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Why we use Django framework

We chose Django programming framework for building web and mobile applications for a number of reasons — fitst of all, because we believe that it gives our clients the best solutions and results. Here are just 10 of the points that make Django so good.

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  • Django was developed by an online news operation with the aim to quickly create reliable web applications using the Python programming language. The framework has templates, libraries and API designed to work together for natural growth and connectivity. In practice this means that apps built in Django may be grown with minimal costs of upgrades, changes and additions. In general, Django makes lots of things easier.
  • Django suits projects of any size, from small to the biggest ones. Due to its scalability, it’s perfect for startups. But it also serves great for web sites with hundreds of visitors a second, such as Disqus or Washington Post.
  • Django uses Python which was one of the most popular programming languages of 2015, and is now the most popular language for those learning to code. And the framework itself is more and more widely used, and because it’s open source, it is built and kept updated by the developers who use it. This means that you can easily find answers to your questions arising from your project created in Django/Python.
  • A programming framework is a toolkit of components needed to create a web or mobile application. Django is a more fully featured kit than most of other frameworks, it contains everything you need to build an app.
  • If something is missing in the kit, Django may be extended with numerous ‘app’ plugins. The packages let you add google maps, create complex permissions, or connect to stripe for payment processing.
  • Django adheres to D.R.Y. — Don’t Repeat Yourself — philosophy. That means that the framework places a premium on getting the absolute most out of very little code. As a result, it supposes less hours to get it working, less code to break, and less to change when you need re-orientation.
  • Django/Python runs on every platform, be it Mac, PC or Linux. Moreover, Django includes a layer between the developer and the database called an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) which makes it possible to move your whole project between most major databases by changing just 1 line of a code.
  • Django is a big, well established web application framework that are supported by cloud providers doing their best to ensure that Django apps are easily and quickly deployed to their platform. In practice it means that once set up, your Django app be managed in a cloud with a single command from any authorized developer.
  • Django is very well documented. This allows avoiding of hours of trial and errors or effortless implementation. Every specific release of Django is supported by all necessary documentation and code examples. On top of that, the code is all publicly available on github for direct investigation.
  • Since we keep working in the same development environment for a long time, we are growing more and more expertise that crosses over from one our project to another. That means that applications and websites created by our team are constantly getting better, more functional, efficient and reliable.

Originally published at on January 25, 2016.

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