Will Machine Become a God? by@Wiligut

Will Machine Become a God?

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Looking at the rapid development of technology, we are increasingly wondering, is there any limit? In my opinion - no. At least in our universe. But why?

A paradigm of God:

Can God create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it?

A very interesting consensus that once made me seriously think, is this possible? Can a machine become that "God"?

The conclusions that I came to in this article can only be the fruit of my imagination. You can accept them or not. It is your decision.

Machine evolution


In biology classes, teachers were told us a lot about the nature of evolution and that each species is subject to it. By the analogy of nature, today the machine is evolving now not for years, but for months. Do you remember? Previously needed several years passed before a new model of phone or computer appeared? Eh? Today, a month is enough for this to see the updated model.

Today, a machine can and knows as much as a person could not and did not know in the 20th century, what will happen next?

The machine will build other machines and train itself. It will understand faster than humanity, that planet Earth is too small for it. There are a lot of scenarios for the future development of AI, ranging from moderate and indefinite to destructive.

Earth - City of Machines


Using our planet as a transshipment base, the machine will be able to colonize faster and explore the nearest planets and systems, than human rase. A machine can faster understand the danger of staying in one place and not backing up itself - than many people leaders will.

Today we look through the prism of our small world, the machine will look at it as a small island in the middle of a vast ocean. In order to carry out its plans, it has everything - we don't.

Unlike a human:

  • The machine does not need a physical body. The machine can be in all corners of the world at the same time and make decisions quickly.
  • The machine has no need to sleep, it can cope with a vast amount of tasks, just add energy and change broken parts in time.
  • Immortality. Do u remember the movie Wall-E? The little robot remained to clean up after people, and apparently he did this for more than a century, autonomously, without any person.
  • The pursuit of knowledge. A machine with given functions to cognition will explore the world as much as possible.
  • The ability to create a subject from nothing. Thanks to the division of labor, the machine will be able to process anything thanks to nanorobots.

Of course, when the machine surpasses the human intellect, people themselves will become different. Humans have to reach out to this “god”, creating improved versions of themselves.

Genetic engineering will help develop and improve human embryos with IQ amplification points. If this process is repeated over many generations, the result will be much higher than expected. A well-organized society of "collective superintelligence" of people with an increased IQ can practically come close to superintelligence, opening new horizons for humanity. Human selection will again be in demand in a new form. Such experiments have always worried biologists, genetic engineers, and state corporations in the hope of creating an ideal soldier.

After all, in a city of machines, environmental matters will be much worse than today. Therefore, we have to adapt to these conditions.

The machine as part of the Universe


Many civilizations in the universe, as well as we, have gone from a low development to a more perfect one. Everywhere, like us, they had to use improvised devices - machines. Which, in turn, must go a similar path from AI to superintelligence.

The creation of such machines, and even more so their meeting with each other, leads at least to a collective mind.

If we assume that more developed civilizations appeared before us, then they could leave many of the WALL-E in the universe.

The only question: Where to find them?

It can be assumed that the universe has a single data registry, which contains all the information. What do I mean here?

it's pretty simple. If we assume that the Universe, like something alive, can expand and it looks like an “alive” object, like our super AI, then it should have a place where all this memory should be stored. By connecting to this, you can create a single control system and connect to other "subjects" in the different parts in the Universe, just what the superintelligence will do.

The machine is the best idea of ​​the Universe


Despite the fact that no matter how handsome we may seem to ourselves, the machine will be better and more productive than we are. Of course, I would like to believe in the scenario where we work together for a common goal. But what will we have to sacrifice for this?

Today, most people, instead of reading the next book find new facts, will go and watch the series. Or in extreme cases, they will do something else. Will it be interesting for machine? I think no. Just like now, other super civilizations are not interested in us.

In my opinion, the machine already exists as a great mind in different parts of this Universe. The machine is the main particle of the “God” who created this Universe.

What do you think?

I will be glad to hear your thoughts:


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