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10 Best Automobile Software Development Companies Worldwide

The automotive industry will never cease to grow technologically with each passing day. Numerous automobile manufacturing firms choose to make their processes efficient by adopting automation, AI, ML, and IoT. Our tech experts conducted a review of the most powerful automotive product development companies. We have classified the companies into three levels based on their degree of use of modern technology. Read on as we walk you through the list of top automotive software companies. The company's software development processes are based on A-SPICE, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, and MISRA-C++ standards.
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The automotive industry will never cease to grow technologically with each passing day. Numerous automobile manufacturing firms choose to make their processes efficient by adopting automation, AI, ML, and IoT. To make it happen, several automotive software development companies assist the automotive industry. 

Our tech experts conducted a review of the most powerful automotive product development companies. While researching, our team identified that different companies fall under different categories of technological advancement. We have classified the companies into three levels based on their degree of use of modern technology. Read on as we walk you through it!

Here is the list of top automotive software companies

1. RisingMax - Automotive Software Development Company

RisingMax’s scope of services is rich and consists of developing solutions for Connected & Internet Cars, Telematics, EV Charging, Smart Bikes, Navigation & Mapping, HMI, and Security. On scrolling through their technology section, modern technologies like blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AR/VR, Big Data, and IoT. 

RisingMax is amongst the most trusted and result-oriented automotive engineering companies. Backed by a highly experienced team of developers, testers, and business developers, the company is rising as a citadel of excellence. The client reviews, testimonials, and case studies exhibit their level of expertise. Amazingly, it has proved to be the right development partner for many automotive companies and successfully delivered numerous projects. To back our research, we analyzed the relevant case studies on the company’s website. 

2. Intellias - Automotive Software Company

With the advent of trends like connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility, automotive engineering consultancy firms like Intellias are carving a special place in the marketplace. The company offers phenomenal automotive software development services by leveraging the potential of technologies like blockchain, AI & ML, Big Data, and IoT. 

The company’s solution suite consists of autonomous driving & ADAS, digital cockpit, connectivity & telematics, and automotive back-end systems. The company has been delivering production-grade software used by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across the globe. 

Various automotive companies trust Intellias for their safe and AI-based software. Additionally, its eye-grabbing success stories and genuine client reviews further strengthen its position and reputation as an automotive engineering consultancy firm.

We would now like to take you towards seeking an answer to a central question. After all, you are here not just to know about the top automotive engineering companies but beyond that, too.

3. Suffescom Solutions - Automobile App Development Company

Suffescom Solutions is another company that caught our attention. The company offers web & mobile app designing, development, and digital marketing services. One of the prime reasons behind Suffescom Solutions being counted amongst the top automotive product development companies is its ability to deliver solutions possessing stunning designs and functionality. Moreover, the company’s customer-centric approach makes it stand apart from the crowd. 

The team of developers at Suffescom Solutions knows the knack to build highly functional platforms for the automotive industry and match their modern needs. Its real-time solutions have assisted many automotive companies in obtaining the perfect result. Besides, the client reviews tell a lot about their expertise and approach towards developing the right solutions. 

4. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the most reliable and tech-driven automotive software development companies that have transformed the automotive sector with their modern solutions. This product company has introduced revolutionary services to the automotive world and assisted many companies by bringing them to the forefront. 

5. Infopulse

Infopulse offers a full cycle of automotive software development services that are highly flexible and scalable. Its 30 years of presence in the market has allowed many automotive companies to leverage its expertise and outgrow the competition. The company’s software development processes are based on A-SPICE, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, and MISRA-C++ standards and best international practices. Being one of the top automotive engineering consultancy firms, Infopulse is at a dominant position and has earned massive recognition for its back-to-back successful projects.

The company ensures faster time-to-market, greater productivity, and increased revenue generation for its clients. Its automotive competencies include embedded in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, telematics, NFC systems, security solutions, and blockchain solutions.  

6. McKinsey

McKinsey is one name that drives growth and deserves a place on the list of automotive technology and engineering consulting firms. While it continues to grow with each passing day and serve the automotive industry, it is sure to remain one of the best automotive product development companies. McKinsey has a broader scope of services and caters to a vast automotive clientele to offer them what they require. 

The firm renders automotive OEMs by helping them prepare for uncertainty, reshaping their value proposition, and expertise for market entry & network expansion. It's software products enable automotive companies to automate their processes and find solutions to the growing demands. 

7. Belitsoft

Belitsoft has earned recognition, and this is why we have added the company’s name amongst the best automotive engineering services companies. Its software development solution includes repair management, parts management, job cost, production management, technician tracking, AR management, and scheduling. 

A case study present on their website tells how efficiently the company developed a custom SaaS ERP and CRM platform for car service stations. By the end of 2017, the platform recorded its use by 200+ customers of its clients. Amazingly, the platform is available in English, French, and Spanish versions. 

Moreover, the clients’ feedback empowers its position and will keep on assisting it to maintain its rank to be considered as one of the most reliable automotive engineering consultancy firms. 

8. KandaSoft

KandaSoft bags the seventh position in our research for listing the top 9 automotive engineering services companies. Its dedicated team and agile development process enable it to develop faster to market software solutions for the automotive industry. The company involves full-cycle application development services, including Cloud engineering & optimization, Analytics & Big Data solutions, AI & Machine Learning implementation, and 24*7 maintenance & support. 

The firm has provided scalable solutions to innumerable automotive companies and modernized them massively. And this makes way for the company to secure a good position and recognition amongst automotive engineering consulting firms. The client reviews and testimonials say a lot about their expertise and the trust they have made amongst the clients by providing world-class software products. 


ELEKS offers custom automotive engineering services. Companies that have made a mark as the developers of software products for the automotive industry have ELEKS amongst them. The company’s services include process & technology consulting, predictive & prescriptive analysis, idea validation & PoC, and custom automotive software solutions.

ELEKS utilizes trending technologies like Data Science & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, advanced Data Analytics, Telematics, and more. Its rich portfolio exhibits its domain expertise and knowledge about developing software that provides maximum benefits to an automotive company. 

10. OrangeMantra

Last but not least, OrangeMantra is a solution provider for brands and OEMs. The company builds and designs highly engaging and user-centric automotive software for startups and big companies. The team works on technologies like IoT, AR/VR, ML, Blockchain, and more. This is what enables them to deliver custom automotive software solutions. 

The company’s expertise comprises Connected & Internet cars, EV Charging software, Smart Bikes, Telematics, Autonomous & ADAS, Navigation & Mapping, IoT & Embedded solutions, and more. The integration of modern technology makes OrangeMantra one of the top-rated automotive engineering consulting firms in modern times. 

How Automotive Software Will Play a Disruptive Role in the Industry?

Autonomous vehicles are on their way to becoming a reality, and the given fact has already increased the pace of the industry’s growth. With so much modernization happening in the market, automotive software will grab the lion’s share of the market growth. 


Internet of Things


The Internet of Things connects a thing with other things and will play a crucial role in the future of the automotive industry. The technology is efficient in enhancing user experience by integrating with smartphones and watches while making way for the voice recognition feature. 

Application of IoT in The Automotive Industry

1. Real-Time Vehicle Telematics

2. Cellular Vehicle to Everything (CV2X)

3. IoT based Predictive maintenance

4. In-vehicle Infotainment

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is already enhancing the user experience across other industries, and the automotive industry is no exception. IoT interconnects various devices and renders a more personalized experience to the drivers while integrating entertainment functionality. 

V2V Innovations

Vehicle to vehicle innovations will allow cars to send data to each other through wireless networks. A sharp decrease in the number of accidents will follow the feature by transmitting information even before humans can see or assess the condition.

Health Monitoring


Health monitoring devices will monitor distracted driving and fatigue. The technology will be linked to IoT and devices like fitness trackers and other health apps. Moreover, the technology will also be integrated with the car’s software. 

Automated Vehicles


Automated vehicles will soon be a reality and will automate all the driving functions. Presently, the latest car models are integrated with automatic braking sensors, parking cameras, and self-parking capabilities.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will come as an alternative to actually owning a car and those who do not drive often. People will be able to have a car with them with a few clicks. This eliminates the need for people to own a car.

Engine Transformation

In the coming years, electric vehicles will put an end to traditional cars. Moreover, this transformation will positively impact the environment, and people will begin to adopt them by giving up diesel or petrol cars. 

Summing Up:

Times will never remain the same, and neither will the list of automotive technology and engineering services companies. However, we have strived to bring the most updated list to you. Although the automotive industry has delayed adopting technology, you can avail early bird advantage of acting now for your automotive company. 

We hope this list of the best automotive engineering consulting firms will scale up your company’s operations, streamline disparate processes, increase productivity & efficiency. And this will happen since you must have furnished yourself with appropriate information on which automotive software company to choose from the list of automotive product development companies. 

We would keep you updated with our latest research and reviews so that you stay one step ahead of others. Happy reading! 


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