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Why You Might Not Be Getting What You Want Out Of A Mentor

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Interview with Karen Catlin, Advocate for Women in Tech and Leadership Coach

Have you already tried mentoring and found that it’s not working for you?

Is it because you’re just not getting what you want out of it, or other people have convinced you it’s just not worth your time?

We get that something maybe going wrong, which is why in today’s episode we’re going to cover ALL the things that can go wrong with mentoring. But we won’t leave you hanging… Karen Catlin and I will provide concrete tips (including some exact script to use) for:

  • Why you might consider finding a mentor inside versus outside your current company
  • How you can go about setting clear expectations with your mentor
  • How mentoring and coaching are different
  • How to decide if it makes sense to pay for coaching
  • Why it’s important to thank your mentor and how to do it effectively

And next week, we’ll conclude our theme of mentoring by sharing how you can get started as a mentor!

Once you’re done watching the episode, Karen and I want to know, are there expectations that you’re looking to set with your potential mentor and you’re wondering how to frame them? Let us know what they are in the comments below and we’ll be sure to respond to them shortly.

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