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Your Mind Is The Decision-Maker.

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Marvin Mubiru

Your Mind Is The Factory For Knowledge. It is The Storage Center. It is The Warehouse where you store emotional events and emotional feelings. Most theologians believe that the heart is the subconscious Mind. It is the part that we are not aware of. Like the tip of the iceberg, six-sevenths is our conscious Mind.
The Mind Is So Very Powerful. It is deciding what you are feeling. You cannot decide a feeling. You decide a focus, and your focus creates the feeling. Your Mind is so remarkable that all demonic powers are focused on your Mind. Satan does not grab your hand. He works with your Mind.
You Must Increase Your Respect For Your Mind. You must give attention to it, protect it, realize it can destroy you or it can grow and strengthen you. Your Mind takes information, good or bad, right or wrong and magnifies it. So, it is important that you renew and train your Mind.


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