15 Best Grocery Ecommerce Platforms to Build Your Grocery Website & Apps by@rammis

15 Best Grocery Ecommerce Platforms to Build Your Grocery Website & Apps

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Customers’ buying behavior keeps changing often. To make a business run effectively, you need to understand your buyers and also the latest trends and technologies in the market. The online grocery business is gaining a higher reach in recent days.

When compared with other eCommerce industries, grocery eCommerce platforms assure same-day delivery and in some cases 2 – 3 hours delivery. With a wide range of customers and unlimited product categories, the industry is showing steady growth.

Let us have a clear understanding of the online grocery business with its models, its features, and also let us analyze the top, leading grocery eCommerce platforms in the market.

Types of Online Grocery Business Models

Before launching your own grocery ecommerce platform you need to analyze your business model and should develop your online grocery store that suits your business well. Let us understand the types of online grocery business model in detail.

  • Multi vendor Grocery Platform – a single grocery platform that allows several vendors to get associated with it and allows them to sell their products through the platform is the multivendor grocery platform.  
  • Hyperlocal Grocery Platform – meeting out the customers’ needs through local offline shops through an online marketplace is called the hyperlocal marketplace platform.
  • Single vendor Grocery Platform – selling our own products through a single digital platform and attracting more customers to the marketplace is the single vendor grocery store

Here is the list of top 15 most popular Online Grocery Platforms 2022 For Building App & Website

1. Zielcommerce – The #1 Solutions To Build Grocery Ecommerce Platform


Zielcommerce is a cost-effective grocery ecommerce software that can be along with lifetime license and one-time payment. The platform provides multifacted grocery solutions like multi vendor, hyperlocal and single vendor. This platform has been integrated with more than 50+ third party APIs.

Platform Highlights

Zielcommerce is flexible ecommerce grocery store that acts as a one stop solution for all business demands. The platform comes with multilanguage and multicurrency support that will make you reach the global customers easily. The platform has all necessary marketing tools that are essential to promote the grocery ecommerce platform.

A Detailed Key Highlights of Grocery Ecommerce Platform

  • The excellent admin dashboard makes this online grocery platform more reliable and helps to enhance the business.
  • Streamline your order flow with an effective order management solution.
  • A flexible commission set-up for multi vendors grocery store
  • Multiple payment gateways integrated in this online grocery store software.
  • By purchasing Zielcommerce with minimum investment you can get the amazing returns

Explore Zielcommerce Grocery Ecommerce Platform

2. Ownmyshop – Personalized Online Grocery Store Software


Ownmyshop enables you to expand your brick and mortar grocery store software to an aligned digital grocery eCommerce store. With this grocery ecommerce platform, you can analyze the shopper's data and their behavior. This will help in personalizing the customer's online experience.

Platform Highlights

Ownmyshop delivers the best grocery ecommerce website that has all essential and comprehensive features to uplift your online grocery store and make it a big success. The platform has inbuilt advanced search facility that will enable the users to find their products easily. The user-friendly platform will retain the customers with your business.

The power-packed features of this grocery eCommerce website:

  • Manage deliveries with the grocery delivery management system that is pre-built in this online grocery store software.
  • Optimize your route for delivering the products with the help of Google Mapping.
  • Delivery agents will get an exclusive delivery agent app that will help them to have a clear picture of their tasks.

Explore Ownmy shop online grocery ecommerce solutions

3. Zemez – A Trustworthy Grocery Ecommerce Platform


Zemez is trusted by more than 20K businesses. This online grocery platform will let your customer have end-to-end real-time delivery tracking. This grocery store software is developed with the latest technologies that can give a user-friendly experience to the customers.

Platform Highlights

Zemez is a well-known software that can fulfill all online grocery shopping demands. The elegant design and user-friendly theme grabs the attention of the visitors and helps in easy conversion. Zemez provides wide range of payment options that can facilitate the buyers to decide on purchasing the product without any hesitation.

The ultimate features of this grocery ecommerce website:

  • Zemez is integrated with business intelligence that can give you a clear insight about your business.
  • Get the advanced reports and statistics with this grocery eCommerce platform.
  • No extra cost is required to promote the platform as the ecommerce grocery platform is SEO-friendly and will get you organic traffic with less effort.
  • Have a detailed product description catalogue for managing your products.

Explore EMEZ Grocery Store Software

4. Rocketbazar – A Reliable Online Grocery Store Software


Rocketbazaar, a leading grocery eCommerce platform, lets you manage your business effortlessly. This grocery eCommerce store software will provide solutions for multi-store grocery shopping and delivery. Customers can explore the products using advanced search options.

Platform Highlights

Rocketbazar has become a powerful ecommerce grocery software after undergoing tremendous market analysis. This market segmentation has made this platform a perfect choice for any startups and fits into any business type. The grocery ecommerce platform provides various options for revenue generation.

The exclusive features of this grocery eCommerce Platform:

  • Customers can either pick-up the groceries from the store or can even have door-step delivery.
  • Scheduling the delivery of the groceries is possible with this online grocery store software.
  • Live grocery order tracking is an advanced feature that is enabled in this grocery ecommerce website.

Explore Rocket Bazar Online Grocery Platform.

5. IONWE – Customizable Online Grocery Platform


IONWE has a dedicated central admin that can manage the overall grocery eCommerce platform. This eCommerce grocery store software has a perfect inventory management that allows the store owners to be well informed about the stock details. The store owner can fix the pricing for the groceries and also can have offers and discounts that will delight the customers.

Platform Highlights

Users can carve the grocery store according to his product and service as the platform is 100% customizable. The efficient product search of this grocery software will simplify the shopping experience of your customers. Users can gain greater reputation in the digital market by launching Zielcommerce as their renowned grocery platform.

The notable features of this online grocery store software:

6. Essitco – A Reputed Online Grocery Store Software


Essitco is backed by robust and scalable tech-architecture. The deployment of this grocery eCommerce website is faster compared to other online grocery store software. PCI compliance is quite assured with this online grocery platform so there will not be any issues on security.

Platform Highlights

Essitco is a challenging ecommerce grocery store to all competitors who are in this field. The platform never fails to impress the visitors with its advanced features that makes the ecommerce grocery store more lively and helps in easy order conversion. One can get more returns by installing Essitco as their ecommerce grocery software.

The advance features of this online grocery ecommerce platform:

  • The whole grocery store software is developed by keeping the best SEO optimization for apps in mind.
  • Scheduling, payment and live tracking are added features.
  • Can easily manage various grocery delivery operators and drivers through the app.
  • Can run referral campaigns on both the grocery ecommerce website as well as on apps.

Contact Customizable plans for enterprise users with greater needs Essitco

7. Mycloud Grocer – A Renowned Grocery Ecommerce Website


Mycloud Grocer provides you with an effortless storefront administration and management. The effective delivery management of this grocery eCommerce website allows the customers to select their convenient time for delivering the grocery items. You can harness the power of product ratings and reviews mainly to redefine the online shopping experience.

Platform Highlights

Mycloud Grocer is a versatile ecommerce grocery store that can easily get adapted to your business model and business style. You need not worry about getting traffic to your ecommerce grocery website. The platform comes with complete SEO and social media integration that can easily get you more traffic to your website.

The extraordinary features of this online grocery platform:

  • With dedicated mobile apps, you can have a mobile presence.
  • Through retail management system, you can easily organize your orders
  • This grocery eCommerce platform is well integrated with payment gateways.
  • Admin can push messages to store owners, drivers and customers.

Please contact their mycloud grocer sales team for custom pricing.

8. Shophero – A Robust Online Grocery Platform


Shophero is well optimized for the web and mobile grocery ecommerce platform and comes with free installation and setup. Customers will experience a user-friendly front-end and the admin enjoys a perfect back-end. Vendors can have both web and mobile apps for their processing.

Platform Highlights

Shophero has attracted numerous users with its salient features. The users so far have never faced any complaints while using this ecommerce grocery software. No technical knowledge is needed to use this platform and it is easy to customize and can fit it into your theme and style.

The unique features of this online grocery store software:

  • Customers can avail a convenient payment experience.
  • Admin can manage SMS gateway from back-end and can send SMS to the customers as well as to the vendors.
  • Customers can call and place orders with their favorite grocery store software.
  • Admin can manage the complete activity log.

Please contact shophero directly for a more information

9. Mobicommerce – An Incrediable Grocery Ecommerce Website


Mobicommerce is one of the most famed grocery ecommerce platform that can build your brand and let you reach your target audience. The store owners can make profitable decisions by quickly analyzing the web analytics data of the online grocery store software. Customers can easily detect the delivery person’s movement through real-time tracking.

Platform Highlights

Mobicommerce is one of the trustable grocery ecommerce platform that has a separate customer base. The platform is highly secured with proper SSL certificate configuration. This makes users feel safe to purchase with your platform. So you can expect good conversion and can also acquire more new customers to your business.

The remarkable features of this grocery eCommerce platform:

  • Gain multiple location access through this online grocery store software.
  • Vendors can earn commission that mutually benefits the store owner and the vendors.
  • Delight your customers with fast delivery time with the help of delivery management systems.

Mobicommerce plans include all the basics for starting your web-based grocery ecommerce software

10. Ecommercesite – An Ultimate Online Grocery Platform


Ecommercesite provides a one-step solution for all your grocery demands. This grocery ecommerce platform is designed and developed to assist the commoners. Ecommerce site gives you the grocery ecommerce website that can help you to handle the stock and will take care of the delivery of the products. This online grocery platform gives you the ease of managing the accounts and can have a hassle-free transaction.

The demanded features of this grocery ecommerce platform

  • Well-integrated payment gateways that facilitate the customers to buy the products
  • 24/7 customer support that can simply delight your customers.
  • Real-time tracking feature to keep your customers at ease.
  • An exclusive dashboard is given for each grocer.

Contact custom grocery solutions for yokart team

11. Shipt – An Outstanding Online Grocery Store Software


Shipt comes with all advanced features that are essential for grocery store software. This online grocery platform meets all the latest technology demands in the field. You can enjoy the scalability and the flexibility and can make your grocery software to give an ultimate shopping experience to the users.

The true features of this grocery ecommerce platform

  • You can customize the online grocery platform as per your business requirements.
  • By paying a one-time payment you can own this grocery ecommerce platform.
  • Enhanced payment options in this grocery ecommerce store software can provide a secured payment transaction

Shipt could be an option for your grocery ecommerce platform

12. Mercatus – An Integrated Online Grocery Platform 


Mercatus Online grocery store software gives you a unified shopping experience. This platform has user-centric UI that supports better customer engagement when compared with other online grocery stores. The responsive design of this grocery platform never fails to attract and impress the audience.

Platform Highlights

Mercatus allows you to deliver your grocery products with the reliable online grocery platform that can fit in all market size. The grocery ecommerce website holds a unique potential user interface and ensures the users to get a seamless shopping experience and can get you good returns in sales and revenue.

The real features of this grocery eCommerce website:

  • Avail 24/7 technical support that can back your online grocery store software and its functions.
  • The platform is highly configurable and also scalable.
  • Gain operational efficiencies in all the back-end processes of your grocery eCommerce platform.
  • Mercatus is completely secured and fully PCI compliant.

Contact Mercatus directly for custom pricing.

13. OurHarvest – A Supreme Online Grocery Platform


OurHarvest is a single solutions that can give all grocery ecommerce platform. You can easily turn your offline grocery store software and can enter the online grocery ecommerce platform by trusting OurHarvest grocery ecommerce software. This online grocery platform is rich in all features that are needed and demanded by the buyers and the grocers.

The salient features of this grocery ecommerce website

  • The excellent admin dashboard makes this online grocery platform more reliable and helps to enhance the business.
  • Dedicated apps for admin, delivery agent and the buyers will delight the grocers as well as the buyers.
  • Flexible order management will let you to manage your orders efficiently.

14. DelivX – a multivendor online grocery platform


DelivX allows you to explore the new dimensions of the grocery store software. You can give a contactless delivery and can build your customers’ support through this online grocery platform. The unique UI and UX give the customers a seamless grocery shopping experience.

The significant features of this grocery ecommerce website:

  • The advanced search option will let the buyer to search product-wise and also store-wise.
  • The scheduling and payment feature of this online grocery store software will let the buyer to schedule their delivery time and can pay with the available payment options.
  • In-app wallet is well-integrated with this online grocery platform.

15. ShopurGrocery – A Remarkable Grocery Ecommerce Platform


ShopurGrocery will help you to create your own personalized cloud platform. You can use this grocery ecommerce platform in both web and as an app. This online grocery platform provides high accessibility to the users. The grocery software is well-integrated with finest delivery management system and gives an awesome shopping experience.

The intense features of this grocery ecommerce website:

  • Customize the way you like the grocery ecommerce software to be.
  • The mobile app will give customers a personal shopping experience.
  • This online grocery platform is completely device compatible and can be used well in both IOS and android platforms.

Must Have Features for a Profitable Grocery eCommerce Platform

  • Easy search – narrow down the options that your customers are searching for with advanced searching and filtering options built in your grocery platform.
  • Order tracking – let your customers and vendors know about the order status in your online grocery store and allow them to easily track their orders and get status.
  • Coupons and discounts – delight your customers by providing special discount and coupons that will make them buy again and again through your grocery ecommerce platform
  • Secured multiple payment option – facilitate your audience to utilize your payment option to buy products from your ecommerce platform and ensure them that your grocery platform is a highly secured one.
  • Reviews & rating – never miss an opportunity to get your customers’ feedback about your grocery platform service and product quality. This will enhance your online credibility.


The global online grocery platform is facing healthy growth. You may have realized the importance and now know what the leading grocery ecommerce platform is that you can rely on for your business. Check what features that are essential to run your online grocery store software and choose the best grocery ecommerce platform suited to your needs from the options listed above. Good luck!

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