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Hackernoon logo10 Must-Try Computer Tricks For Both Mac and Windows by@robertemotional

10 Must-Try Computer Tricks For Both Mac and Windows

1. Undo Closing A Tab

Ever accidentally close a tab in your browser? There's actually a pretty easy way to undo it! For Windows users, simply press Ctrl-Shift-T. If you're using Mac, try Command-Shift-T.

2. Screenshot Just Part of Your Screen

If you ever need to capture just part of your screen, you don't necessarily have to do a whole screenshot. For Windows users, just open up the Start menu and launch the Snipping Tool. If you're on a Mac, press on Command-Shift-4 to bring up the corresponding tool.

3. Redo Your Last Excel Command

There's actually a pretty easy way to redo the last Excel command you entered. All you have to do is press F4!

4. Open a New Tab in Just One Click

You can open a link in a new tab without having to right-click and select "Open in a new tab". You can simply click on the middle button of your mouse to do that. Conversely, you can use also click on the middle button to close a tab by just pointing on it.

5. Copy a File by Dragging It

Who knew you could copy a file just by dragging it? Well, maybe not just by dragging it. You also need to hold on the Alt key for Mac or Ctrl for Windows. Just hold the key and drag the files where you want the copy to be stored.

6. Reverse search an image with Google Chrome

You can try looking for the original source of an image or a better version of an image on Google Chrome by pressing on S and right-clicking on it.

7. Pause, Skip Backward, Skip Forward on YouTube With Your Keyboard

Most people know that the spacebar can play or pause a video but it might also scroll down on the screen if you haven't started the video yet. You can press K to play or pause the video regardless if you've started it or not. You can press J to go 10 seconds backward and L to go 10 seconds forward.

8. Clear Your Cache Instantly

An easy way to clear your cache and refresh your page is to press Ctrl-Shift-R instead of just F5. This is technique well known by computer experts from Emotional Computer.

9. Lock Your Computer With Your Keyboard

There's plenty of ways to lock your computer but this is the fastest one. For Windows, simply press Windows-L. If you're on a Mac, use Command-Option-Eject.

10. Zoom In and Out of Your Browser Using Your Keyboard

You can easily reset and zoom in and out of your browser using your keyboard keys. Hold Control for Windows and Command for Mac. Once you've pressed on it, press on 0 to reset the screen size, "+" to zoom in, and "-" to zoom out.


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