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15 Free Printable Blog Planners to Help You Grow Your Audience

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One of the most handy tools in a blogger’s tool belt is a blog planner.

A good blog post planner can help you brainstorm new ideas, plan your content calendar, and give you some direction on how to promote your blog post.

Every successful blog and company that blogs has a plan in place, whether it’s a formal document (like those in this post) or it’s in the mind of the blogger or editor.  A standard process is the only way to guarantee growth.

Here are 15 blog post planners that will help you create a process to grow your blog audience.

Entice’s Blog Planner

The Entice Blog Planner has helped grow the blog for a software company to over 120,000 visitors per month.

While this planner helps you brainstorm blog post ideas, it gets you to think about how you’re going to promote the post before you actually write it.

Most bloggers don’t think about promoting their post until after their post is published.  But the Entice Blog Planner gives you the opportunity to bake promotion into the post before it gets written, increasing the chance for success.

Cool features:

  • The SEO Checklist
  • The Blog Promotion Checklist

Grab the Entice Blog Planner here.

Designer Blogs Blog Planner

This is one of the most popular free blog planners out there.  It has been downloaded over 70,000 times.

With the Designer Blogs Ultimate Blog Planner, you can plan your weekly posts, fill in a weekly to-do list, and help you plan the promotion of your post.

The Ultimate Blog Planner is 9 pages, but you can also purchase the 52 page extension pack for advanced planning for $17.99

Cool features:

  • Post Brainstorming Guide
  • Weekly Post Planner

Grab the Ultimate Blog Planner here.

Three Little Monkeys Studio’s Blog Planner

This cool one page blog planner is short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s a weekly planner that allows you to fill in your blog post schedule for the week.  There is ample room for daily notes, maintenance and ideas for future posts.

Cool features:

  • Future post ideas section
  • Blog promotion section

Get the Weekly Blog Planner here.

Homeschool Creations’ blog planner

Coming in at 66 pages, this encompassing blog post planner is designed to help you plan your blog for an entire year.

There are 12 month at a glance pages that allow you to do some long term planning.  Then each month is broken down to weekly planners where you can get more granular in your blog post planning.

The weekly planners allow for more granular planning.  You can fill in a blog post or activity for each day of the week.

Cool features:

  • 12 month-at-a-glance pages with a monthly focus list
  • Social Media trackers (track Twitter hashtags, Pinterest boards and more)

Get the Homeschool Creations blog planner here.

Elite Blog Academy’s Blog Planner

So, I thought the Homeschool Creations blog planner was huge, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.  The Elite Blog Academy blog planner is a whopping 136 pages long.

This blog planner contains everything you’d need for your blog, and then some.  You’ll be able to set goals, keep track of them, monitor your social media presence, schedule publishing dates and more.

Cool features:

  • Long term goal sheet
  • Weekly post planner

Get the Elite Blog Academy Blog planner here.

Mom’s Small Victories’ Blog Planner

The Mom’s Small Victories blog planner features 12 monthly editorial calendars.

One of the cool things about this blog planner is it’s accessibility.  You can use it on Google Drive if you’re on the go, or you can simply print it out and place it in a binder for optimum organization.

Cool Features:

  • Monthly Social Media Promotion Checklist
  • Trackers for analytics, subscribers, income, and expenses

Get the Mom’s Small Victories blog planner here.

Georgia Lou Studios’ Blog Planner

This simple, but powerful blog planner is designed to focus on content planning and creation.

This blog post planner comes complete with a monthly editorial calendar, a post brainstorm sheet, and to do checklists.  

There are even monthly dividers so that you can be organized the entire year.

Cool Features:

  • SEO Checklist
  • Task tracking checklists

Get the Georgia Lou Studios blog planner here.

Start A Mom Blog’s Blog Planner

The Start a Mom Blog Blog Planner centers around helping bloggers define and achieve their S.M.A.R.T. goals, both for the blog and for a business.

They believe, and I do as well, that if you write down your goal, you’re far more likely to achieve it than if you don’t.

Cool Features:

  • Blogging goals sheet
  • Weekly action plan

Get the Start a Mom Blog planner here.

Living Locurto’s Blog Planner

Another one page printable, this blog planner features a weekly schedule where you can plan your blog posts, guest posts and content for the week.

The idea being that you can simply print out a new sheet every week or use as needed.

Cool Features:

  • Space for Blog Parties
  • Simplicity

Get the Living Locurto blog planner here.

Kate Doster’s Blog Planner

One of the best parts of this 17 blog post planner is the 30 day launch action guide.  When starting a brand new blog, it can be overwhelming at first.

Kate Doster removes the overwhelm and shows you what you should do to help you get your blog off the ground in those initial, critical first 30 days.

Cool Features

  • 30 Day Launch Action GuideGoal
  • Setting Worksheets

Get the Kate Doster blog planner here.

Clickstart Club’s Blog Planner

This 22 page printable was originally supposed to be for sale.  However, when the team at Clickstart saw how it impacted the lives of their fellow bloggers, they decided to make it free of charge.

Bloggers can use this Clickstart blog planner to track expenses, income, and social media.  

Cool Features:

Imperfect Homemaking’s Blog Planner

Imperfect Homemaking is no longer active, but the people who ran the blog created a really nice blog planner, including a beautiful daily planner so you know what you want to do each day.  

Daily planner’s are critical for me.  If I don’t plan what I’m going to do each day, then there’s a good chance nothing gets done.

Cool Features:

  • The to do list right next to the blog post section will allow you to come up with ideas for how to promote your post.

Click here to get the Imperfect Homemaking planner

Oh the Lovely Things’ Blog Planner

This cool one page printable blog planner is designed to help you get through the week.  It’s beautifully designed and allows you to store your blog post ideas and plan your week.

Cool Features:

  • I really like how simple this blog planner is.  It can help you get through the entire week.

Click here to get the Oh the Lovely Things blog planner

Infarrantly Creative’s Blog Planner

The Infarrantly Creative blog post planner features daily and weekly planning sheets that you can print out as needed.

This planner works amazing in a binder where you can always store your thoughts, plans, and ideas.  

Click here to get the Infarrantly Creative planner

All About Planners’ Blog Planner

This comprehensive blog planner comes complete with monthly, weekly and daily planning pages.  Within the 30 pages of this planner, you can schedule publishing dates months out and see the big picture of your blog. You can also plan in the trenches using the daily planners so you know what to do every day..  

You can organize your content ideas as well as your promotion schedule.  That way you can streamline your process from start to finish.

Cool Features:

  • Blog Series Planner:  You can plan up to 6 posts per series all on one page.
  • Social Media Schedule:  Plan your social media posts so you make sure each post is properly promoted.

Click here to get the All About Planners blog planner

So there you have it.  15 amazing blog planners to help you organize and grow your blog!


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