WOW Summit Dubai 2023: A Massive Success Shaping the Future of Blockchain Technologyby@hackernoonevents
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WOW Summit Dubai 2023: A Massive Success Shaping the Future of Blockchain Technology

by HackerNoon EventsOctober 27th, 2023
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WOW Summit Dubai 2023, the World of WEB3 Summit, recently concluded with resounding success at the opulent Atlantis the Royal in Dubai. This event showcased an extraordinary lineup of speakers and esteemed sponsors, leaving an indelible mark on the world of blockchain and Web3 technology.
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WOW Summit Dubai 2023, the World of WEB3 Summit, recently concluded with resounding success at the opulent Atlantis the Royal in Dubai. This event showcased an extraordinary lineup of speakers and esteemed sponsors, leaving an indelible mark on the world of blockchain and Web3 technology.

Ivan Ivanov, Global CEO of WOW Summit, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "WOW Summit Dubai 2023 has exceeded our wildest expectations. It was a landmark gathering that brought together Web3 enthusiasts, industry leaders, and government officials to shape the future of blockchain technology."

The event featured some amazing panel discussions and keynotes that illuminated the path forward for blockchain and Web3 technology. The Summit featured an array of captivating panel discussions and keynote presentations. Among the standout topics were, Exploring the Fusion of AI, Metaverse, Gaming, Fashion, and NFTs, Global Strategies for Amplifying Revenue: Unlocking the Potential of Corporate Blockchain Providers, Early-Stage Funding Opportunities in Web3 Projects and Acceleration, Current State of Decentralized Media, Advancements in Web3 Protocols: Pioneering the Path to Innovation and Progress and several others.

The event's sponsors, Farcana, Unicoin, Fastex, demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation in the blockchain industry. Their visionary leadership and strategic expertise set the stage for transformative discussions on the potential of blockchain. Our sponsors were represented at the event as speakers and boosters in the exhibition hall. This exemplified their commitment to advancing the blockchain industry. Among the sponsors of the event we note such companies as: Darwinbit, ChainUp, Sastana, Beezfi (BizTrip), P2PBet,  Hacken, ICP, EXOLO.

Unicoin, a next-generation cryptocurrency, stands out from its predecessors by embracing transparency, SEC compliance, and being backed by a diversified asset portfolio, including real estate and equity in high-growth companies. In contrast, Farcana, a Dubai-based AAA game development studio, is in the process of creating a game bearing the same name. Farcana's unique 4v4, ability-based arena shooter redefines the gaming experience with its innovative 4-role system, strategic gameplay, and full integration of Web3 technology, all while maintaining the high-quality standards associated with AAA gaming. Fastex is a complete Web3-driven ecosystem that introduces diverse centralized and decentralised products and solutions, including Fasttoken (FTN), Fastex Exchange, Fastexverse, Fastex Pay, and ftNFT Marketplace. Driven by constant changes in the world of technologies, the Fastex ecosystem always thinks one step ahead and aims to bring businesses and communities closer to Web3 technologies, making them more accessible than ever.

Joining as speakers were also a group of outstanding individuals contributing significantly to the payments industry on Blockchain instead, including  Jeff Zhao (Darwinbit), Eowyn Chen (Trust Wallet),  Igor Bershadskiy (Hacken), Marat Salimov (P2P Labs), and Tigran Bolshoi (Kinetex Network). Their support underscored the collaborative spirit of WOW Summit Dubai 2023.

The event featured distinguished speakers, including Yat Siu (Animoca Brands), Dr. Marwan Alzarouni (Dubai Blockchain Centre), Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi (Director at EMARATSEC, Co-chair at the WEF global future council, Director for Center at Cyber Security New York University AD), Nameer Khan (MENA Fintech Association), Miriam Kiwan (Circle), Mohamed Issa (Chainanalysis), Sam Katiela (Crypto Valley Partners), Julian Sperring-Toy (UNICOIN), Islam Shazhaev (Farcana), Joy John (Oracle), and other luminaries who shared profound insights and valuable discussions.

Prominent figures such as Michael Terpin, Gurvinder Ahluwalia, Christian Gleich, Nick Spanos, Mansoor Madhavji also graced the event, adding to its prestige.

The Summit was honored by the presence of distinguished guests and esteemed media personalities, including Sheikh Ali Rashed Ali Saeed Al Maktoum, the esteemed Carl Runefelt from Moongames, as well as the notable presence of Davinci Jeremie and Guy Yanpolskiy (GuyWay events).

The results of the WOW Summit Dubai Startup competition serves as a glittering showcase, highlighting the brilliant innovations and rising stars within the dynamic realms of blockchain and Web3 technology. From a pool of over a hundred spirited startup contenders, the selection of the top 10 was an inclusive and decentralized process, driven by the vibrant community using Cyrator (available at This online platform became the epicenter of independent decentralized reviews, inquiries, and profound insights, all thoughtfully validated, and endorsed by esteemed experts. These well-considered deliberations are closely scrutinized by a committee of discerning investors.

They're thrilled to introduce the distinguished winner of their Startup competition, hailing all the way from France, the brilliant minds behind the tokenized investment fund named Petale. This remarkable achievement has garnered the attention of MMPro Trust and its esteemed investors, who are now contemplating an investment of up to $1 million in the Petale project. Additionally, the project is set to embark on a series of meetings with tier-1 investment funds in Dubai.

In an added boost of support, the Petale project has secured three months of invaluable market-making assistance, comprehensive listing maintenance, and expert trade strategy management courtesy of Market Making Pro, all as a well-deserved reward for emerging triumphant in the WOW Summit Startup Competition. This accomplishment underlines WOW Summit's steadfast dedication not only to recognizing exceptional talent but also to providing a vital launchpad for entrepreneurial aspirations.

Furthermore, their victorious startups have not only earned the prestigious accolade but have also been generously rewarded with a slew of prizes from industry leaders such as AWS and various other esteemed partners. The WOW GROWTH program has also extended its nurturing hand to the top 10 finalists, offering a three-month acceleration program complete with comprehensive business development support and guidance on investor relations. This support will span across regions of interest, including Asia (HK Hub), the MENA region (UAE Hub), and Europe (Swiss Hub).

In a groundbreaking collaboration with the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), WOW Summit and GROWTH have launched an exciting Ideathon program, designed to cater to companies in their early stages, enabling them to test their innovative concepts and find the perfect tech team to bring these ideas to life. The Ideathon is now open for participation throughout the months of October and November 2023, while the forthcoming hackathon is scheduled to take place during the WOW Summit in Hong Kong 2024.

The exclusive media zone, featuring moderators from Ana Solana (JETA agency) and Adel Bhurtun from Web3TV, provided a platform for in-depth coverage and analysis of the event's key moments.

WOW Summit Dubai 2023's art zone showcased an impressive array of digital and NFT artists. Amrita Sethi, the event's headliner, crafted five unique works and is recognized as the UAE's first NFT artist, as well as a top-tier Physical and Digital Artist. For the WOW Summit, Amrita Sethi unveiled her latest masterpiece series titled "Art and Tech" aiBYTEs, representing a captivating evolution of her distinctive style. In a remarkable fusion of art and technology, she collaborated with ChatGPT to craft a poetic narrative that envisions how the transition from Web2 to Web3 will inspire our world. Subsequently, she harnessed the creative power of Midjourney to transform this narrative into stunning visual imagery.

Vesa, a renowned digital art pioneer for over 15 years, is considered one of the initial artists to delve into crypto art and NFTs. His notable awards include NFT Artist of the Year (AIBC Summit, 2023) and top Web3 Artists accolades from L’Officiel Arabia. Naama Pozniak, the CEO of Paz Holding, Inc., and LetzGetPhygital, stood out as a Web3 Educator, NFT Artist, and multifaceted professional known for her contributions to the art world.

WOW Summit Dubai 2023 lived up to its promise as an unmissable Web3 event that will undoubtedly shape the future of blockchain technology. Attendees were treated to a unique experience filled with knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and exploration of cutting-edge developments in the Web3 ecosystem.

WOW Summit is now gearing up for their Hong Kong edition in 2024, scheduled for March 26-27. Secure your super early bird tickets now.

About WOW Summit:

WOW Summit is a leading global Web3 event that unites distinguished industry titans, esteemed government officials, visionary funds, venture capitalists, NFT and digital artists, entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations. The Summit drives the innovative trajectory of Web3, covering cutting-edge trends and innovations in technology. It explores themes including the Web2 - Web3 transition, CBDCs, regulatory landscapes, asset tokenization, and the societal impact of blockchain and DLT technologies. Hosted by GuyWay, powered by MarketMakingPro, and co-organized by and Quantum Leap Strategy, WOW Summit has a history of hosting distinguished speakers.