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You Can Track Stock Market Data From Your Terminal

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As a developer, I love working with the terminal. The plain, simple, and in my opinion the best way to interact with the computer (also it makes you look geeky).

I spent most of my time in the terminal. By now you must have guessed I am a huge fan of the terminal and terminal-based applications.

Recently I developed an interest in stock markets and started tracking the stock markets. Since I love working with the terminal I decided to build a terminal oriented application that can help me to track the stock market.

Inspired by wttr.in I build terminal-stocks which can provide the stock's current prices, historical prices, and global market summary.

How to use terminal-stocks

terminal-stocks is available and can be used without installation.

1. Get the current price of the stock.

curl https://terminal-stocks.herokuapp.com/ITC.NS

You need to provide the ticker of the stock and terminal-stocks will give you the price information of the stock. terminal-stocks uses yahoo finance’s ticker to fetch stock information.

2. Get the historical prices of a stock.

curl https://terminal-stocks.herokuapp.com/historical/ITC.NS

This will give the 10 entries. To fetch more you can get it by providing page parameters like below.

curl https://terminal-stocks.herokuapp.com/historical/ITC.NS?page=2

3. Get the global market summary right in your terminal.

curl https://terminal-stocks.herokuapp.com/market-summary

More and more features will be added going forward.

How to use terminal-stocks as CLI

If you want to use terminal-stocks as a cli tool, you are lucky, terminal-stocks comes with cli as well. You can install terminal-stocks in windows/ubuntu/mac and use it.

1. Install terminal-stocks from npm

npm install terminal-stocks -g

2. Get the price information of stock

terminal-stocks -t ITC.NS

3. Get the historical price information of stock

terminal-stocks -t ITC.NS --historical

4. Get the market summary

terminal-stocks --market

5. Export the data as json or csv

terminal-stocks --ticker ITC.NS --json

for csv

terminal-stocks --ticker ITC.NS --csv


terminal-stocks is still in development and need a lot of improvements and feature development.

Add stock price chart right in the terminal.Add live price for stocks.Add support to maintain portfolio and track p&l right in terminal.

If you want to contribute and make terminal-stocks better, contributions are welcome via pull request on Github

Important Links:

Github: https://github.com/shweshi/terminal-stocks

NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/terminal-stocks

Thanks for reading. If you have some feedback, please reach out to me on Twitter or Github.

Happy Coding!!!

Also published at https://blog.shashi.dev/2021/01/track-stock-market-information-right-in.html


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