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Top 10 Health Hacks For Developers

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If you are a developer or web designer or quality assurance specialist you most probably spend most of your working time sitting. Here are a few hacks that will help you keep necessary level of activity and stay fit and healthy.

Ideally, you should subscribe to a gym and go there at least three times a week following a program, of training under a couch’s supervision, and go for running the days in between. Do it or not, the following hacks will help you be healthier and fitter. The most difficult stage is to adopt the tricks and start following them. That is why we limited the list by just 10 items. Just start using the hacks and enjoy the results!

1. Buy a fitness tracker

Wearables are not just another fashionable accessory, they do their job: they count your steps, track your sleep and heart rate. Just choose a model satisfying your individual needs — they may differ by the number of functions. Here are a few of the best new smart fitness bracelets:

Garmin Vivoactive is equipped with GPS sensor, optical HR monitor and barometric altimeter to track elevation.

Fitbit Alta is a basic tracker that helps you monitor your steps, sleep and active time throughout a day — but in addition it looks cool and stylish.

Fitbit Blaze is another basic tracker but this time with a new colour display that makes it especially convenient for beginners.

Garmin Vivosmart HR is an advanced fitness tracker that accurately counts steps, light and deep sleep time, and resting and active heart rate.

Jawbone UP2 is again basic but high quality and affordable fitness tracker with good look and extremely easy to use software.

2. Install fitness apps to your smartphone

If you don’t like wearables you can use fitness tracking apps installed in your smartphone — from Google Fit to numerous other analogues. Besides, there are plenty of other great fitness applications that may be helpful for anybody depending on one’s preferences: yoga apps, apps teaching how to be able more pushups or how to get six pack abs, and so on. Don’t forget to start really using them after installation!

3. Install activity reminder at your desktop or laptop

FitBolt is a good example of the kind. The web app is compatible with various browsers, and it reminds you to get up and do some simple moves in preset intervals of time. The tool not just reminds but also gives you ideas of what movements to do, be it sit-ups, stretches or anything else.

4. Use your own weight for exercising

You don’t need any special equipment to stay fit and shredded — your own body weight can serve you better than any bar bell or cattle bell. Bodyweight exercises are convenient because they can be done almost anywhere. They’re also terrific at building your body’s foundation and resistance. And they are numerous and various, from pushups and jumping jacks to planks and whatever else you can invent and imagine.

5. Try HIIT

High intensity interval training takes just a few minutes a day but gives amazing results. However, you may need separate place for exercising, and if you work our really intensely, a shower and changing clothes after the routine. If you have the amenities in your office, try doing it in the middle of your work day. 20 minutes fitness break every day — and in a few months you may look really athletic!

6. Work in standing position

Numerous researches show that prolonged periods of sitting increase obesity, poor posture, and chronic pain. A standing desk at work can help reduce the amount of time you spend seated.

7. Mark your activities in a calendar

Visualizing your accomplishments this simplest way may help you stay motivated. Just put a calendar on a wall near your working place, and mark every day of your planned activities with big red “X”. The more Xs you see in front of you, the more tempting it will be for you to go on.

8. Mind your diet

No matter what is your fitness goal — losing weight, gaining muscles or just staying fit, — you need to stick to a healthy diet. Just follow the simple and well know rules:

  • Get rid of junk food. Substitute it with fresh fruits, veggies, and other nutrient-dense products.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Many beverages have sugars, dyes, and flavorings your body doesn’t need. Quitting soda is one of the easiest ways to improve nutrition.
  • But don’t forget to drink a lot of water! According to researches, staying hydrated has a lot of scientifically proven benefits. For example, a study of soccer players showed that those who drank hydrogen-rich water before heavy exercise also had more energy due to lower blood lactate levels, so you can think of this as a fitness strategy, too.
  • Stay away from your computer when eating. This bad habit is associated with overeating and poorer food choices. Focus on your meal when you eat.
  • Pace yourself. When we eat quickly, our bodies may not realize how full they are, which causes overeating. Most foods take at least 20 minutes to digest.

9. Stay social

Share your fitness goals and achievements with your friends online. This will help you get additional support and motivation — and may help motivate someone else.

10. Spend time outside

Get to your work by walking or by bicycle. If applicable, step outside for a few minutes during your working day. You not just need some sunlight and fresh air every day. This good habit is also to better mental health. And researches show that your mental state can influence your health incredibly.

There’s no doubt one of the best things you can do for your overall health is to make fitness a regular part of your life. In fact, studies have shown that even moderate levels of exercise can increase energy and reduce fatigue, improve your focus and decision-making, and increase your creative potential. So, don’t put the tips aside — start using them and getting fitter, healthier and happier!

Originally published at blog.djangostars.com on March 23, 2016.


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