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Will AI Replace Copywriters?

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Nowadays, everyone knows that the universal implementation of AI is drawing nearer and nearer. With the advancements of technology, and the growing demand for automated processes, in due time our world will change before our eyes. Especially with the current pandemic, people have realized how powerful the internet can be, primarily because they have the capacity to work 24/7.

AI Automation in 2020

Even now, you can already feel the effects of the advancements of technology. For instance, when you walk into a McDonald's, it is no longer the McDonald's staff greeting you with warm smiles when you come in. Instead, there is a kiosk where you can select your order and pay on the spot.

Picture 1: A picture documenting what you see when you first enter McDonald's in 2020: order kiosks. Source of picture can be found here

AI is definitely powerful, a tool that would enhance the systems in place in no time because not only can it automate processes, but can be optimized over time. It may come as a lofty investment at first, but it would pay for itself over time and likely save you money in the long run. Businesses will put all of their money into these machines, and the companies who pioneer these advancements will earn a lot of money.

Though just like anything, AI does come at a cost. That cost is the loss of human jobs. As AI takes over the roles of people, people will lose their livelihoods, and possibly be unable to find another source of income.

In preparation for the day AI will come, you may be asking yourself: What can I do to rise above this?

My Answer: Become a Copywriter

Copywriting is the act of selling anything that involves stringing words to connect with their audience, persuading people to purchase the product and/or the service you are campaigning for.

Copywriting is crucial to the development of any business, for businesses need someone to write their advertisements, handle their social media, and most importantly, increase their sales. Without a copywriter, they wouldn't be able to brand themselves, and likely be devoured the marketplace.

However, what may make copywriting challenging is that you have to connect with various audiences.

As a copywriter, you have to understand how audiences think, feel, and operate. You have to understand people at a fundamental, humane level. This is what separates us from machine: our inherent ability to understand people.

Why AI Will Not Replace Copywriters

What will prevent AI from taking over the role of a copywriter is that AI currently cannot empathize with people the same way that we can. AI may be able to, up to a certain extent, emulate compassion. However, technology can only go so far.

AI may make the lives of copywriters easier, because of one thing: data. AI may find trends, specific keywords that may invoke positive response, and it would be easier to split-test the copy to see which one may do better. However, it is still going to be the copywriter who would diagnose and evaluate the data, to see how they will market the business.

Copywriting will continue to be one of the most important roles in business, even when AI starts to roll around. Instead, AI should be able to help you elevate your copy, and hopefully not work against you!

If you have any questions about copywriting, you can click the link in my profile below!


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