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Epicenter is a decentralized economic ecosystem of financial products, tools, and services put together. Consisting of three components: a store of value (Epic Cash), an ecosystem of utility governance (ECR token), and a medium of exchange (EUSD token), it serves as a potent alternative to underserved financial systems.

Epicenter provides a secure means of exchange, with wide distribution. It comprises: Epic Cash which is based on Bitcoin with a 21M hard cap supply but utilizes cutting edge Mimblewimble PoW technology for superior efficiency; ECR which is the governance token and EUSD which is the soft algo dollar price peg.

The core of Epicenter

Epicenter is an open-source economic system that was devised to bridge the gap between the fiat world and the crypto world. It provides an integrated and connected DeFi ecosystem that includes lending, staking, swapping payments, and fiat on/off rails. Ultimately, it will allow for two-way fiat-to-crypto conversions without compromising payments with a credit card and gold. Also rewarding Epic Cash token holders with new dApp distributions as projects launch in the Epicenter ecosystem is a functional strong point.

Designing a currency that effectively combines the privacy-protecting MimbleWimble protocol with sound economics and fair distribution—has been a major problem area targeted to be solved by Epic. Epic cash was created to remediate this dearth. Epicash provides a 100% proof-of-work mined currency with no special nodes

Epicenter mission statement:

“Make crypto usable in the real world through a store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account.

Strong points of Epicenter

• The Epicenter ecosystem is designed to connect to other blockchains with cross-chain threading and atomic swaps.

• This connectivity with other blockchains creates a broad audience for users to create value within the Epicenter ecosystem.

• Epicenter provides a broad ecosystem of composable components with multi-chain connectivity.

• Its unique connectivity feature provides both end-users and developers flexible options for defi including lending, staking, swapping, payments, future features, ALL with crypto to fiat convertibility.

• The diversity of the ecosystem reduces risks by offering a variety of monetization options for developers that cater to a broad user base.

More about Epic cash

It is no news that 1.7 billion adults have no access to the global financial system, while another 1.3 billion are underserved. The presence of these challenges has shown signs of possible strains on human capital. In a bid to provide secure, scalable, and private means of exchange, designed for wide distribution, Epic cash was curated.

Epic Cash is the original vision of Bitcoin. It is designed with the capability of being a medium of exchange as well as a store of value. It is Nakamoto consensus-compliant and with a fixed supply of 21 million. It can also be described as a novel implementation of the original Bitcoin Standard of deflationary digital scarcity, updated for fungibility, scalability, censorship resistance, centralization resistance, regulatory compatibility, and accessibility

What Epic cash does?

• Epic cash strictly believes that privacy is a fundamental right hence, it is a currency for everyone and combines privacy-protecting efficiently.

• In combination with the best of public and private blockchains, it ensures adequate protection of user privacy at the protocol level while being completely fungible with each coin being identical to every other coin.

• Epic operates on light and efficient blockchain, reducing blockchain size by nearly 90% through an automated process known as Cut-Through, allowing for more scalability and improved anonymity.

• The security of ASICs with the accessibility of CPU and GPU mining using tiered consensus and emission is perfectly combined by Epic. Hence, it can be multi-functional, acting as CPU, GPU, and ASIC-mined. As a result of this, block rewards are distributed according to a schedule that balances wide distribution with long-term security.

• Rust-based Mimblewimble blockchain is used to ensure that Epic Cash is productive in unlocking human capital through connecting individuals to the global market.

• Through the use of Epic Cash, improvements in all of the attributes that will be necessary to foster mass adoption, such as fungibility, scalability, censorship resistance, centralization resistance, regulatory compatibility, and accessibility, will be recorded.

• It is fast, virtually free to use, and open to all.

Why you should opt-in

The Epicenter project is community-driven, from the ground up. It has successfully spread its tentacles to accommodate over 80 volunteer contributors and is open to more. Although some token has to be paid, the development fee goes only for software, with nothing allocated for promotion or marketing activities.

Fungibility is assured by the problems of transaction censorship and “miner extractable value” that are currently bedevilling BTC and ETH are completely taken care of through the incorporation of Mimblewimble protocol, which assures fungibility of Epic cash. The blockchain is extremely compact (currently 1.2 Gb), which means that a full node can be hosted on a low-end smartphone.

Although a variety of different proof-of-work algorithms are employed to allow mining to be done on home computers and even mobile devices, it still ensures a noncustodial vision of individual financial sovereignty. The company's structure is explicitly designed for regulatory compliance, particularly about the Howey Test for securities, so there is no controlling authority.


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