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24 Stories To Learn About Automotive

by Learn RepoJuly 29th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Automotive via these 24 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Automotive via these 24 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Electric Vehicles: to Buy or Not to Buy

Electric Vehicles are Popular, but Should YOU Get One?

2. Designing an HMI in Automotive: A Stress-Free and Intuitive Way 

In 2020, sophisticated-car infotainment system designs are no longer impressive. Smartphone integration, voice assistance, recognition of driver distraction, assisted personalized driving, connected in-car payments can be easily taken for granted. With the rapid growth of automotive technologies, OEMs are being challenged to create HMIs that offer usability and ensure safety while standing out from the competition. Still, there are general rules that can be helpful to those interested in designing an HMI for connected cars and who are approaching this topic for the first time.

3. Top 10 Software Development Companies Working with Automotive AI

Make choosing an AI software development partner easier for yourself: check out this top 10 selection of industry-approved teams.

4. Electric Cars: What Does the Future Hold? Better Batteries and Wireless Charging

Electric Cars: What Does the Future Hold?

5. Automotive Industry Revolution: How BMW Leverages AR & VR in Car Production

The main indicators of car competitiveness are price, quality, technical specifications, design, operating costs, and safety. In order to increase the competitiveness of automobiles, it is necessary to improve product development methods, introduce new design technologies, use computer capabilities, and mathematical modeling in all aspects of experimental design work. But the central aspect is to follow the latest technology trends. Important tools, such as AR and VR, are already widely used in the automotive industry.

6. SpaceX Technology May Have The Potential To Revolutionise The Future of Cars

As the years have gone by, entrepreneur Elon Musk has undoubtedly become a household name. His broader visions, and not to mention wealth, has helped him to carve out a legendary mark in outer space and the automotive industry alike.

7. Electric Vehicles: Driving Towards a Sustainable Future With Artificial Intelligence

Electric vehicles are redefining the automotive industry, and with supportive government policies and Artificial Intelligence, the future looks promising.

8. Why Hasn't Tesla Entered the Indian Market?

The internet has been buzzing since Elon Musk announced that Tesla is coming to India next year. This is big news and not just for the people who are waiting to get their hands on a luxury electric car like Tesla but also for the entire electric vehicles (EV) industry in the country.

9. In-car Payment Systems Unlock New Opportunities for M2M Economy

The full potential of in-car payment systems will be revealed in the machine-to-machine economy and a cooperative mobility ecosystem

10. How to Increase the Market Cap of Your Car Company

The route to success in the automotive industry is a meticulous and ever-evolving process.

11. How the Rapid Demise of Entry-Level Cars has Increased Average Prices

Why are manufacturers pushing entry-level cars out of production? Read and find out the reason why average car prices are rising.

12. Sensor-based Control in Cobots: Its Opportunities and Challenges

Introduction of the very basic formulation of the major sensor-servo problem, and then presenting its most common approaches like touch-based,

13. How to Create an Image Processing App in 72 hours

In November 2018, Volvo ran a hackathon that gathered talents from all over the globe to generate innovative ideas focused on undercarriage inspection automation. Our team created the best solution from scratch after 72 hours of live coding! Here’s how we did it.

14. Talking Cars: The Role of Conversational AI in Shaping the Future of Automobiles

While self-driving cars remain a futuristic concept, ChatGPT will soon accompany drivers during their commutes through stimulating conversations.

15. The Future of Automotive Tech: Top Trends in 2023

Here’s a look at five of the biggest technology trends that will shape the automotive market in 2023.

16. Architecture Design of a Smart, Scalable, AI-driven Robotic Production Factory

The core concepts of the architecture and design of a scalable, smart, robotics production factory is outlined.

17. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles are Not a Solution to Climate Change

How is it that fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen as a fuel are touted as climate-friendly vehicles? California even subsidizes the purchase of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The advocates never reveal the source of the hydrogen would most likely be coming as a byproduct of fracking in pursuit of natural gas.

18. The Hack to Driving Down Car Expenses

A look at inflation's impact on gas and car insurance prices.

19. Tesla Stock Wears A Double Halo

(Illustration: Mike Bloom)

20. Finding the Right Development Tool and Platform for a Vehicle HMI

The key challenges and crossroads for selecting a platform and UI Development tool for an Automotive HMI system.

21. General Motor's Claims To Commercialise the Most Innovative Battery Technology

GM has made the much-overlooked claim that by mid-decade, it expects to commercialize the most exotic of the stretch futuristic batteries currently on electric vehicle drawing boards.

22. How AI from Driver Technologies Company Helps To Protect the Motorists

Across the world, more than 1.3 million people die in car accidents, and over 50 million people are seriously injured every year. That’s nearly 4,000 people each day. Drivers in developing nations are most at risk. Only 54% of the world’s motor vehicles are in developing countries, but 90% of the world’s fatal car accidents occur in those countries. Even within the wealthiest countries vehicle-related injury and death are directly correlated to personal and neighborhood incomes.

23. How To Build An OBD2 Reader For Car Diagnostics

Full guide for car scanner ELM327 OBD2 reader app development. Connection, reading diagnostic data, and decoding vehicle errors.

24. Motor Vehicle Hacking: How Cybercriminals Hack Your Car

Any system in a smart vehicle connecting to the Internet, fleet management software, or an EV charging network is a potential entry point for hackers.

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