Emiswap Enters Polygon: How It Will Help Reduce Commissions And Earn 365% Per Annum by@Tonytoreto

Emiswap Enters Polygon: How It Will Help Reduce Commissions And Earn 365% Per Annum

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EmiSwap will provide a 365 % APR airdrop to Polygon liquidity suppliers over the next 365 days. (One day equals one %.) Simply visit EmiSwap, select the Polygon Network, and provide liquidity.

EmiSwap announced the formal integration with Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform, this week. The EmiSwap AMM DEX will leverage the speed and security of the powerful Polygon to provide users and LPs with the ability to optimize their returns and improve their experience. Let's find out more about how this collaboration will help LPs and DeFi fans!

Review of the Industry

Over the last year, the DeFi business has risen by more than 900 %, from $10 to more than $100 billion in a relatively short amount of time. It is self-evident that this is advantageous, and it is a sensible investment. However, it appears that there are just as many people who are losing money as there are people who are making money. A man makes a million dollars one day and loses it the next because the operation is a scam, and the developer changed a few lines of code exactly as the item increased in value, blocking sales.

Every day, new threats appear, and the vast majority, if not all, are successful in convincing investors they're real and spread across the globe in WhatsApp and Telegram groups, tricking hundreds or millions of other people into investing. Nonetheless, significant projects with actual decentralization goals are ongoing, with teams of devoted specialists working nights and weekends to provide users with genuine service and legitimate value. It's tough to play a game when the rules are always changing; EmiSwap is setting a standard for how the game is played.

What is the EmiSwap AMM DEX?

EmiSwap is a cross-chain AMM DEX that allows users to safely extract large APR from Ethereum, Kucoin, and Polygon liquidity mining and farming on a daily basis. The Ecosystem of Meaningful Interactions gives ESW token holders 0.05 % of exchange volume, and 0.25 % to Liquidity Providers. EmiSwap is likewise audited by Hacken and BluSwarm, and it adjusts the APR regularly and creates new farming pools for every 1 million DAI trading volume.

Establishing a Benchmark for DEXs

EmiSwap is a quality-focused decentralized ecosystem with a variety of features and levels of security. Many people are unaware of how much work goes into establishing these complex blockchain ecosystems. EmiSwap launched on Ethereum in May of this year and quickly added KuCoin and Polygon, which the DEX is now promoting and spreading.

EmiSwap's user interface is simple and intuitive. Users can choose to bridge their assets across three blockchains. EmiSwap also intends to integrate the BSC, NEAR, Shiden, and AVAX blockchains in the near future.

Polygon enthusiasts can now use this advanced DEX to trade tokens, offer or migrate liquidity, stake, farm, and withdraw daily rewards and bonuses. The EmiSwap team has devised an attractive campaign to entice liquidity providers, and it appears to be a good deal:

Benefits for Liquidity Providers

●The first benefit is the 365 % APR airdrop, which allows users to exchange LP tokens for liquidity in any currency pair. Users can participate in the farming pools with their LP tokens and ESW pair to qualify for a 365 % APR airdrop (per liquidity) + an additional % APR for farming + 0.25 % of token swappers' platform fees. The 365 % APR Airdrop will be delivered three months after the money is withdrawn or the campaign ends.

●The airdrop with a 180 % APR: Users can offer liquidity in any pool using the ESW token (for example, ESW/USDT) and receive a 180 % APR (per liquidity) plus 0.25 % of the token swappers' fee. Three months after investments are withdrawn or the campaign ends, the 180 % APR Airdrop will be awarded.

●The XXX % APR farming pool will make its debut on November 23rd. Users can provide liquidity, stake their LP tokens in farming pools, and receive high APR rewards DAILY + 0.25 % of swappers' premiums paid to the platform. Referral Program The EmiSwap Referral Program is available for both the 365 % and 180 % Airdrops. Participants in the referral program get a % of the incentives for users they refer to the EmiSwap platform at three levels.

●Level 1: If USER1 introduces a USER2 using their referral link, they will get 7% of their rewards.

●Level 2: If USER2 invites USER3, USER1 receives 5% of USER2's awards.

●Level 3: If USER3 invites USER4, USER1 receives 3% of USER3's incentives. What makes Polygon so appealing?

Polygon is the most popular Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. All major scaling and infrastructure solutions, including L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more, are easily accessible via its expanding product line.

Polygon's vision is to transform Ethereum into an "Internet of Blockchains" by adding more scaling infrastructure and a fully functional multi-chain ecosystem. Polygon now has more direct collaboration from key Ethereum developers than ever before, with numerous members of the Ethereum community joining Polygon as advisers - a huge help to the project's continued growth and success.

EmiSwap Makes Use of Polygon Solutions

EmiSwap has been searching for the most effective way to lower users' gas bills. EmiSwap reimburses all ETH gas costs for all exchange and pooling activities on Ethereum using its own $ESW governance token. However, because of the recent integration with Polygon, users can now use EmiSwap with nearly gasless transactions on this DEX.

"We've always strived to create a product that we believe has real value and provides customers with the experience and tools they need to trade on a decentralized exchange. We're quite excited about EmiSwap's potential on a strong chain like Polygon. The DeFi community has been waiting for a solution to Ethereum's excessive gas fees for a long time. Users can now supply liquidity, trade, stake, and farm at almost no cost and quick speed thanks to Polygon's advancement. We believe that by combining EmiSwap and Polygon, consumers all over the world will be able to get the most out of their cryptocurrency investments."- Greg Mars, Founder of EmiSwap

EmiSwap Future

The most important question is, "What are LPs going to do with it?" The powerful EmiSwap DEX should be their first choice for exchanging and providing liquidity. Because of the high APR and gasless transfers, users have a simple way to generate money and the opportunity to support exceptional technology while it is being perfected. Go to EmiSwap and start earning right away!