Why I Started Using Trello, and What The Result Was by@Bryan Hanley

Why I Started Using Trello, and What The Result Was

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You ever just have so much on your mind that you just can’t sit still? Or have so much to do that you can’t get started on anything? That’s how I was feeling when I finally broke down and started a Trello account.

I’d been hearing about Trello for quite some time now. How everyone is using it to get organized and become the most incredible version of themselves at work. But I just didn’t believe the hype.

I have several items that I already use to try to get and stay organized. I have an old school journal to keep track of my goals. I have countless notes on my phone to remind me of the day to day tasks that can slip through the cracks, and I use Google Docs to keep track of my ideas.

Actually, I even wrote a program on Twilio that texts me 3 times a day with my short term, mid term, and long term objectives, as well as my affirmations. And for work, I have a long list of tools from Hubspot to Slack. So I thought to myself, what could Trello really do? How can it add value? Well, I found out.

Trello is like a kids toy box where they just dump any and every toy and can come back and find it later. Trello lets me get all those dangling ideas out of my brain and into a catchment system.

Doing that has greatly reduced my ansty feelings. That was just benefit number 1.

Benefit number 2 is that I actually get more done. I went ahead and downloaded the desktop app, and now I keep it open all day and it just reminds me of the stuff I put down. And having that in front of me all day helps me either do it or delegate it.

So, I can’t believe I’m saying this but thank you Trello.


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