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15 Apps that Can Make You Productive

by Prasanta BanerjeeApril 26th, 2021
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For every second we get distracted when we should be working, our productivity decreases. There are many factors that affect productivity and regulation of all of those can help us increase our productivity. 15 Apps that Can Make You Productive include Todoist, Five Minute Journal, Lumosity, Coachme and Forest. The list of apps on your phone can help you increase your productivity by reducing the distractions by reducing them to a point where they are negligible. For more information, visit the list of 15 apps on the list.
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There are a dozen things to get distracted with. Sadly, for every second we get distracted when we should be working, our productivity decreases. The worse part is, there are clusters of these seconds which end up ruining our productivity terribly. 

Truth is we cannot get rid of these distractions completely, however, what we can do is to minimize these distractions to a point where it becomes negligible. By reducing the distractions we automatically increase productivity. 

However, distractions are not the only factor affecting productivity. There are many factors that affect productivity and regulation of all of those can help us increase our productivity.

Factors that affect productivity

While several reasons can play a part in workplace productivity in an organization, what we will be talking about are the factors that we can regulate on our own. There are a lot of aspects that we can take care of in order to increase our productivity. 

Physical Health: A healthy person can reach places. A sick person naturally takes more time for any work. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for us to take care of our health. 

Mental Health: To be great at what we do, our minds need to be in perfect shape. Suffering from any disorder even if it is mild, can mess with the output we expect from ourselves. 

Sleep: Can sleep improve our productivity? Most of us overwork ourselves without giving the body and mind the rest it deserves. Some people wonder if sleep can actually improve productivity. Truth is, it does, in ways, we can’t even imagine.

Time Management: Right amount of time needs to be given to the right work. In reality, time management and priority management go hand-in-hand.

15 apps that make you productive

How wonderful would it be if we had the correct selection of apps on our phones that could increase our productivity by folds? Here, 15 amazing apps have been listed for increasing our productivity.

Five Minute Journal: It has been known that writing down stuff before ending the day is a great pathway for the next day to go smoothly. When we have our to-do list prepared for the next day, it helps us be better at our job. 

Remindo: It is an app that keeps every event in check. It will keep us updated about what is supposed to be done at what time.

Productivity Challenge Timer: This app helps us track our time and also see where we spent our time. It aims at making us work harder and better. 

Todoist: This is another app that aims at managing the day properly. Day management plays an important role in how productive we are at the end. Todoist is a great app to achieve that. I've been using Todoist since last year and I would recommend it all along.

Headspace: Headspace works on our, well, headspace. It is an app that helps us meditate and keep ourselves calm and peaceful. Meditation is a great tool for maintaining mental decorum. I was a big fan of Calm as a meditation app. But since I moved to Headspace, I've not looked back. Here's how 10 minutes of meditation per day changed my life. :)

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Cycle is an app that is an alarm clock, but smarter. It tracks the sleep cycle and gives us a report of our sleep quality. 

Lumosity: Lumosity is an app that works on various mental ability aspects. It has various activities to help our mind react better to things. It had various training for different individuals. 

Forest: It is an app that keeps us away from the distractions of phones. Everyone has to agree that the phone is one of the biggest distractions at work. It starts building a forest. We can set a timer and a tree starts building. Using any other app will kill the tree and the fear of losing progress is what keeps us focused. It is a creative app to help us stay focused. 

Flipboard: Flipboard is an app that collects news and happenings from all the social media and presents it to us in one place. Many of us have the habit of going through multiple social media sites the first thing in the morning, but we end up wasting too much time separately on all of them. This app helps us by bringing all of it to one place. This app saves whatever goals we have planned for ourselves and keeps us reminding about the same until we achieve it. As we make progress towards the goal, we receive reward points. It is a great app to track any new activity.

 ATracker: This app keeps a track of how much time has actually been spent working and how much has been wasted. This works as a great motivation and realization to use the time appropriately. 

Productivity Tracker: To-do list, analytics: The app keeps a track of everything. It has a to-do list for managing all our tasks and a calendar for a detailed description of the same. It also tracks our productivity and reminds us of anything important. 

BlockSite - Stay Focused & Control Your Time: This app aims at keeping us focused when it is required. It blocks sites and apps which tend to distract us and helps us in increasing our self-focus. 

Good App, Self Improvement & Personal Growth app: This app promotes self-improvement. It has a self-improvement program, keeps our productivity in check, has a number of brain games to help our minds work better, and so much more.  

Monk Mode - Work like a Zen!: This app comes with a set of sounds that help us relax our minds and get rid of mental exhaustion. An exhausted mind never works to its full capacity. It can also help promote good sleep.


There is not a single thing that affects productivity. These apps cover the major factors and try to work on them, in order to make ourselves go through a disciplined day that is bound to increase our productivity.

Some apps work on our schedules, while some work on making our minds more active. A few of them track our day while some give us activities to do. We can choose the apps to help us in whatever area we lack in.