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Yo Polls — Real-time frictionless polls

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A frictionless solution for cumbersome process

Yo aims to simplify communication. In this new experimental product we focus on removing friction from polling. Removing friction means more transactions:

Lower Friction -> Higher Conversion = More Transactions

There is a real problem in the world of polling. Response rates are declining as “a consequence of busier lives and greater mobility, but also technology that makes it easier for people to ignore phone calls coming from unknown telephone numbers.

As Slate points out, “if such polls aren’t reaching a representative subset of the populace, it’s hard to know what to believe.

But what if we reduce the hurdle of replying to polls?


As technology advances we have more ways to perform things we’ve been doing for years, like polling. Today, more than a year since iOS 8 has been released, we present the first solution that allows participating in polls without even having to unlock your phone.

iOS 8 introduced Interactive Notifications. One can swipe the notification and reveal 2 buttons.

Yo Polls is an invisible app where there is no need to open the app in order to use it, the interaction is through interactive notifications.

The friction in participating in a Yo Poll is minimal. It takes about 4 seconds. This lets us get a high response rate and in real time.

Snapshot of public opinion at a point in time.

“A real time pulse of what is going through the nation’s head” — Jay Z

Thanks to Matt Hartman for contributing to this post.


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