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While You Were Weekending

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@natashaNatasha Nel

๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm the Managing Editor here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.

AI Catflap to Stop Adorably Named Cat, Metric, from Killing Birds, Built by Amazon Engineer

In order to stop Metric from following his instincts, Hamm hooked up the cat flap in his door to an AI-enabled camera (Amazonโ€™s ownย DeepLens) and an Arduino-powered locking system.

The camera was loaded with machine vision algorithms trained by Hamm himself. They identified whether Metric was coming or going and whether he had prey in his mouth. If the answer was โ€œyes,โ€ the cat flap would lock for 15 minutes and Hamm would get a text. (In a nice flourish, the system also sends a donation, or โ€œblood moneyโ€ as Hamm calls it, to the National Audubon Society, which protects the birds cats love to kill.)

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