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10 Design Tips For E-commerce Sites by@bella14

10 Design Tips For E-commerce Sites


Using up-to-date technologies people are able to buy goods and pay for services sitting at home. No need to go out and walk for hours and hours hunting a thing you want.

Everything that people need to get anything they want is computer connected to Internet. But people got used to nice service and good looking stores. And Internet shops are not exception. So when it comes to e-commerce design is everything.


So, if you are going to create an online shop you should better think about how to design e-commerce site to get appropriate profit. You can sell the best goods and products on the market for reasonable prices, but the fact is a poorly designed site will reduce your sales far and away.

So, here are ten tips to help you design e-commerce site that will push forward your sales and move your business in the right direction.

1. Clear and “clean” interface.

I guess you have your own online shopping experience and as a customer you understand that visually appealing design is the most important thing you can do starting your business online. 

Design e-commerce site properly to let your customers shop efficiently and to make them come back to you again and again.


2. Your provider should be chosen wisely.

You need to find the best e-commerce web hosting provider for your website. It is all-in-all part of the process. Small research on the web will save your time and money.

Internet is a powerful recourse that could help you to make a right decision whatever it will be.

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3. Speed means a lot.

I’m sure you will agree with me about speed importance because nobody wants to spend too much time looking for a required item.  So, don’t forget that your site should be easy to use and your check out process is streamlined.

Customers may decide to purchase products elsewhere, rather than fill out long forms.


4. Calls to action.

Rather than place simple buttons on your site, create exciting calls to action that make your customer want to click into a new area or page. But do not place too many calls to action on same page. It can lead your customer to indecision so that he will leave your site without any use.

5. Colors make emotions.

There is no need to explain that colors can make people’s emotions and rule their behaviour. Web design is the best way to prove it. Avoid using irritating colors.

Non-threatening colors like light blues and greens are preferential. For example, green is an excellent color to indicate a sale or price cut.

6. Advertisement is a mover of marketing.

Being able to advertise external products while a customer is shopping is a great advantage of e-commerce.

So, design your e-commerce site that way not to be too annoying with the advertisement you provide, but make it a useful tool to increase your sales.

7. Breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are an indication of the customer’s location within your site. These are either placed at the top or side of the page. This will create a significantly easier shopping experience for your customers


8. Easy sing-up.

Simplify the sign-up process. Do not ask your customers about long life story. Actually, everything you really need to contact a member of your site is their email.

9. Watch your pricing.

Of course pricing is a reasonable aspect of your success. It is very important to keep your pricing low and competitive. No need to explain you that better to sell many items for low price than try to sell at least something for baseless big money. 

Design e-commerce site and improve it letting your customers know that your site holds the best deals in Internet.


10. Testing.

It is important to know that your e-commerce site is running properly. You can hire a freelance website tester or a company that specializes in website usability. Only this way you will make sure that there are no unforeseen problems and nothing prevents you to start your online business.