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What is The Role of AI in Future Cars?

by Jasmine RonaldJune 5th, 2019
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As soon as we hear about the AI in concern to automotive industries, the instant idea that comes in our mind is self-driven cars. But apart from these self-driven cars, AI is doing a lot more for the automotive industries.
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As soon as we hear about the AI in concern to automotive industries, the instant idea that comes in our mind is self-driven cars. But apart from these self-driven cars, AI is doing a lot more for the automotive industries.

According to Ignite Stat, the value of Artificial Intelligence in automotive manufacturing and cloud services will exceed $10.73 billion by 2024.

We will start explaining little with AI in cars and will gradually move towards other transports that are being held by AI.

While considering Artificial intelligence in cars, we would like to open the discussion on:

AI driving features

Artificial intelligence two levels of features while driving cars. Let’s have a look at them:The first one is :

Driver Assist

Before talking about the fully automatic cars that can do the actions when needed, we would like to implement the power of Artificial intelligence on the drivers. So, how this AI helps the drivers to indicate them in order to protect themselves of several risks.

If you drive a car, you might have seen that there are a lot of sensors fixed in the cars that may alert the driver to get rid of the risk. A basic example of this could be seen when the driver is not wearing a seat belt, there start blowing an alert alarm. The same is the case when the car windows are not properly shut.

Other types of safety features that are being provided by Artificial intelligence in cars are Emergency braking, cross traffic detectors, blind spot monitoring, and driver-assist steering can help avoid accidents.

Driverless Automobiles

Have you ever imagined how amazing it would look when the cars would be seen driving on the roads without the interference of the drivers? Well, this happening is under process but still has not achieved success despite being great efficient power. It is because a lot of algorithms are there in AI to learn which is a little difficult to understand.

Well, if we talk about driverless cars, there are two companies which are working on it and these are:


This is Google’s product which one of the examples of driverless cars that are now only running in Phoenix but they are planning to expand its service gradually. How amazingly is Waymo working, let’s have look below:

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So, this is how waymo is entertaining the lives of Phoenix. Yes! It is a self-driven car and the plan is to launch it another area too.

The second one which is under this category is Tesla, it is also working on the same theme as Google’s waymo is doing. There are a lot of sensors and features that help these self-driven cars to follow the rules in order to dive safely.

Tesla’s autopilot feature is efficient enough to understand your requirement. You don’t need to even tell it to schedule for every time, it can check your schedule by going through your calendar and will schedule it itself.


Another self-driven or could be considered a driverless car that is running in the Boston location. The major aim of this software that is implemented in it is to locate the complex situation of the traffic and lead the vehicles to the safer roads.

It is basically an electronic vehicle which aims to create less pollution besides focusing on traffic conditions.

AI cloud services

The aim of AI cloud services is that you can have the data whenever it is needed.

Predictive maintenance

AI with the help of a lot of sensors helps in monitoring and predicting the issues that may come in the future and keeps the capability of solving it by itself. The issues may include check-engine lights, oil lights, and low-battery indicators.

AI Automotive insurance

Both the insurance industry and the AI automotive insurance do the same thing but the grounds are little different. AI automotive insurance helps in processing insurance faster when accidents do occur.

AI-Powered Driver Risk Assessment

AI by going through the history of the driver can predict the issues that come from his absent-mindedness. Whatever the issues the driver was going through in the past or it may be a recent incident, AI can predict the risk that may come because of the driver’s personal life or professional life. So, it could be said that AI can predict how safely the driver is going to drive.

AI in Car Manufacturing

It is fine that AI has helped a lot in assisting cars in concern about driving but see how AI has revolutionized the car manufacturing industries. Yes! Now robots are helping the workers to give them strength so that the work may be done smoothly.

The fine example of this could be seen when we remember the names of Vest Exoskeleton (H-VEX) and Hyundai Chairless Exoskeleton (H-CEX) wearable robots.

Robots are trying to read the worker’s minds and are trying to fulfill the tasks like them.

Driver Monitoring

AI is not only indicating the driver about the risks but is also keeping an eye on them. See how?

There is a startup named by “eyesight” by Israeli, which provides cameras fixed there which keeps an eye on the drivers and notice the driver’s activities.

Driver identification

This aims to identify whether the driver is in the car or not.

Driver recognition

This aims to identify the face of the family members and adjusts the features that are inside the cars accordingly.

Driver monitoring

This aims to monitor the driver and to check whether the driver is active or not. If AI founds some kind of drowsiness in the eyes of the driver, it can alert him up with the sensor alarms.

Now it’s time to spend little time to have a quick look at the features of intelligent cars:

Let’s see how artificial intelligence makes cars secure:

A lot of implementation of bundles of sensorsAble to contact and create maps of the locationsCreates a sense of diverse info streamsHelps in supporting navigation as well as points of interestIs able to tell the update of live weather and traffic monitoring.

Prediction in concern to cars

According to WinterGreen Research, Stat, Inc. titled Artificial Intelligence for Cars and Light Trucks: Market Shares, Market Strategy, and Market Forecasts, 2017 to 2023 details the evolution of the new market. Following is a scrubbed sample from the study. To view the full data set, download the AI in cars study on

AI Pioneers: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Well, here is the pioneer of Artificial intelligence that is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a lot of sensors and features. The model is set with such kinds of features that have never been set before. And these features are helping drivers to indicate them of the upcoming risks and thus making their rides safer. Apart from this, it could be said that it is reducing the driver’s stress level and making their rides enjoyable.

So, here you might want to know how actually artificial intelligence makes this car an intelligent one. Well, here is the answer:

With the help of Artificial intelligence, cars are capable enough to learn at what distance it should remain while driving and at what speed. The car can automatically recognize the speed limit. The stress of the drivers to take care of the brakes or gas pedals has been reduced.

Final words

So, hopefully, you have a clear idea of how Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in revolutionizing the world. There are various sectors over which Artificial intelligence is leaving its amazing impact.

Today, we studied about how with the help of amazing sensors Artificial intelligence is making car rides safer and enjoyable. Because of the highest significance of AI, there are various Mobile app development companies in India that are creating AI based mobile applications.

So, in a nutshell, it could be said that Artificial intelligence is protecting the drivers and the cars to commit the crimes that should not be happened because of the wrong following of the traffic rules.

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