Winning App Awards Will Help With Brand Recognition by@raacheleleza

Winning App Awards Will Help With Brand Recognition

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In the line of computer and technology, various apps have been developed to serve different functions. However, some of these apps are better than others. A system of awarding apps was developed in order to lure innovation and hard work. To come up with an award-winning app, the most motivated minds need to be doing the things they love the most. This propels you towards good design, brand recognition, and marketing efforts, a combination that might make you win an app award. Such people always need clients who believe in them and a great team that supports them in their endeavors. Various categories of awards such as best mobile apps and best business apps among others do exist.

Here, we look at the apps awards offered to understand the exact type of apps that are awarded. 

Google Play Awards

This sort of award targets only android applications. Most Android applications are found in Google play which stages the competition. The targets of this award are those android app developers who are very innovative as an indicator of a talented mind. It also involves the best multiplayer games as well as the best apps for the kids. There are 12 categories that your app can fall into and if you are considered to be the most innovative in any other categories then you will definitely get awarded.

AppCircus’ ConhIT

The applications that fit into this category of awards are those that relate to healthcare majorly regarding patients, doctors, and medicine. This application is tailored for nurses who have passed the RN exams as well as doctors and medical centers and it is a place where they can be informed about the latest health IT developments. The fitness and wellness apps are never part of this category. It calls for a very innovative person in the sector of networking as well as medical technology. The person who develops the most attractive app in this sector gets an award. 

DICE Awards

This is an award for the most innovative mobile game of the DICE format used in both Android and iOS. Many such apps have been developed but there still exists a vast area of innovation that has been unexploited. These apps are some of those addictive game apps that one can usually never avoid. Any person who dives into the world of mobile app game design and comes up with the top mobile game app of the year that is considered to be the most addictive sits with the legends of design and wins a hoard of other awards.

Mobile Excellence Awards

One of the most prestigious awards lies in this category. It falls on the most innovative app designer who creates an app that is the easiest to use, that easily achieves its objectives, that its market success is admirable, that with quantifiable business results, and the one that largely uses mobility. “The level of innovation and design here must be explicitly unique to develop such an app” explain marketing experts at Tactica

International Mobile Gaming Awards

Very many mobile games have been developed. However, there are some of those popular games that you don’t want to miss. This category of awards contains 14 awards that one can win from. The exceptional game apps that have been developed as a result of extreme innovation and creativity always win a prize. 

Apple Design Awards

Numerous apple apps have been developed over years. However, developing one of the best apple apps shows a very talented mind with extreme innovation capabilities. Applications that win the award in this category are chosen on the basis of user interaction, app features, graphics, and user design. The app that has the best of these designs is eligible for an award. 

Appsters Awards

The mobile world has seen a lot of efforts in terms of innovation and design. This award is for the apps that have the best-made use of the latest technology in app development. The apps in this category may include consumer apps, enterprise apps, developer apps, and entertainment apps. Mobile apps that have made use of modern app technology; the apps with the most influential startup and the most innovative apps fall under this category.

Numerous award-winning apps exist in the market. However, the best of the best are the ones that are eligible for the award. Being the best in this fast-growing world of technology puts you in a position where only a few people are. And because the world of technology is supported by everyday innovations, your contribution to technology is always awarded. If you have one of these leading apps, you should sign up for the competition and let the world see your innovation.


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