World’s First Indoor Drone Combats COVID-19 And Delivers 99% Disinfection Rate by@Curiosity Shots

World’s First Indoor Drone Combats COVID-19 And Delivers 99% Disinfection Rate

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  • The Aertos drones are able to fly stably indoors without external reference like GPS
  • Creators of the Aertos® drone are using its patented artificial intelligence (A.I.) system and mathematical framework for indoor COVID-19 disinfection 

April 6, 2020, Lenexa, KS

Digital Aerolus – a global leader in autonomous technology for any vehicle that flies, drives, dives or swims – has developed the first indoor drone with C-band ultraviolet (UVC) lights, created specifically to combat the spread of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) with a 99% disinfection rate. The Aertos 120-UVC will be available in volume in May.

By using its patented technologies, the Aertos 120-UVC can fly stably inside buildings contaminated by the COVID-19 virus, allowing humans to stay safely away from infected areas. Digital Aerolus’ industrial drones do not use GPS or external sensors, enabling them to operate stably in places other drones cannot go, including small and confined spaces.

UVC disinfection has been used for decades to keep viruses and other pathogens out of our drinking water and off hospital surfaces, with volumes of research supporting its application. Combining Digital Aerolus’ industrial drone technology with small but powerful UVC emitters, the Aertos 120-UVC is mobile, cost-effective and delivers the rapid disinfection of COVID-19 without putting humans at risk. 

Co-founded by Jeff Alholm, a leader in the development of the first smartphone, Newton-based Seahorse; millimeter-wave imaging technology; the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard; the pulse oximeter; and the capnograph, Digital Aerolus pivoted over the past three weeks to launch an innovative and effective UVC light delivery tool to quickly disinfect essential businesses:

  • Healthcare Facilities – patient rooms, hospital rooms and waiting areas
  • Grocery Stores – checkout spaces
  • Airplanes and Public Transit – seats and exposed surfaces
  • Business Common Areas – restrooms, workrooms, break room surface areas
  • Warehouses and Product Areas – work surfaces, product handling and storing areas
  • Aertos 120-UVC Technical Details

    The Aertos 120-UVC flies above a surface using 36 optically intense 265 NM LED UVC lights When the drone flies at 6 feet above a surface for five minutes, it provides a greater than 99% disinfection rate of more than a 2 x 2-meter surface.


    As this global crisis has unfolded, we’ve been committed to developing an innovative and accessible solution to wage war against COVID-19 and mitigate the risk to humans worldwide,” said Alholm.
    “Like many others, we are innovating to combat this horrible virus, and we’re focused on how we can use our unique technology to deliver virus killing to challenging environments. Using UVC energy to disinfect isn’t new, but our delivery method is. The method matters, because it helps to keep people safe amid a pandemic.”

    The Aertos 120-UVC will be available in volume in May through Digital Aerolus partners and resellers including CDW. Find out more information about the Aertos 120-UVC on the Digital Aerolus website.

    Digital Aerolus develops autonomous technology for any vehicle that flies, drives, dives, or swims. The company’s revolutionary software combines Artificial Intelligence with multi-dimensional mathematics, allowing vehicles to operate entirely independent of traditional navigational aids. Digital Aerolus’ first commercial product is a line of industrial drones for indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. Find out more by visiting


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