Why Staying Small Can Be A Great Business Strategy by@poornima

Why Staying Small Can Be A Great Business Strategy

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Interview with Paul Jarvis, Author of Company of One

In the last episode of Build, Paul Jarvis who is the author of Company of One and I, challenged the commonly held myth that you need to keep growing and scaling your company, otherwise you’re not innovating and you’ll soon start to stagnate.

We also debunked myths related to it such as falling prey to a big competitor and needing to be a leader who cannot fail.

The big takeaway was to question growth for growth’s sake.

The episode might have brought up a number of questions for you like, “What about me? I work in a BIG company! Does that mean I’m not innovative? Do I need to run a one-person business? Do I have to be anti-growth?”

Absolutely not!

The Company of One doesn’t mean to be prescriptive or claim that there is only one way of doing business. Rather it’s building awareness for what is changing, and how those changes could help you. For example, if you are looking for more flexibility and freedom, you could work remotely or you could build a lifestyle business.

And if you’re still wondering, “How Poornima and Paul? How do I do these things?”

Well, tune into today’s episode! In it, you’ll learn the following from Paul:

  • Why studies of companies often deviate from best practices, and what really happens when companies grow too quickly
  • Why Paul killed off profitable products and lines of business
  • The “gotcha” moments Paul went through as he was building his company — how they have served as proof for his best practices
  • How you can apply the Company of One mindset to a big company


Listen to the episode on iTunes!

You can listen to this episode of Build on iTunes.

“A company of one isn’t just a one-person business. It’s not anti-growth or anti-revenue. It’s just a business that questions whether growth is right for founders, employees, and customers, and for the long term success of the business.”

— Paul Jarvis, share the episode!


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