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Why You Should Learn Vanilla JS Before Frameworks

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@men32zLuis Preza

First of all, I want to start by explaining that vanilla JS is not a framework, now in 2020 is well known that vanilla JS is “plain javascript” this means pure JS without frameworks.

what about JQuery?

JQuery was a popular framework that got popularity from its launch date in
2006 and it served well for around 10 years, so if you ask something to
google about JS you are going to find answeres written in JQuery. but
again we are on 2020 and this changed a lot since that, the release of
ES6 and new frameworks like(React, Angular, Vue) written the death
sentence of JQuery, to top of, in the last version of another important
framework Bootstrap who is going to remove JQuery from their core
(finally) in the version 5.

But coming back to the main object of this article you’ll found a lot of JQuery code and you’d be tempted to use it instead of JS. don’t do it. search for vanilla JS solutions and learn it. is harder but pays
well at the end.

What about JS Frameworks?

there are 3 main JS frameworks right now, React, Vue and Angular, and there are more, but I’m not going to talk about them now, the truth is that
all frameworks share similitude although they’re different each other,
but at the end they all use JS and before to dig into them its important to have a solid JS foundation, this way you can focus on the concepts
and patterns, that is what actually frameworks are.

more reasons?

I’m not the only one that says this. if you go through The Odin’s project path you will see that they focus on JS before frameworks, or Freecodecamp who has a big learning platform and yes they have a big JS section before frameworks.

One of the reasons they do that is because you use a lot of iteration methods in frameworks so it is not all about syntax.

Last but not least once you know JS moves from one framework to another is going to be a piece of cake.

I hope this article helped you a little bit to get the motivation to
learn vanilla JS. remember always keep learning and get fun!.

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