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Where To Start If You Want To Find a Job in Asia?

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@aworkerAnton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker

As more people get focused on the self-development, many of them don’t want to stay in one company for 10–15 years and want to travel the world and find a job that excites them. Working more jobs also provides opportunities to meet new people. What if your dream job is in Asia, how to start searching for it?

According to the CareerBuilder, employers expect 45% of their newly hired college graduates would remain with the company for under two years. The study also showed that by age 35, about 25% of young employees would have worked five jobs. Employers are aware they’re hiring people who find their footing in their career development, learning to make healthy choices rather than staying stuck and unmotivated in a job that’s not beneficial for either the employee or employer.

For those of you who are eager to find a perfect job in Asia, we put together the list of sites to start searching for a new workplace.

  1. MySaudiJobs — Saudi Arabia https://www.mysaudijobs.com/
  2. Naukri — India http://www.naukri.com
  3. KoreaJobLink — Korea http://www.koreajoblink.com
  4. JobMaldives — Maldives http://www.job-maldives.com
  5. Hong Kong Recruit — Hong Kong http://hongkong.recruit.net
  6. Ajarn — Thailand http://www.ajarn.com
  7. JobStreet — Malaysia http://my.jobstreet.com
  8. RightJobs — Pakistan http://rightjobs.pk/
  9. Singapore — Singapore http://www.singaporejobsonline.com
  10. GaijinPot — Japan http://www.gaijinpot.com

Not enough? That’s fine!

Job boards are simply not as effective anymore since there are social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter where you can create a powerful network which may bring you to the perfect job. The fact is, job boards have a 2–4% effectiveness rate whereas networking has over a 50% effectiveness rate. As a professional with skills and professional expertise, when you network, you should identify contacts to build mutually beneficial relationships and follow up with them to nurture the potential for continued engagement and interaction.

However, turning Facebook into a job searching platform completely is likely to blur the borders between people’s private and public life even further. For those who can’t resist the temptation to post something employers shouldn’t see, privacy settings remain the most reliable protection. Moreover, taking into consideration the current scandal with Facebook, it might be helpful to find another way to search for a job.

Here is where the power of blockchain can be fully shown.

What if you want an account will ALL benefits from job boards and social media platforms to network and an opportunity to find a perfect job (even in another country)?

Meet the next-gen solution — Aworker. Aworker is the platform that helps to find the most suitable company and job position based on your psycho-type, professional skills, and work achievements. There is no need to be afraid of blockchain technology because the decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the new professional ecosystem. With the power of smart contracts payments for acquaintance’s recommendation or coming to the job interview by yourself are automatic. Also, all information is securely stored, and all the actions are transparent which exclude the chances of getting trapped with expensive yet unnecessary obligations. Aworker develops a disruptive solution by putting blockchain-driven technologies at the core of the Work 2.0. Now each person will receive a reward for his job-related recommendation.

You can read the case study about the Aworker algorithm on the HackerNoon.


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