16 Growth Marketing Hacks For Crypto Projects & Start-Upsby@darragh
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11,642 reads

16 Growth Marketing Hacks For Crypto Projects & Start-Ups

by Darragh Grove-WhiteOctober 1st, 2022
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The crypto sphere only seems to get more crowded by the day. Standing out in a crowded space where a finite number of investors could be interested in your project can seem daunting. So, I’d like to give up some of my top growth marketing tactics and strategies for crypto projects that are low cost or free, preferably, and which you can use today. Here are some pointers to some of the best growth marketing strategies for start-ups and crypto projects. These include: Twitter Communities, Reddit Groups, Facebook Persona Development Reddit Cross Posting and much more.

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The crypto sphere only seems to get more crowded by the day. Standing out in a crowded space where a finite number of investors could be interested in your project can seem daunting if we’re being honest with ourselves. This holds true for start-ups, too. So today, I’d like to give up some of my top growth marketing tactics and strategies for crypto projects that are low-cost or free, preferably, and which you can use today.

Sound good? Then let’s get into it.

Growth Hacks For Start-Ups and Crypto Projects

  1. Twitter Communities: If you have an existing community or even a small team starting out, creating a private Twitter community to distribute important news quickly for retweeting and hearting helps to game the tweet reach algorithm. It does so by tricking Twitter into thinking your post may be potentially viral, keeping users online to sell more Twitter ads.

  2. Strategic Twitter Tagging: If you share curated content on your social accounts, tag the author and their publication, along with their brand hashtags. Your social account will get more exposure, regardless of if they retweet and follow you back. This technique is all about gaining more relevant eyeballs and growing your audience by helping promote others in your niche.

  3. LinkedIn Work Circle: Unfortunately, Linkedin has a blacklist ban on cryptocurrency advertising. Although a minor setback, we can use a few of their native tools to game their algorithm for increased post reach. Although similar to Twitter Communities, LinkedIn Work Circles are best to use for team members and staff only.

  4. LinkedIn Engagement Groups and Engagement Pods: LinkedIn’s audience has a few distinct advantages over other social platforms. Fake user accounts are much lower and easier to spot. But LinkedIn also has professionals who are much less exposed to crypto messaging than on other platforms. Using engagement pods or engagement groups centered around blockchain helps everyone expand their post’s reach.

  5. Reddit Cross-Posting: There’s a universal understanding that degen investors LOVE Reddit. But Reddit has got smart to manipulate its platform. Paying for upvotes isn’t what it used to be. Cross-posting content to other relevant communities helps the Reddit algorithm favor your posts because most people are still not using it effectively. In terms of SEO, this will help rank multiple times in search results as well.

  6. Reddit Groups: Use these like either Twitter Communities or LinkedIn Circle for your Reddit post submissions so that people know to engage as soon as possible to get more post reach in subreddits.

  7. Create a subreddit that is related to your niche that isn’t branded. This helps capture the attention of new and relevant audiences that may not have heard of your project yet.

  8. Multiple Social Media Accounts: Now obviously you want a single branded social media to account set for your official messages, and to keep branding consistent. But having multiple unofficial, optically unconnected social accounts that engage and share your official news will help in both algorithm reach boosting and initial social proof to get click-throughs. Take it a step further and design your accounts based on your investor personas.

  9. Facebook Persona Development: Create your investor persona on Facebook by liking the pages you know your own investor personas will like. After a few days and providing their algorithm with enough data points (fan pages, demographic, psychographics, etc) you will begin to see connections that may not have been clear at first for your project. Not only will Facebook help you generate your avatar for free, but it does the leg work on autopilot.

  10. Youtube Channel: Get your Youtube channel up and start posting videos if you aren’t already. Make sure you’re following Youtube SEO best practices such as tags, uploading captions, thumbnails, etc.

  11. Youtube Ads: Not everyone has the luxury of advertising available, but if you do, here are some pointers. Make sure your retargeting tag is set up correctly. Remarketing is much less expensive than trying to find new buyers or investors. Don’t listen to all of Google Ad’s recommendations; they like it when you waste money with them. Make sure your video ad includes an end screen and relevant CTA cards, and you’ve SEO’d them before driving any traffic.

  12. Use Video Wherever Possible & SEO It ASAP: We’ve known for some time that video would be a key growth marketing best practice. Now when including an embedded video on a webpage, its likelihood of ranking increases significantly, versus not including a video. Video marketing is getting less expensive by the day, so please my fellow hackers, don’t neglect it!

  13. Medium Posts: It’s definitely a best practice for crypto projects, but not everyone may know why. The reason is that Medium’s website has a very high domain authority, making it easy to rank on page one quickly for your written content and regular project updates.

  14. Syndicating & Publications: Not only is it smart to post on Medium but if you’re a ‘good’ writer, consider becoming a contributor to a well-read publication in your niche. I’m a huge fan of HackerNoon because I’m a technologist. Now if you’re reading this, you may also be a good fit. Just avoid being too self-promotional and make sure you’re writing about stuff people want to read.

  15. Backlinking All Content ASAP: As soon as you publish a video or blog, be sure to backlink it so that some SEO authority juice is pointing at your content. Something like 90% of all content on the web doesn’t have a single backlink. Instapaper is a great free tool I still use often.

  16. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn to connect and stay up to date on my latest articles.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments section below.

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