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Why I’m trying to fix the world, one bad sentence at a time

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Little, Yellow, Different — Typewriter.plus

It’s been bugging me for years: I’d see a pitch roll into my mailbox and the subject line would be off — “Our world best product for the future!” — or the rest of the email would be lazily written or the landing page would look like it was Google-translated a few times from Greek into English and then into French and back into English. It was very frustrating.

I’m not here to claim lexical superiority over anyone but I know there are two things a young startup — heck, any person — needs: a good product and a good message. Many companies I’ve talked to have a great product. Then they sell it with an awful message.

And they fail.

People need editors. I’m an editor. Why not make a service that edits stuff?

I did.

I created a thing called Typewriter. It’s very simple: you upload a document, get a price, and check out. I then send it to one of my A-Team of editors to clean and polish and we try to offer additional help in the form of tagline proposals, kicker alternatives, and things that will make the language pop. It isn’t just for copy editing or slight fixes. In the future I expect this to become more like an agency with a streamlined, easy-to-understand pricing model. We want to make all your writing amazing.

Why am I doing this? Well, I’m kind of a free agent now and I’m trying a few new things. I was always inspired by Peter Shankman’s HelpAReporter project. It started as a lark and now it’s a major powerhouse in media. If you need a source it’s absolutely the best thing in the world. Typewriter is supposed to be like that.

I wanted to make something that is seamless, easy, quick, and powerful. There are plenty of other options for editing including Fiverr but someone who spends five minutes on your piece for 5 dollars isn’t going to win you a client. Someone who can help you communicate better and more clearly is going to win you a hundred clients.

Here’s what I’m betting: That you agree that it costs money to get good, clean copy and that your message is the most important thing in your world. I’m here to help. Let’s figure this out.



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