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Why Google Plus is Your Most Important Social Media Platform

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No, it’s not dead

Everyone thinks Google Plus is dead. It didn’t kick off at all; instead, everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others. Anything but Google Plus. We reek at the mention of anyone using the platform, and treat them like idiots.

I used to be a part of that group too. But then I realised that as a blogger, Google Plus is my most valuable platform. Not because it generates views — it doesn’t. Not directly at least.

The reason Google Plus is so damn useful is because Google, as a search engine, indexes posts shared to Google Plus. Here’s some proof:
If you search up “meditation is screwed up”(which, by the way isn’t an uncommon search), my one post takes up three search results.
“Brain gym is stupid” (which Google auto fills) brings up two results for my one article.

I could give you more examples, but I don’t like to toot my own horn, and I find it pissing off when authors give you a load of examples unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So do yourself a favour, and post your articles to Google Plus. You won’t get anyone clicking the post, but Google will rank it on the first page for you.

Note by nop: be careful not to set age or location restrictions on your Google Plus account, as that will make your posts invisible to anyone not logged in to a Google Plus account of their own.

Note by Carlene Cordova: This works equally well with eCommerce, so get linking if you want to generate more sales!

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