Who even reads HackerNoon?โ€‚by@annieeechu

Who even reads HackerNoon?

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New to all of this. Really love food and music. Always having a good time!

You, obviously.


And millions of people like us who want to hear from tech giants and local geniuses on topics centered around the internet. HackerNoon is a niche place where you can literally find any tech story you want. NFTs, AI, ML, programming, crypto, games, startups, business, productivity.

But enough of that. You're here for the numbers.

There are 3-5M monthly readers and over 15,000 contributing writers that publish stories. Since launch, over 100 million people have visited HackerNoon to learn something about technology.

Yeaaah, that's a lot of people. Let's break it down some more

HackerNoon Readers

  • โ…“ of our readership comes from the United States and Canada.
  • Another โ…“ comes from the northern and western parts of Europe - primarily the United Kingdom.
  • The remaining โ…“ comes from India, Australia, China, Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Wow, we are on a roll! Can't hurt to provide one last set of stats.

As of 2019, this is what your average Hacker looked like:

76.9% male

According to Google Analytics, these self-evident "technophiles" and "hobbyists" typically travel for business. They tend to enjoy movies and media, sports and fitness, and "do-it-yourself" projects. Let's get that number closer to at least 50% now, ladies!


48.9% of the readers are between the ages of 25 and 34

With the runner-ups being between 35 to 44 years young at 21.1%. English speakers who use Chrome, IE, Safari, or Firefox, with 78.24% on desktop PCs, make up most of these individuals.

The majority of HackerNoon readers are in the United States

Followed by India, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Moral of the story. We have a lot of traffic on HackerNoon, and now you have learned more about your audience.

If you have something new and cool to say or if you think you can explain a topic better than another, take this opportunity to publish a story or two. This is a safe space where we nurture and promote innovation and ideas - the good ones anyway.

If you're looking to feature your brand or concept, contact us. We don't bite.

So what are you waiting for? You never know who may come across it.