. How to Print images with TSPL and JavaScript

How to Print images with TSPL and JavaScript

28. React: Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

Can you learn React in five minutes? Well, it depends on what you mean by “learn React”. In this blog post you will “learn the basics of React” in five minutes!

29. Creating a Screen Sharing Application With JavaScript

Have you ever wondered how hard or easy it would be to create your own screen-sharing application? Learn how today using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

30. Implementing Password Validation in React With HTML5

Let's implement the Password component in React, supporting 5 validation rules.

31. Javascript Pointers Do Exist!

I bet you didn’t know that Javascript has pointers. Well, it does! Let’s take a quick look at how they are implemented and how they work.

32. The Magic of Iterators: Build Python range() in JavaScript

How to build the beloved Python range() in JavaScript by using Iterators.

33. Using KeyExtractor in React Native's FlatList

In React Native, the FlatList component works well to render a long list of data.

34. How Memoization Can Help You Boost Your Javascript Code

Memoization is a technique that saves the results of executing functions to avoid recalculations. In this article, we will use this to find Fibonacci numbers.

35. Cleanup Functions in React’s UseEffect Hook — Explained with examples

Cleanup functions in React’s useEffect hook allow us to stop side effects that no longer need to be executed in the component.

36. How to Use the Javascript Slice Method

The javascript slice function is a built-in array or string method that returns a shallow copy of a portion of an array into a new array object.

37. How to Use Rest Parameters in JavaScript

This short article will cover Rest parameters and how to use them in JavaScript programming.

38. Using Destructuring and Inline Types Can Hurt Your TypeScript Codebase

I want to show you how using destructuring and inline types in TypeScript makes your codebase less readable!

39. How to add a Dark Mode Toggle in React

Learn how to make a cool looking dark mode toggle in React!

40. How to Set the Default Node.JS version with nvm

41. How to Generate Bash Scripts with NodeJS

Convert files' and folders' structures to Bash Scripts with NodeJS.

42. Making Debugging Easy With Console Wrangling

Here we talk about two of the functions available on the console object: console.table() and console.trace().

43. Understanding Chrome V8 — Chapter 2: Hello World

Welcome to other chapters of Let’s Understand Chrome V8

44. How to Build a Digital Drum Kit in Vanilla JavaScript

Struggling to convert code into projects? Follow this tutorial to build an amazing drum kit project in Vanilla JavaScript by the time you finish reading it

45. A No Bullshit Tutorial on Creating a Slack bot with Node.js

The best Slack bot tutorial for Node.js on the internet.

46. How to Install NVM to Manage Node Versions Easily

nvm is used to manage the versions of Node.js installed on your computer, so it's a really useful tool.

47. 5 Exciting New JavaScript Features You Can Use Today

5 Must-Know Features in JavaScript ES2022: Enhance Your Code and Boost Your Productivity

48. Understanding Chrome V8 — Chapter 4: Scanner, Token generation

Welcome to other chapters of Let’s Understand Chrome V8

49. Mastering JavaScript Conditionals

"Mastering Conditionals in JavaScript: A Comprehensive Guide with Example"

50. Understanding innerHTML in Javascript

In Javascript, we have lots of different ways to manipulate DOM elements. Here, we take a look at one of the simplest ways to do so.

51. The 7 Most Useful Array Methods in JavaScript

Article about useful Array methods in JavaScript.

52. How Records Can Help You Implement Complex Data in Typescript

TypeScript Records are a great way to ensure consistency when trying to implement more complex types of data.

53. JavaScript Spread and Rest Operators: A Guide

Understand Javascript Spread and rest operators

54. How to Create Dynamic Open Graph Images

A short post on how to generate dynamic open graph images using puppeteer-core and chrome-aws-lambda for sharing on instant messaging platforms online.

55. The Complete Guide to Making Sense of Types in TypeScript

56. Building a Simple Tic-Tac-Toe Game with JavaScript

In this article, we will be building a simple version of Tic Tac Toe using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

57. Redis and Node.JS: Learn the Basics

Redis is a powerful piece of technology that lets us store data in memory. Let's look at how to use it with Node.JS

58. Learn Fundamentals of JavaScript : Number Variable, Multiple Variables, Booleans, Strings

After exams and lots of procrastination, I finally resumed my #100DaysOfCode journey with JavaScript

59. Understanding isObject Method in JavaScript

Hence, in this article, we will see how to create an isObject function and use it to check if an object is actually an object. So, let's get started!

60. Exploring Common Uses Cases of the JavaScript Spread Syntax (…)

Understanding Javascript spread operator

61. Recreate a Simple Pokemon Game With 70 Lines of Javascript

Creating the "Who's that Pokemon" segment from the anime as a web game can be easily done with just 70 lines of javascript and with the help of an API

62. How To Disable Javascript In Tor

Do you need to know how to disable JavaScript in Tor? This would be easier you could imagine!

63. Checkers on React - Part 2 - Creating the Gameboard

In this tutorial, we will start with creating the game board.

64. Understanding Promises in JavaScript

Promise is a common object in JavaScript but is pretty complicated to use when it's the first time you see it. Learn about promises and the basics of using it!

65. Understanding the Javascript Array Reduce Method

The JS reduce method is a recursive way to perform a computation based on every element in the array while considering the previous elements of the array.

66. Let’s Understand Chrome V8 — Chapter 5: Compilation Parser

In Chrome V8, the parser works with the scanner to create tokens to understand what functions it needs to carry out next, letting the browser work as intended.

67. A Quick Look at NodeLists and How They Work

Did you know that Javascript does not class a selection of multiple elements as an array?

68. Function Range in JavaScript: Generating a Sequence of Data

We learned how to implement such a function with a for loop and how to use it in various situations.

69. How to Delete an Item in an Array at a Specific Index

If we want to delete items from an array, we can use the splice method that all arrays have. Let's look at how it works.

70. Demystifying Hoisting for Javascript Developers

Struggled with JS hoisting in interviews? How let, var, const and function hoist differently? This article explains the concept and makes it easy to understand.

71. The First Step to Mastering JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript often referred to as JS, is the most useful and popular object-oriented, interpreted programming language

72. JavaScript tutorial for Zero-Knowledge Proofs Using SnarkJS and Circom

In this article, I will show you how you can use zk-SNARK in your JavaScript project by using circom and snarkjs.

73. How to Create a Simple Object Detector with NextJs

A simple tutorial for beginners to create an object detector with NextJs.

74. Reading Uploaded File Content in JavaScript

Web developers have many reasons to read uploaded file content in JavaScript.

75. Everything You Need to Know About Javascript Arrays

Here is a list of pretty much any action you would want to perform on an array, and how to do it in Javascript.

76. Building a Visual Serverless NodeJS API with MongoDB and Lolo

Create a visual Serverless CRUD API with all MongoDB CRUD operations in a few minutes by stealing my work. Keep it maintainable by using several nodes.

77. Understanding the Difference Between Object.create and New Operator

There are two ways of conducting Object Creation in Javascript, Object.create and New operator. While very similar they do have their subtle differences.

78. Connects With the JavaScript Community With a Virtual Workshop at CascadiaJS Conference

Finding and building community theme is pervasive in the JavaScript community as there are frameworks. You can build community while app building.

79. What are Truthy and Falsy Values in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, things can be true, or false, but they can also be truthy or falsy.

80. Understanding Javascript's Array Slice Method

The slice method on arrays returns a shallow copy of a part of an array. It takes two numbers, a start, and an end. Every array has a slice method.

81. Why Do Programmers Choose to Learn Java as a Programming Language?

What is the best programming language to learn for a developer? Can’t name the best, but yes, Java is surely one of the Best! You can dive in for the reasons.

82. Learning Duck Typing in Javascript

This article dives into learning duck typing in Javascript and examples of polymorphism.

83. Everything About the Javascript Logical AND Operator

In this complete guide, let's look at how && works, and go through some examples to explain when it returns values, and what values it will return.

84. Using React to Take Advantage of Markdown and Adding Functionalities to Code Blocks

Build a tutorial blog with React and Markdown. Enhance your blog's user experience with syntax highlighting, dark mode and copy to clipboard functionality.

85. Javascript Sets: An Essential Guide

A Set in Javascript is a unique list of values, similar to the set data type in Python.

86. Understanding Symbol: Javascript's Newest Primitive Type

Symbol, the brand new primitive type for JavaScript is worth to know more for each single front-end hacker.

87. How to Build a Model Train Calculator the Right Way

Using Javascript to build a calculator for the cost of assembling model trains by combining API functions and a Wordpress site to streamline the process.

88. A Step by Step Guide to JavaScript Localization

JavaScript Localization Guide

89. Array Manipulation: Understanding JavaScript Array Methods

JavaScript arrays are data types that can store a collection of elements. These elements can be of any data type, including numbers, strings, and objects.

90. Demystifying Javascript Array Methods with Practical Examples

Understand how JavaScript array methods work by implementing three of the most common methods: map(), filter() and reduce.

91. How to Remove Duplicate Elements in Javascript Arrays

Javascript arrays can contain duplicates - which is fine most of the time, but can sometimes cause some issues.

92. DOM Readiness in Javascript

If your Javascript appears before your HTML, then trying to do things like attach events to your HTML is not possible.

93. 5 Simple Ways to Replace All String Occurrences in JavaScript

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a string of text and wanted to replace all of its occurrences with something else?

94. How to Efficiently Manage JavaScript Monorepos With Lerna

Manage JavaScript 'monorepos' with Lerna, Build a React Icon Library & Publish to NPM

95. A/B Experiments with Statsig Layers

A/B Experiments with Statsig Layers

96. A Review of Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript are a simple, one-dimensional way to store simple sets of data. Arrays are non-unique, which means they can store duplicates (unlike sets).

97. Defining Javascript Variables: Why You Should Ditch Var for Let and Const

Learn why it's recommended to use let and const instead of var in JavaScript.

98. Get the Last Element of a Javascript Array Using These Easy Steps

So you have a Javascript array, and you want to get the last element. Follow these steps.

99. How to Make a WebSocket Server With JavaScript: I Like My Servers Like I Like My Coffee, My Own

If you try to do something real-time with REST APIs, you're going to have a bad time.

100. Decoding the Three Dots (…) Or Spread Operator in Javascript

The spread operator, spread syntax or 3 dots (...), is a type of syntax in Javascript that is used by both function calls and arrays/objects.

101. Validate Form Inputs with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Form validation is a way of making your form input secure by not letting any malicious code in your website.

102. Creating an Accordion With Vue.js: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this article, we will be creating an accordion with vue.js. It is used mostly for expandable FAQ sections in websites.

103. Conditional Rendering in Vue

v-if and v-show are two ways to conditionally render content in Vue.

104. Handling Node.JS as an Asynchronous Application with Error Handling

In this article, you will learn how to implement the following coding practices to differentiate between Synchronous and Asynchronous Calls.

105. The State of Copy-Pasting in JavaScript

You may think "Surely there's a library for that!", and yet, there isn't.

106. How to Power Up Your Logging in JavaScript

Power up your logging and build good developer habits. As your codebase grows you'll need to debug it more easily and one tool is logging.

107. Testing for Image Format Support Using Simple JavaScript

Here are two simple Async/Await JavaScript scripts that will detect and indicate browser support for the AVIF and WEBP image formats.

108. Javascript: No More callbacks, Use Promisify to Convert Callback to Promise

We need to convert callback to promise because the promise is more readable and easier to handle.

109. Crucial React Design Patterns Every Dev Should Know

Checkout the various React Design Patterns to use in building React components that are extensible and reusable for your next React project.

110. 2 Quick and Easy Ways to Fix 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module'

In this quick guide we'll look at how you can solve the very common error, "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module".

111. Using the Spread Operator in JavaScript

This article will cover the spread operator and how you can use them in your day to day JavaScript programming. This article assumes you have some familiarity with coding in the JavaScript ecosystem.

112. Let’s Understand Chrome V8 — Chapter 9: Builtin

"Let's Understand Chrome V8" are serial technology articles that explain the V8 code, it covers many V8 kernel functions and fundamentals.

113. Checking if a Value is a Number in Javascript with isNaN()

In Javascript, we have numerous ways to check if something is or is not a number.

114. Take These 12 Quick Challenges to Find Out if You Know Javascript

Do you know Javascript? The language we all love has some weird and sometimes unexpected behaviors.

115. How to Find Location Using IP Address in NodeJS

Ever wondered why Google shows you content based on your location, or ads you see on websites are customized to your location? All this happens because of geolocation which makes it possible to identify the country, state and sometimes even the city based on your IP address of your device.

116. Understanding JavaScript Event Loop

JavaScript Event Loop is a fundamental concept. In this tutorial, we will know JavaScript Event Loop on a high level.

117. Understanding Basic Image Processing Algorithms [A Hands-on JavaScript Tutorial]

We've had a lot of digital image processing tools for a long time: Photoshop, Lightroom, GIMP, PhotoScape, and many more. However, in the past few years, one became popular among non-expert users due to its easiness of use and social features: Instagram. Have you ever wondered how Instagram filters work? It is actually pretty simple matrix operations! So simple we can build our own without any external library, just pure and simple HTML + JS. Let's build one now.

118. How to Create and Publish Your First NPM Package

A Comprehensive Guide To Creating and Publishing Your First NPM Package

119. How Optional Chaining Can Save You From Unexpected Errors in Javascript

Optional chaining is a feature in Javascript which lets us access the child properties of an object, even if the parent object doesn't exist.

120. How to Sort an Array by Date in Javascript

We've all been in a situation in Javascript where we have a set of data, all with different dates, which we want to sort by date quickly.

121. Here's How I Built a Video, Audio, and Screen Recorder Web App with JavaScript

Here are some simple steps to build your Audio, Video and Screen Recorder with JavaScript and HTML with MediaRecorder, getUserMedia, getDisplayMedia

122. How To Future-Proof Your React File Uploader

Web developers who want to build an application using ReactJS must consider the react file upload to ensure that users can upload any file they need.

123. Array And Set Operations: What You Need to Know

2-3x or more performance improvement in data pipelines by using custom JavaScript iterators and optimized algorithms for sets, arrays and cartesian products.

124. How to Use foreach() to Iterate Through an Array in JavaScript

Knowing how to use forEach in JavaScript is an important first step in writing code that is optimized for speed and efficiency.

125. Coding for Gamers: The Long Dark

Before I became a programmer I loved to play games. I played games for many years before I even knew the most basic concepts about coding. However these days I see that people are trying to introduce their kids to programming and looking for ways to make programming concepts more approachable. I think that using existing games people love is a great way to do just that. That is why I wanted to start this new coding for gamers blog series. In this tutorial I will show you how to do that by walking you through the process of extracting a feature from a video game called The Long Dark and recreating it on your own.

126. The Developer's Guide to Updating npm Packages

A simple guide for updating for npm packages.

127. How to Create a Modern Skeleton Loader in React to Improve User Experience

Improve user experience with a skeleton loader in React. Mimic page layout with placeholder boxes for text and images while actual content loads.

128. Everything You Need to Know About Promise.all() in JavaScript

The Promise.all method in Javascript is a function that accepts many promises and then does something only after they have all been settled.

129. Advanced JavaScript Tutorial: How to Reload a Page with Location.reload(true)

Have you ever felt like you needed to start over and press the refresh button?

130. A Closer Look at Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE) in JavaScript

Immediately invoked function expressions, or IIFE, are functions that are run as soon as you define the function.

131. How to Insert an Item Into an Array at a Specific Index in Javascript

We use the splice method to insert an item into an array at a specific index in javascript, which takes 3 arguments - and also lets us delete items too.

132. How to Build a Node.js Weather App with Cassandra

Build a minimal Node.js application that tracks real-time weather data from using a Node.js application and ingests it into Apache Cassandra.

133. How to Add Auto Caching to Your JS Template Engine

Adding auto caching to our JS template engine: How Caching Works with JS Template Engines; Changing Your Render Function.

134. JavaScript Challenges: Prime Numbers & Sophie Germain Primes

Let's create a function that will return true if string is a prime number and return false if a number is not a prime.

135. Closures Demystified: Unlocking Hidden Potential in Your JavaScript Code

If you have understood the discussion so far, you should feel confident in your capacity to discuss closures when asked about them during your next interview.

136. Understanding Optional Chaining in JavaScript

Optional chaining is a modern language feature that allows you to safely navigate through and access deeply nested object properties.

137. A Guide to Composing and Integrating APIs Together

With React/Next.js, the fundamental problem you’re solving is that of turning some notion of ‘state’ into DOM, with a focus on composability

138. Build a Production Ready Restaurant Website with Next.js 12 and Cosmic

How you can use Next.js and Cosmic to create special web pages such as restaurant websites that include restaurant menus that have many images and animations.

139. Let’s Understand Chrome V8 — Chapter 10: Ignition Execution Unit

"Let's Understand Chrome V8" are serial technology articles that explain the V8 code, it covers many V8 kernel fundamentals such as ignition execution.

140. A Simple Web Component for Building a Slideshow

Building a web component that renders one picture at a time.

141. Tips, Tools, and Best Practices for Optimizing Unit Testing in JavaScript

Learn how to improve the performance of your JavaScript unit tests with this comprehensive guide.

142. How to Determine Whether a JavaScript Object Is Empty

Defining a new object in Javascript is pretty easy - but what if you want to find out if it's empty?

143. Using Next.js 13’s Bleeding-Edge Features for Data Fetching

The app directory, Streaming, Suspense, and hybrid Server and Client Components were demystified — with a little help from GraphQL + WunderGraph.

144. Six ‘Java 9’ API Improvements You Should Know

Java 9 comes with a whole host of new features that help you with your projects. These Java 9 API improvements can help with everything from pictures to process

145. Using 7Zip to View Archive in Browser with JavaScript

Sometimes you just need to have a look at a specific file in your archive and you don't want to install additional software to do this. 7zip.html solves this.

146. Sorting an Array in JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide

In short, the Javascript sort() method is an incredibly useful way to organize an array, whether you’re sorting numbers, strings, or objects.

147. Understanding Chrome V8 - Chapter 17: How Chrome Implements the JavaScript Object

"Let's Understand Chrome V8" are serial technology articles that explain the V8 code, it covers many V8 kernel functions and fundamentals.

148. Keeping Your Units Testable in JavaScript

Unit tests are a challenging topic, with many interconnected aspects that make it difficult for beginners.

149. Guitar Tuner: Pitch Detection for Dummies

At the heart of most guitar tuners is some sort of pitch detection algorithm. Here we focus on zero-crossing, fast fourier transform, and autocorrelation.

150. A Handy Guide to Parsing URLs in JavaScript

In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the topic of URL parsing in JavaScript and understanding how to access certain data from a URL string.

151. How to Build Microservices in Nest.JS

An example that demonstrates using NestJS as a base framework for building lightweight, well-structured and amazing microservices.

152. How to Use else if in JavaScript with Examples

Syntax of if else, else-if, nested if, and logical operators like AND OR and NOT in Javascript. Switch statement can be used as an alternate to If statement.

153. 5 reasons to consider Next.js for your next projects

Next.js is a framework built on React that gives frontend developers the flexibility of creating modern and scalable apps

154. 5 Complex TypeScript Problems Solved Using One Simple Example

I will try to tell with a simple example of how TS can be applied, and how to solve seemingly complex problems step by step.

155. 7 Tips For Becoming A Better JavaScript Developer

Sometimes I find myself going through the same steps when I work on different projects. These are just some of the things I've found helpful over the years.

156. The JavaScript Logical OR Operator: How Does it Work?

The logical OR operator in JavaScript is an operator which returns the left-hand side if it is truthy, but otherwise defaults and return the right-hand side.

157. Insert JavaScript into HTML Using the Script Tag

The script tag is the primary method to insert JavaScript into the HTML page. We will look at all the ways to use the script tag and the importance of each.

158. Data Visualization for Dummies: 3 Simple Charts with <70 Lines of Code

Make complex data easily digestible with these 3 simple charts.

159. The Ultimate JavaScript Beginner's Guide To Static Code Analysis

The answers to every what, why, when, and how about Static Code Analysis in JavaScript. Information about in-depth scanning, guard rails, and more.

160. How to Create Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we're gonna build a really simple game of Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.

161. 6 Best JavaScript Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

When it comes to programming on the web, very few languages can measure up to the immense popularity of JavaScript. Countless websites make use of JavaScript for the user experience, making its appearance on the Internet almost universal. Even if programmers never learn another language in their life, they can still make incredible use out of this one. Both newcomers and experienced programmers will want to check out these 6 best JavaScript programming books ranked by Amazon reviews.

162. Everything You Need to Know About Text String Manipulation

For those new to coding or even experienced coders, this guide details how to manipulate text strings, just like the pros.

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