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Who Is Going to Benefit From 5G Network?

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Becka is an amateur software developer from Georgia. He's interested in blockchain and AI.

With the creation of the Internet, the whole world was turned upside down. It became possible to contact one person to one side of the world from the other side of the world. We can find everything, play online and work conveniently.

But the speed of the Internet was not always so fast as it is today. And even right now, the innovative 5G proves that there are no boundaries. In this article, we will talk about the main beneficiaries of the 5G Internet.

Why improve speed?

Why increase the data transfer rate? Are modern speed indicators not enough?

It all depends on the task that needs to be addressed. For the average user, the increase in speed is, for example, the ability to download a movie in Full HD resolution in just a few seconds or play in virtual reality without interference.

The 5G standard is necessary for the large-scale functioning of the Internet of Things. Thanks to this technology, tens of millions of devices can be connected to the Internet - from unmanned vehicles to smart electric kettles.

The fifth-generation provides opportunities for the introduction of new technologies in various sectors of the economy. It is about increasing the productivity of robots in enterprises and remote control of agricultural machinery. Telemedicine with 5G will allow you to perform remote operations in real-time.

Main beneficiaries of the 5G


Gamers will certainly benefit from the 5G Internet, especially customers of real live casino games and all all sorts of other online games. When customers play casino games online, high speed and low latency is the foremost priority. Gamblers are not fond of the fact that a particular game is lagging and the gaming process is complicated. 

Cloud gaming has changed the traditional way of gaming. While earlier it was necessary to have a high-end computer to launch modern games now with the help of Google Stadia or Geforce Now people can actually stream games. However, the speed of the Internet is necessary, and the 5G will help games enjoy gaming to the fullest.

As for the online games, like League of Legends, Dota, CS: GO the speed is necessary as well. Thousands of gamers lose games just because their Internet is lagging and causing lots of problems.

Healthcare industry

One of the primary beneficiaries of the 5G will be the healthcare industry. With the help of the newer generation of the Internet, workers will be able to detect illnesses and symptoms accurately and faster. It will help provide the likelihood of getting various diseases. Sound amazing, right? And what’s more, data about a person’s origins, parents, etc. will be evaluated more precisely. 

Financial industry

Information delay in finances is harmful to people. With low latency and the 5G, it will no longer impact the price of goods and assets, thus making it more comfortable for financial experts to provide analytics accurately. 


Covid-19 forced people to work and study from home. Zoom has seen a surge in the recent period as a tool to conduct video lessons. But it has been characterized by bugs and complications at some point. The 5G network will solve these problems immediately. The educational process will become swift and convenient, and students will not have to worry about latency and the low speed of the Internet.


There are more fields we can add to this list which can hugely benefit from the incorporation of the 5G Internet. The speed and the convenience which the new-generation Internet offers us is valueless. It has a massive potential to help people make the most of their technologies and improve our lives significantly. And of course, considering all of the conspiracy theories associated with the 5G satellites we can be sure that nothing like this will happen.

Becka Maisuradze Hacker Noon profile picture
by Becka Maisuradze @becka. Becka is an amateur software developer from Georgia. He's interested in blockchain and AI.Read my stories


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