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What it means to work for PLXIS

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@anicolasppNicolas A Perez

Beautiful and flexible environment

The team located at the Cincinnati office.

Our offices are beautiful places to work. People are always willing to share and help. We build upon the foundation of collaboration.

Team is family

Some of us have known each other for 15–20 years!

Some of our folks in Miami have known each other for life. Everyone enjoys working with these guys. Trust allows us to speak freely, express ourselves and share ideas without the fear of being turned down.

Distributed team

Our Miami office rocks.

We have offices in Miami and Cincinnati, and remote employees in Washington state, Colorado, Michigan, Jacksonville and even currently in Brasil and the Netherlands. But collaboration is a non-stop thing.

Collaboration means communication.
Yeah, sometimes we have to post it.
If you are late to the meeting, you better join in.
We all are capable of working from home, no matter where we’re located in the world.
Hats are standard here.
Again, hats are a must.

Our team gets together a lot. Sometimes we travel to Cincinnati or just bring people down to the Sunshine State, but every time we do, we have fun.

We like good coffee

If you like coffee, this is the right place to be.

Coffee in Amsterdam.
Coffee in Breda.

Conferences and training

Of course, we also go to conferences.

The latest Velocity.


Our systems are built using a variety of technologies. We use the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heavily. We write Groovy, Scala, Python, Elixir and we have physical and virtual data centers.

We practice Test Driven Development (TDD) as a core value and continuously improve ourselves to keep writing high-quality products.

We build what we need. We have quite a lot of custom tools, from our versatile build server to our exotic DSL for writing integration tests.

We automate everything, no deployment requires manual steps, and everyone sleeps well at night.

We practice AGILE, but we are flexible enough, so we continue learning from the industry.

We’re looking to make a dent in the universe

We want to make a dent in the universe. We want to change the world we live in. We’re building a team that creates quality work, is resilient, is innovative, and is inspiring. We are always looking for good engineers that are willing to learn and teach, to share and receive while working with us. If you want to explore joining, please drop us a note at careers@plxis.com so that we can chat.

We are PLXIS!


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